Monday, 2 February 2015

Day 11 and more.

Day 11 is now available on this link.

First of the over night emails to be in my inbox is from Kat. She says:-"I finally had a chance to sit down! Lol I love the pretty circle. Still guessing a cute pair of scissors.

Kat is followed by Denise with her days nine and ten.  She says:-
"Thinking a lobster.
Denise Royal"

Sarah is back with another rhyme. Here it is:-
"Hi Jane,
Scissors! That's still my guess
for this TIAS.
But, you have been known to throw in a twist or two
So I'm never sure until we are through.

Coretta is next in my inbox and she simply says.
"Lovely Sabbath and a little bit of tatting.

Finally in my inbox this morning and before the day 11's start arriving hopefully, I have Martha. She says:-
"Here's my progress lest I forget to send it in."

First in with a new part, and once again, is Isa with her day 11. 
"Good morning Jane:
here it's TIAS day 11 from a very winter Monday, snowning, -0 degree in the morning.
A pair of scissor I have said two days ago and today for me it's a pair of scissors :)

Shortly after Jane followed in with her day 11 too and another rhyme!
"The tatting takes
Another turn.
Lock chains ‘tween rings
Is what we learn." 

Fiona is the third one in with her day 11 with this comment!
"Hi Jane,
Getting very used to the lock chain now :) I do like the gentle introduction to new techniques.
Thanks, see you on day 12,
Fiona T (one mad tatter)"

Catrin is next into my inbox with her day 11 and the following comment:-
"Well now, I guess my plans for intergalactic travel should be put on hold... these neat little scissors should beat airport security though :-)
Warm regards,

Next to arrive is Sue's and this is her comment:-
"Hmmm a unicycle on a stand??? Lol or maybe I need to Snip the idea of either that or the EFUS!!! Lol. Put it on me blog I have!!"

Diane has now arrived with her day 11 and the following remark:-
"Good morning, Jane!
While Dave is outside blowing snow around so that he can get to work, I’ve been finishing today’s TIAS. I think I might have messed up ring 1, which throws the whole thing off, but I’m NOT going back to fix it!
Maybe it’s the green I’m using, but this looks a bit like Gumby to me. My brother used to watch Gumby all the time, and I never understood his fascination with that little animated character. ;-)
As I was tatting, I did see the scissors that others have mentioned. It doesn’t matter what it is. I’m having fun!
Diane Cademartori"

Claudia has just popped into my inbox with her day 11. She says:-
"Hi jane.. here is my day 11. the end is near!!! wow!!
Now it seems like scissors!!.... "

Next in with her rabbits is, of course, Maureen!! She says:-
"By the pricking of my thumb
Rabbit scissors this way come and the House Bunnies are displeased, so they wouldn't have their photograph taken tonight.
Very late with Day 11 - we've been gallivanting, but I couldn't go to bed without tatting the new part! " 

Margaret is the next in my inbox. She says:-
"Good morning Jane, hmmm I hope you are enjoying yourself! You are getting better and better at bamboozling us all, aren't you! But I think the "scissors " have it now. Unless you have another trick up your sleeve. Anyway, you deserve to enjoy yourself after all the hard work you put into theseTIAS' s , thanks again.

The next arrival in the inbox is Sonja who says:-
"Hello Jane
Snif, snif, almost finished. We will miss your TIAS
Sonja from Holland"

Barbara is next with her day 11. She says:-
"Hi Jane
Day 11 is done
Yep, and I'm still having fun!"

Finally in this batch I have Shirley who is also thinking scissors too!
Day 11 - scissors. I wonder what it will be on Day 12. ?

Next to arrive is Fox. She's still thinking of Dr Who!!  Another inspired picture again, Fox.
"My dear Jane,
Hoping against all hope that you have ingeniously added to The Doctor's meagre arsenal of a sonic screwdriver, and added sonic scissors to come to his cosmic aid. 
Unfortunately, methinks The Doctor's fan base may not extend far into Tat-Land. More's the pity..."

Muskaan has now arrived in my inbox aloing with her day 11. She says:-
"Hello Jane :-)
What can I say ?! Life interfered , along with tatting out a bookmark prototype, leaving the scissors to make a slow approach to the finish line ;-P I really had a difficult time Not continuing to the finish by tatting the previous 2 days' pattern LOL. Resisted solely because others have warned that you are quite sneaky & might throw something in yet !
Warm regards to all
muskaan :-)"
Me? Sneaky?  What a wonderful reputation for somebody who probably doesn't know what the TIAS is either!!!!

Next to arrive is Nikki with her days 9, 10 and 11. She says:-
"Got busy but now I'm all caught up again... My guess is scissors, and they are sooooooo cute!!!"

Judy has sent in her day 11 with this comment:-
Okay, so bunny scissors it is..or gardening shears.

Sarah is back again with ANOTHER rhyme. How does she do it?
"Jane, you are so kind
to help me find
those snips I often use
but frequently lose.
There they were all along
right where they belong
With my shuttles and my thread
not hiding somewhere else instead.

Next to arrive is Caroline who says:-
"Well, it is looking more like scissors now. I really appreciate you doing this. It has been so much fun!!!
Nicole is next into the inbox with her day 11 and she says:-
"Dear Jane,
It's a bit dark for taking pictures, but otherwise I might forget it tomorrow. So here it is! Definitely brightened up my Monday.
Best wishes,

Now here's a lovely surprise. Look who's sailed into the blog now!! Monica's TIAS 2014 and her comment. This makes number 105 for last year. Wonder how many we'll have by the time this year's has ended.
105.  "Hi Jane!
Long time no read... I have been away from tatting blgo land for too long! 
Anyway. Yesterday I finished the TIAS 2014! I posted it on crafttree:
and I enclose the finished pic (without resizing).
Can't believe it took me so long... I am now wondering whether to start the 2015 one - it looks like it is going to be a pair of scissors or clippers...?
Anyway - hope you are well, and thanks for the fun!
Oh, do join in, Monica.

Back to this year's TIAS with Melanie now. She says:-
"So, it looking a lot like Scissors. Well, well,well.....
2 more days....mmmmmmm
Wonderful game Jane! I have enjoyed the ride for yet another year. May you have many more puzzles for us.

Anne has just sent in her day 11. Here's her photo. 

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