Thursday, 19 February 2015

19th January

WOW, nearly arrived at the magic 100!!
The next pair of scissors to arrive are from Virginie who says:-
99. "Hello Jane,
Voici mon TIAS
Thank you for the project

This is the one I've been waiting for - the magic number which will certainly guarantee another TIAS next year!!!! This pair of scissors is from Ruth who says:-
100. "Hi Jane - great minds think alike (although yours is MUCH more clever) ... when I announced the first exchange this year, I was envisioning a pair of scissors to be my 'scissor fob' (see my sketch on the left) and then voila - your TIAS solved the problem !!
I've just finished my pair of scissors and you can see I added coloured 'handles' - got to make things complicated for myself ! I also used size 40 to scale them down a bit and worked on a dome fastener (snap) - the plan now is to sew the other half of the snap to a 'base' maybe a small pin cushion and get some sort of loop attached (I just placed the 'cell phone charm there temporarily) .... more thinking to do ! will it be a long lock chain, or some split rings - hmmm



Adrian said...

One hundred already?

Amazing! :)

muskaan said...

Congratulations !!! :-D
So again my siestas are going to be disturbed (in 2016) ;-P

Jane McLellan said...

Hooray! That was very quick to get to 100, great. I know the yachts were slower, but they did get there eventually.