Friday, 6 February 2015

A few more!

First of all some statistics for those who enjoy numbers!!! These are the number of comments/pictures I've had during the game. 
Day 1 - 127   Day 2 - 122   Day 3 - 106   Day 4 - 100   Day 5 - 104   Day 6 - 87
Day 7 - 79     Day 8 - 88     Day 9 - 77    Day 10 - 65    Day 11 - 50   Day 12 - 50
Numbers have fallen during the game.  Now, my question is - is it too hard or are people having problems keeping up? Is there anything I can do to improve people's experience next year? I'd appreciate feedback just so I can understand if there's a better way of running the game.

First in my inbox this morning is Rose Anne with her days 9, 10, 11 and 12. She says:-
"No I didn't drop off this challenge, I was away Thursday to Sunday at a quilting retreat with my sister and niece (blogged some on it) and just did not get around to any tatting until last night and this evening. So I'm caught up and obviously now it's not my guesses. BUT I sure like the burlesque idea though! I'm sure that brought much laughter from readers! I guess the stop at this point will be for a little tab that some scissors have sticking out before finishing the split rings. I really thought it might be a windmill - maybe another year!!!
Rose Anne, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA" 

 Carol is next with her day 12 and the following comment:-
"Thanks Jane. What fun.
Always, Carol
Stitches of Life II"

Lyn has followed in next with her day 12. She has this to say:-
"Hi Jane,
Ian saw this for the first time today " it's scissors ! what a clever lady Jane is" and I have to agree, you are a clever lady! Thanks !
Lyn from west Oz"

Finally this morning I have Patricia who says:-
I got behind--here are days 10 - 12! This is done in Lizbeth #643, Medium Grape.
Patricia Lyn Cobb"
 Back home again I have Katie who has sent in her troop of day 12's.  She says:-
"Hey, Jane, alas, here's the penultimate day of our favorite tatting game of the year! 
tatty hugs,
Katie V in NC"
Now I can welcome another new person who has been quietly tatting away in the background. Welcome Betsy. Here's her comment and picture.
I am a very new tatter and very excited to be participating. I have been here every day. Every other day I have to remind myself the next installment won't be out until tomorrow. This is what mine looks like.
 Irene is back next with her days 11 and 12. She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here are my days 11 and 12.
I read about the statistics, maybe some people are doing like I do : more days together ;-)
I find you do it very nice, please don't stop to do it, I learned a lot with you.
Many thanks"


IsDihara said...

I don't think the pattern is too hard.

Pigmini said...

It's certainly not too hard!! Even for people just starting out, all the 'techniques' are shared by links so they don't really have that as a reason for dropping out! Maybe just RL gets in the way.

Please do NOT stop!!!! I'd be bored in January/February if you did!! VBG

Isa said...

Jane i don't think is too hard. I have fun during the TIAS's time.
Thanks for that!

muskaan said...

I don't see how you can improve this any further :-)
The stages are very small, manageable, quick to tat.
It might simply be a matter of logistics, keeping shuttles occupied, having to take pics & send them across, .... sometimes losing interest because of the duration . We all have WIPs that started off zealously but somehow we got distracted or life interfered.
But, as last year's TIAS showed, the sailboats still came floating in right till a couple of days back ! ... just as soon as someone realised that there was a tiny WIP hidden in the corner of their tatting box ;-)
Hey, I just discovered a little heart I had tatted months back & intended to share ! Must organize my tatting gear again .... seems to be just too often :-(

picotsnkeys said...

Hi Jane. I think you run the challenge very nicely. Tatters seem to be people who lead interesting lives. We do not all sit at the computer; we have careers (in so many fields I've lost count), families (caring for people and animals of all ages), and interests galore! I say continue the game the way you have been with releases every few days. As for the difficulty, I think what you design is very approachable. Tat on!!!

Rose Anne B said...

I personally do not think this one is hard (I had trouble with the sailboat but I'm going to finish it one day) but like many said life might just get the best of good intentions. The part I struggled with was the button join but got through it! Please do not give up on us - maybe they are keeping up but just not sending in the pictures/comments?

Jo Fluffybat said...

Finding time to find the camera and the card reader and send the picture is sometimes hard but the pace of the tatting is fine. I've not been more than day behind each installment but RL hasn't left time to photo and send the results.