Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Wednesday's new scissors

First in today is Kat who says
70. "Once again I forgot to send this! It was a lot of fun!

Tine has sent in her final scissors too. She says:-
71. "Hello Jane
This is my scissor.
I ‘m waiting for the next tias.
Thanks for this one.
greets Tine"

Lightgardener is next in with her final scissors. Here's her comment:-
72. "Who's That Guy in Seattle wrote:
I used some very old Daisy, cotton crochet thread from Lily, in a size 30.
Here is the finished product. Very difficult to photograph, without making it look like a bunny, BTW.
As we went along, I was so sure it was a bunny. I counted wrong on the LCh portions on the blades. The resulting inward turn had me rooting for Team Bunny. And it could very easily become a bunny, or kitten. Just add rings to the belly area and shorten the ears. Be careful with the bead size on the eyes.
Then I was so sure that it was becoming a lobster! GO Team Lobster!

When the lobster tail part became a circle, and the blades still looked a bit bow-legged, well now, we're going to go with Team Cowboy. The second handle portion could easily become more of a thicker body. Some folks do wear huge western buckles round these parts, after all. But how would she make the lasso look right? 
I did not count the LCh around the button sides correctly, either, making the cowboy a little wide in the hips. And that feature also made for a more rounded bunny head.
Playing along instead of lurking, made all the difference! Thanks to all who played along.

Next to arrive is Julie with her gorgeous scissors. Her comment and picture follow:-
73. "Hello Jane !
Here are my scissors !
I had so much fun with this TIAS!
I want to thank you for your great work and your great sens of sharing.
And congratulations to all the tatters who finished their TIAS.
Let's play again next year ^_^
les Frivolit├ęs de Pandore, dentelle aux navettes.: TIAS 2015, the end 

Marco has just popped into my inbox with her scissors. She says:-
74. "Hello Jane,
finally here is my tias. i think it is a lovely pattern,
thank you very much
greetings Marco"

Next is Maria who has just arrived in my inbox too. She says:-
75. "And you didn't have to wait a whole year!!!!! :) So I won't be last & bringing up the tail!
I finally took some time off last night to tat a bit and finished these up....
I know they are a bit wonky but that's because they are well used! :)
A pair of thread snips and a pair of what looks like Sheep Shears! HA!
It really was fun and I enjoyed the journey even if it was a bit disjointed with all the interruptions that are called "LIFE".... ( I really miss tatting when I don't do it for awhile! It keeps me and life sane! ) I am already looking forward to next year's mystery journey.
Marla, in Boise, Idaho, USA"

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