Friday, 13 February 2015

Friday 13th

Well it might be Friday 13th but in the TIAS it's my lucky day as I have another new arrival. Thank you, Sandy.
79. "Hi Jane,
Well, here are my scissors. I love them even if they aren't a llama. Thank
you for once again doing the TIAS that has provided such fun and joy in the
tatting world! Sandy"

Next in is from Maria Vandellos, from Spain who has been taking part and who has sent her scissors via Claudia!!!  Thank you, Claudia for sending it in.

Also sent in via Claudia is Haydee's pair of scissors.  Thank you all three of you.

Poor Helene has had a lot of problems lately so I'm very happy to see her back and feeling better. She says:-
82. "Hi Jane,
My last participation was on Day 9. Since then, I've had a bad flu, computer problems and a cold. So I did not do much tatting. Now everything is back in order so here it is, my finished TIAS 2015.
When I sent in my day 5 asking if we were making the dreaded instrument, you asked me if you were that evil? Well apparently so, BUT, ONLY YOU could make us love scissors. Thank you so much for another fun TIAS. Hope you will have another one next year.
Hélène, from Québec."

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