Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sunday TIAS

First in this morning (found at the bottom of my inbox!) is Phyllis who says:-

25. "I believe I have used these scissors a little to much as my handle is a little bent. So sad to see it end. Look forward to next year. Phyllis"

Kristen is next in with her final scissors. She says:-
26.  "Hi Jane!
Here are my scissors! I can't say I think they are the prettiest scissors that will grace your computer today,, it's ok. :)
Fun pattern! Thanks for all the lock-stitch and split ring practice! :)

 Sharon has arrived next into my inbox. She says:-
27.  "Jane,
My finished TIAS 2015. They seem a bit off. Do you block tatting to help with shaping. And if so how. I soak my knitting in a bit of warm water and gentle soap.
This was a lot of fun. I may try the past year TIAS.
Sharon in USA Va"
I just damp my finished scissors and throw them onto the ironing board!!! I think you could do the same but gently pull into shape first. If you're going to wear it as a pendant it does need stiffening first.  Hope to see you next year.

 I am worried about the next participant - I think she's suffering from 'scissor mania'!!!! Thanks, Lou Dawn.
28.  "Hi Jane These scissors are so adorable!!!!! Thank you so much for doing the tais. I look forward to it every year(I have been with you since the rooster). So much FUN! Lou Dawn from Renton, Washington USA "
What a SUPERB collection.

Next to arrive is Denise and she says:-
29.  "Hello Jane,
I want to thank you again for running a TIAS every year. It is really fun. I saw your comments about the decline in the number of photos you’ve received. I know I’ve had something to do with that. I was kind of busy and ended up doing several days at a time, and then sending in only one photo of what I had done rather than one of each part of the pattern. I have also been battling allergies the past couple of weeks, so I never even managed to get a photo of parts 11 and 12. I planned on taking the photo today, but then saw the final part released. I don’t think it has anything to do with how you are running things. And I don’t think the pattern was too difficult either. I even managed to get in lots of practice on the lock chains, something I don’t do often at all!
The scissors are very cute. I managed to get more of a curve to mine, but that is alright. Some of my favorite scissors have a curved tip, it just curves another direction is all haha.
It has been fun! I do look forward to participating next year!
—Denise, from central Texas where the weather is a wonderful 70 degrees today.

Sue has arrived in my inbox next.  Here's her comment and photo.
30.  "Here's a couple of scissors from Northern Michigan USA
Sue Fugere"

Next is Catrin with her completed scissors. She says:-
31. "So obviously I need to hide my ends and a bit of blocking would make it clear that these are blades not lobster claws !
Thank you Jane for another fun challenge. I'll send a photo when these have been smartened up :-)
Catrin x"

I wish I could remember who's email address this is - it's gone completely out of my brain today - I'll look it up later when I've emptied the inbox. Anyway, here's the     comment and photo.
32. "DAY 13
Thank you Jane for the fun
and all the work that you have done.
This game of yours gives such pleasure
and you, dear lady, are a treasure."
Later on in the day I had this message and found out it's Sarah!  She says:-
"Oh Jane, I'm sorry I forgot to send my name. Of course you don't know who I am! I forget that we really don't know each other... this game makes me feel so familiar with you. : ) I have enjoyed playing along and will miss seeing your name pop up in my mailbox every few days. I'll be back next year.
Connecticut, USA"
Sorry too, Sarah.  I meant to come back but old age and a bad memory (plus the ironing) distracted me.  All's well that ends well!!!!

Next in is Bev with her scissors on her spectacle case!  Here's her comment and picture.
33.  "Bravo Jane!!! 
Thank you so much for the amount of time and effort that you have put in, once again, to provide such fun for all of us in Tatland.  
I think your organisation and coaxing us to try new things was just right. I think we are all still around, and that some, like me, just didn't post at every stage. The final number will tell.  
Here are my finished scissors, and what I have done with them. I have been meaning for ages to make something to decorate my old spectacle case that I use to carry my bits and bobs when I am travelling. Scissors are perfect!!!! (I cleaned the painted logo off with acetone and it didn't damage the case.) 
Thanks again, and looking forward to TIAS 2016.  
Sydney, Australia"

Diane is the next arrival with her scissors. She says:-
34.  "Thanks for a fun tat, Jane! I’ve only managed to complete the TIAS twice… the year my granddaughter Sophia was born (the baby buggy) and this year when I’ve had to do so much snipping on the Masterpiece Doily. Now I wish I had tatted the sailboat last year. Just think how much fun I could have had over the summer! ;-)
Diane Cademartori

Linda is next in with her scissors and a dear little shuttle shaped motif too. She says:-
35.  "HI Jane,
Finished..... I also found my little shuttle. I hope they will have fun together. Such a good grouping.
Thank you so much for the time you spend for me to learn new things in tatting. I do enjoy the TIAS you put together.
Have a great week and enjoy the weather. We are enjoying 68 F in Utah. Today it both a record from the 1800's
We are usually having 40 F and wind and snow.

Starlene has just arrived with her completed scissors.
36. "This was fun. Can't wait for the next one."

 Now I have Frances next in my inbox. She says:-
37.  "Morning Jane
As you can see i have been tatting on the quiet.
Life here is really busy at the moment.
Now my scissors have a few marks on them (I used some old thread
and didn’t see the marks till later) so they have a vintage look to them.
They will find a home on a little quilted scissor case I bought last year.
thank you for all you time and effort and the fun we all have.
Frances S
Warwick Queensland Australia"

Barbara had a bit of a disaster (don't we all?) but has come out smiling at the end. She says:-
38.  "Dear Jane,
I made it to the finish line, but Oh, NO! Not the Final Day! Yet here is my finished pair of scissors. I ran into trouble when I counted one too many split rings for the circle. And this was after the threads were cut. Well, I just couldn't ignore the fact that one circle was larger than the other, though I dreaded having to take my work out. But surprise, surprise! A new learning opportunity -- with no shuttles in the way, un-tatting is a breeze!
Though I'm sad that the fun has ended, I'm looking forward to next year's TIAS. I've really enjoyed seeing everyone's progress and reading all the comments that came in from all over the world.
Blessings to everyone, and especially to you, Jane, for your generosity of time and talent.
Barbara, from Novato, California, USA (a bit north of San Francisco)"

Grace is another Sunday arrival with her finished scissors. Here's what she says:-
39.  "Yay! It's done. Thank you Jane, I really love TIAS. This is actually my first time to finish TIAS on time."

Next to arrive is Emilia who says:-

40.  "Goed morning Jane,
Well this is the lovely end result of this years tias. No more guesses.
I used yarn dmc babylo No.20
Thank you and hope to see you next year with another chalange.
Emilia, Netherlands"

WOW, just look at this amazing collection of scissors from Manie. I spy her TIAS there in the middle.
4. "Hello Jane.
I send you a picture of my collection sissors include THE TIAS sissor.
Thank you verry much.
Greetings from the netherlands.
Manie van den Berg"

Next to arrive with her wonderful bright colours is Anne-Marie. She's going to give her dictionary a rest for a while!!!
42.  "Hello Jane
My English dictionary will be on holidays at the same time than you ! You deserve so much these thanks gone around the world.And it was so fun in this sad month of January..WE NEED SUN and YOU are some rays.....
My scissors have been stiffened with hardening for lace.No, TIAS 2015 is not too hard, just a little fussy for hanging button!
In France we say : "Hope makes to live" (????? Trad : "L'espoir fait vivre").Well we'ld very well live waiting for TIAS 2016......
Sincere thanks and regards.
Anne-Marie (France)."

Poor Jo has had an obstacle course of disasters to get her final scissors finished. Hope the rest of the day/week goes better now, Jo.
43.  "Hi Jane
These scissors remind me of the plastic safety scissors for children we had when I was a really small child.
I've also been learning to knit in 2015 and couldn't resist using my latest sample as the background.
I haven't sent you my day 9 onwards because on day 9 I hit a dodgy bit of thread and had to make cut and re-join and didn't get around to sewing the remaining end in until today.
RL really didn't want me to get this final part done quickly! Couldn't tat on saturday as I was sitting in A&E (nothing major). Then the battery ran out on my regular camera and it took me an hour to find the other camera that I hadn't used since moving house and then had to hunt around to find the reader for the different memory card! Still don't know where my card reader is - borrowed the one from his PC instead.
Got there eventually and on the plus side this camera takes better pictures.
Jo - sunny Suffolk in the UK"

Next to arrive is Barbara with her comment and picture. 
44. "Hi Jane
Well, this is the first pair of scissors I've ever tatted!!
The exercise was great and I learned a lot. I am a beginner as you can see-struggling for even stitches, forgetting to tighten up chains before joins - all that stuff that takes time and experience. That said, I think your game was perfect in difficulty level and I looked forward to each new chunk. You are also super responsive. I enjoyed checking your blog each day for photos and comments by other participants. I wouldn't change anything on your future runs. Attrition is normal.
By the way, I'm from NY, USA
Thanks again for the fun!"
Well, Barbara, I'm not surprised they're the first pair of scissors you've tatted as I checked thoroughly before starting the design so that I wouldn't be treading on anybody's copyright.  I couldn't find another pair of tatted scissors anywhere!!!!

Rose-Anne has now popped in with her scissors. She says:-
45.  "OH well I was wrong again, there was no little finger support on the ring, but that's OK as it's been a lovely mystery with no great challenges (at least for me this time) and I just LOVE my lovely green scissors! Again thank you Jane for this exercise in keeping the LOVE OF TATTING alive and who knows maybe it's growing but "under cover"? Please keep dreaming these up for us to enjoy and it sounds like you love the challenge too and hearing back from us during the session!
Rose Anne, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA "

Now I have Sherry's two pairs of scissors. She says:-
46. "Celtic says….Jane this pair of scissors are so dull. They need a good sharping if they want to travel in Celtic’s tatting bag. These were fun to make Jane. Thank you for doing all you do fo Tatting Land."

Berit has just arrived in my inbox with her scissors. She says:-
47. "Dear Jane,
It has been a great pleasure to follow the development of your pattern and to tat what you each time showed us! Now it is ready, I see that I have lost some RW. I will tat the scissors again soon and be more accurate.
I am looking forward to your next tias!
In Oslo" 

Next to arrive is Wanda who says:-
48. "Hello, Jane. Another fun TIAS event has come to a close. A lot of the fun was seeing how everyone else was doing and did the thread color they chose work with the ends result. And all the comments. And where the participants were from. Ok, it's just a lot of fun! I was happy with my scissors until the last day. They aren't bad but I think I need to make them again :-)
Wanda from Kansas USA"

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