Saturday, 14 February 2015

Saturday 14th

Another miserable day in my part of the UK with rain clouds hanging around!! Still there's always tatting to cheer us all up!
First in this morning is from Shannon who says:-
83. "I have been following along with the TIAS and i wanted to say that i really love how you tat such unassuming things. Scissors, who would have guess! I actually took a picture of mine this year... thank you for running this annual treat. Your effort is greatly appreciated across the tatting community.

Now I have Carold from the USA. She says:-
84. "Here is my scissor. It is made from lisbeth 20 , no. 122. I'm a needle tatter, and was unsure about lock chains, but proceeded full steam ahead anyway. I'd like to thank Totusmel for her excellent tutorial about split rings.
This was great fun. I especially enjoyed the comments from people around the world. Thanks for all the hard work that you've done. So many people have had so much fun.
Carol in Boulder,Colorado, USA

My next arrival has sent in a whole collection of TIAS's!!! Thanks, Alba. Here's her comment.
85. "This is my TIAS gallery. It has been a lot of fun. Thank you so very much! Waiting for the next one
Hugs from Mexico"
Finally this morning I have Firanghish who is from India. She says
86. "Hi Jane,
My apologies for going underground, as I had started early was not keeping well and then family functions.
I am from India and have used Anchor thread no. 20.
Thanks for giving me a practice of lock chain and wanted to try tatting with button.
loved the fun game.
Thanks a lot love to you and all the fun loving tatters.

Next to arrive is Wendy from here in the U.K. She says:-
87. "All finished . Thanks Jane for a very enjoyable tatting fest. 
You kept us guessing right up to the end.
Wendy x"

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