Monday, 9 February 2015

Monday's offerings!

First in this morning is from Nicola with her finished scissors. She says:-
49.  "Hi Jane,
I've been a bit lazy in posting my progress this year, but I have finished, and with just enough thread (phew). 
Thanks for another great TIAS and another fun pattern!
Nicola B

Next to arrive in my inbox is JB. Good morning JB! She says:-
50. "Hi Jane,
Thanks so much for hosting another TIAS. I enjoyed participating again this year. I always need another pair of scissors.
Happy tatting,
JB Locke"

Lyn is next in the inbox with her scissors. She says:-

51. "Hi Jane,Thank you so much for this years TIAS ! Have enjoyed it a lot!

I just need to hide the ends.

Western Australia "

Finally this morning and after many browser annoyances I have Lelia who says:-
52. "Dear Jane:
Five motifs!
Always, Carol
Stitches of Life II

Ann-Sofie has now arrived with her scissors. She says:-
53. "Hi Jane!
A very nice pair of scissors it is. Thank you so very much for this TIAS and for all your work! It has been great fun and I am looking forward to the next one.
Have a nice day!
Ann-Sofie/ Sweden"

Maggie is first in this afternoon with her scissors.
 54.  "Hi Jane - well, its been a fun ride - enjoyed it immensely and learned a lot too. Both scissors will be hung in my desk area at work for now. My tatting assistants are still campaigning for them to be cat toys but I'll give the fuzzies treats instead as a reward for good (or bad) behavior.
Thanks for all your work on this blog - hope you had as much fun as we all did.
Maggie (from Poway, California near San Diego) "

Next in with a VERY witty comment is Patricia. This is worth a read!!!
55. "Jane, 
You are so SHARP to come up with a such a CUTTING EDGE pattern!! I can HANDLE your directions, they come straight to the POINT! 
Thank you so much for doing these TIAS's--they are so much fun!! We appreciate you sharing your talent!
My scissors were worked in Lizbeth, #643-Medium Grape.
I am from Muskogee, Oklahoma USA.

Melanie is the next person to wander into my inbox. She says:-
56. "Good morning Jane-
I have caught up after a wet California weekend of house hunting. Fortunately, the rain held off while we were actually going into houses. I did take off my shoes at each front door so I wouldn't track in anything. Still haven't found "the" house. Sigh. But! I did finished the scissors!!!!!!
Thank you for another wonderful tatting experience.

Nikki is next to arrive with her scissors. She says:-
57. "Had a busy weekend but finished my scissors this morning. They are sooooo nice. Loved the TIAS this year! I'm actually going to make a long chain n tassel at the end of one of the circles to give to a friend who is a hair stylist. :-)"

Oh my. My past has come back to haunt me!!!! Katie has sent in her scissors along with several other TIAS motifs too.
58. "Hi, Jane,
the scissors brigade now joins other TIAS buddies. It's been a grand game, Jane! Thanks so much. Hey, the goat pattern is important this year--the year of the Goat!
tatty hugs,
Katie V in NC"

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