Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Day 12

Day 12 is now ready.  Here's the link.

First in my inbox this morning is Graciela who says:-
"Dear Jane!
I my 11th tat it and see it seems to be a beautiful scissors!
Kisses from Argentina
Graciela <3 p="">

Sharon has arrived overnight too with her day 11. Her comment and picture are below.
"Hi Jane,
I look at all the pictures and I see scissors. I look at mine and I see improvement on my second blade and a rather badly bent first blade. It is so much fun.
Thanks, Sharon in Va"

Marie nearly forgot to send in her day 11 but here it is now!!
"Marie Smith in SC"

Kristen who is still travelling before leaving the USA still has found time to send in her days 10 and 11. She says:-
"Hi Jane!
Here I am playing catchup again! Life is so busy when you're moving!
My Days 10 and 11 are attached! :)

Bridget is next in the inbox with her news about another potential new tatter.
"Here's my day 11! It took me some thinking and pondering and head scratching to make sure I was using the correct shuttle, but I think it came out right in the end. I'm pretty sure it's scissors now! My co-worker is all ready to buy some shuttles so she can make some of these, too. I warned her that it's not a beginner pattern, but I think she'll pick it up quickly. Thanks, Jane! Bridget"

Finally with her day 11 is Sonya. Just finished emptying the inbox and waiting to see who arrives with day 12!!!!
"Good morning, Jane,
Life got hectic busy for a few days there, so I am once again behind and playing catch up.
I have a new guess for you... it looks exactly like my eye brow tweezers.
Thank you, for all of your hard work.

Just arrived and first in with day 12 is Muskaan with a rhyme too!!! 
"Good morning Jane & Good day to all participants :-)
Another few lines to go with the penultimate day , with due apologies to Shakespeare .....
An Ode to Scissors
Snippets or Schaar
Ne'er from a craft far .
Trimmers or Shears
Sharp as spears.
Clippers?! I groan
But errors are shorne.
Scissors by whatever name
Cutting smartly is it's bane.
Hands can horrifyingly slip
And make a wrong snip.
Unloved, disliked, taking the flak
C'mon tatters, cut it some slack !
How into a project we first tread
If scissors do not cut the thread?!
Without it, a project may stall
Helping away when troubles befall.
muskaan :-)"

Isa is second in today and she says:-
"Good morning Jane:
From a very busy morning I send you my TIAS day 11. A pair of scissors :)
Here in south of Sweden with -2 degrees C, snowing day.
Have a nice day

Next to pop into my inbox is a new early arrival - Catrin. She says:-
"Day 12 now ...
No witty comment today except "Your designs are really cutting edge !"
Good news bad news game ... bad news my lace maker friend got her bottom ready but then felt she was too behind to start, last night she asked if you really needed the second shuttle and practically recoiled at the thought of split rings !?
Good news ... She loves your website and had had a good round including your tutorials.
Ready for the last straight now !

Arlene is next in and her comment is short and sweet!!
"Definitely shears"

Next to arrive is a new person and not only new to TIAS 2015 but perhaps also to TIAS 2014 too.  Jennie (welcome, welcome, welcome) has sent in her sailing boat and the whole of this year's TIAS so far in one picture.  I LOVE when this happens as it's always such a lovely surprise.
So, first of all you'll see boat number 106 and then this year's.  Here's Jennie's comment too:-
"All the way from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina"

The next person to arrive is Sue in spite of the fact that her flying lessons didn't work out and she hurt her hand. Sue, when will you learn that it's easier to WALK down the stairs than fly - specially in the middle of the night!?!?!?

Oh dear. Not good news now. The rabbits are rebelling!!! Thanks, Maureen!!!
"Yellow scissors for a Grumpy Rabbit, since the House Bunnies are not talking to anyone just now. And won't they look wonderful, attached to the tatting bag? "

Next in my inbox is Julie's days 11 and 12. She's been busy as she's just about to tell you.
"Hello !
I have been very busy with the work and the children, so here are both day 11 and 12.
My scissors ^^"

Next in the inbox is Emilia. She's sent in days 11 and 12 too and says:-
"I love the internet. It brings us so much fun and creative people who are willing to share. Thank you, once again for this tias. I love to read the comments and see all the results.
I can't think of anything else but it being scissors.
Kind regards, Emilia "

Marie has now arrived with her day 12. She's still got other ideas about what it is!!
"Well, could it be Captain Hook or a bowlegged fisherman? :)
Marie in SC"

Next to arrive is Firanghish. She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Thanks not feeling well from last few days. I am sending a picture of day 12.
Thank you so much.
Love to you and all fun loving tatters.

Sonja is next in my inbox with this comment and picture.
"Hello Jane
It looks more and more like a sissor.
We will see next days.
Greetings from a cold Holland

Personally I think Fox's imagination is running away with her - but I could be wrong!! From Dr Who we now go to - well, I'll let her tell/show you!
"Burlesque! Can Can girls! You have really outdone yourself this time, Jane. But how are you going to work on the feather bonnet, I wonder. Risqué and daring for T.I.A.S. BRAVA!!!"

Anne has sent in a picture of her day 12. Here it is.

Ooooooh, another rhyme. This time from Jane who says:-
"With 40 rings
I think we see,
This must a pair
Of scissors be!"

Next to arrive with her day 12 is Claudia. She says:-
"hi i send my day 12... great design my friend!!!
claudia meza
formosa, Argentina

Barbara is next to arrive with her day 12. She says:-
"Hi Jane
Yep! Sure does look like tweezers😄
Pretty cool!!"

I really love Margaret's picture!! Tickled me pink it did!
"Here are my scissors for day 12 Jane.

Anne-Marie is next to arrive with her day 12. She says:-
"Hello, Jane,
Here is the photo before final straight line.It's sad, I like to write you, but i give more time for this than for tatting day's stage.....Prefer look at your blog,it asks me less efforts and it's also so pleasant.....

Shelly has just sent in her day 12 along with this comment.
"I took my scissors with me to Sit & Sew last night for Show and Tell. They got a kick out of my tatted scissors.

Nicole says she's still not convinced about the scissors although I think she's teasing!!!
"Dear Jane,
I had to reopen ring 34 because I had made a picot that doesn't belong there :( But after that, all went well (as far as I can tell now). You'd say we're tatting a pair of scissors, but in fact it's another turtle cage! :)

Judy has sent in her day 12 picture. Here it is.

Next in is Kristen who has sent in her day 12. She says:-
"Well, the moving busy-ness sort of comes and goes...notice today I am right on top of things!! :)
Next week at this time I'll be in Australia!!!! :)
Fun times again this year! :)

Shirley has now sent in her day 12 along with the following comment and picture:-
The TIAS project is such fun. Love it.

Kat is next in with her day 12. She says:-
"I had to wait for a bit at work today, and had just enough time to tat! :-) Super cute scissors, I know I'll make more of these for my crafty friends.

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