Wednesday, 18 February 2015

18th February

Almost bedtime and the first pair of scissors of the day have arrived. OH, what's that I see sailing into view? Another boat has arrived too!!!!
These two have arrived from Kathleen who says:-
98.  "Dear Jane,
Thank you for sharing your wonderful patterns with the tatting world AND for giving us the yearly TIAS! I've made many of your delightful animals, and 2 of the TIASs. I didn't send the sailboat earlier, although it's been done for nearly a year please add these imperfect products to your tally, and continue challenging us with your patterns. Thank you from MN, USA.
Kathleen Baldwin
tatting since 2001"
Well, Kathleen, I've added them and I don't think they're imperfect AT ALL.  It's very hard to get something perfect when you don't know what you're making and I admire all tatters who even try.  Thank you for taking part.

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