Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wednesday 12th

First of all - tomorrow will be day 14 so keep those shuttles ready!!!!

The first person in my inbox this dull, dreary and 'nearly raining' morning is from Lori with her day 12 and the following comment.
"well I finished day 12!! but still have not a clue as to what it might be! 

Next in is Barbara with her day 13 and comment too. She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Today was dry with some sunshine.  We finally have some grass growing on the hills around my town. 
I forgot to mention that the second color I'm using is Lizbeth Lime Green 679, Size 20.  The mystery tat doesn't look so much like a shell anymore.  I can't figure out what we are tatting.
Here's my Day 13."

Bernice O is next in with her days 12 and 13.  Thanks, Bernice.
"TIAS  Day 12 & 13... How about a parade Float?  Bernice Odom"

Julie is the next to arrive with her day 13.  She says:-
"hello Jane, here is my day 13 !
Still so happy to participate and practice the split rings ;)"

Next to arrive is Fran from here in the UK.  She says:-
"Hello Jane
Here is my day 13. Its good to have something to look forward to this rainy weather. Hope you are keeping dry.
Fran UK"
Can you explain what 'dry' means, Fran?  Each time I put my nose outside the door I get very wet or (today) almost blown away!!!

Roelien has just sent in her days 12 and 13 - just in time for day 14 tomorrow!  Here's her comment and picture:-
"Hello Jane,
A little bit late, but here are mijn 12th and 13th day.
And now a don't know at all what it will be. Are you in danger too with that bad weather there in South England.I heard in the news, that Dutch people are helping in your country.
I hope,that you shall keep it dry.
Many greetings,
We live in the middle of England, Roelien and are safe, thanks.  Many, many are not and have lost their homes, cars etc.  It's been a very, very wet and windy month or two.

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