Tuesday, 3 February 2015

More day 11 and others.

Wonder if there'll be another sailing boat today? That really tickled me to see one of last year's TIAS arriving in the middle of this year's!!!
Day 12 will be available tomorrow.
First in today is from Sue who says:-
"Finally caught back up after having a minor setback with my carpal tunnel syndrome. 
Thank you so much for this fun time and pattern.
Next in is Linda with this comment and three pictures of her days 9, 10 and 11.
"Hi Jane,
I had to play catch up. Challenge accomplished. I have done 9,10, and 11.
The scissors will be so cute. There I go, my guess is chosen. lol
Will be back in a day or two.

Denise has also decided we're making scissors. Here's her comment and picture:-
"Here is day 11. It's scissors.
Denise Royal
Kat's also brought her boys into the game!!! She says:-
"Ta-da! My boys think these are cute scissors too! :)
Next in is Coretta who is very pleased. She says:-
"I'm just pleased as I can be with this pattern. Looking forward to day 12. Thanks for such a fun January/ February game. I was going to call it winter, but my azaleas are blooming in full force so it's spring for me here. :)

Bernice has reports of snow but there again she does live in Canada!!!!
"Evening Jane,
We are having a bit of snow tonight and it makes for great evenings of hot chocolate and tatting.
Bernice in Canada"

Lyn is next in with her day 11 too. She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Looks like the scissors have it ! Thanks
Lyn from West Oz" 

Alba is the next in my inbox and I'm nearly at the top of the overnighters!!! She says:-
"I give up guessing. It doesn't look like my dear bunny 🐰 anymore. It has changed a lot. Maybe it is a teenager bunny lol"

Finally (I think and at the moment!) is Grace who has sent in her days 10 and 11. She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Grace c here, now it's definitely looked like scissors. Here are my day 10 & day 11."

Back after a long afternoon helping neighbours!!
First in is Marie who says:-
Hello Jane, this is my Day 11. I think now everybody agree for the scissors!
Marie - Rue de la Laine

I have a message now from my dear friend Riet who has been diligently translating the whole TIAS into Dutch for the guild she belongs to.  This is an interesting message as it appears other people doing other crafts are also guessing.  She says:-

"Hi Jane,
1 of the dutch members had the answer.  Her name is Remke Veerling and she thought, that it was a hare.  A friend of hers, who is a member of another craft site, said it is a pair of siccors
The dutch word is : SCHAAR."

Next I have a message from Claudia who has sent in Haydee's days 10 and 11. Thank you, Claudia and Haydee. 
"hi again jane.. here Im sending day 10 and day 11 from Haydee Pavon.. she also think it is a pair of scissors!!! well.. we will see!!!
claudia meza"

Carol is next with her day 11. She says:-
"Hi Jane:
Tatted & forgot to send photo!
I am enjoying the tatting.
Always, Carol (Stitches of Life II blog)

Anne-Marie and her entire family are next and she says:-
"Dear Jane,
You'll be soon taking advantage of holidays!...I wish you these 'll be good. But, it'ld be a very good new to do another TIAS in the middle year! It would give me occasion, more than tatting i am regularly doing, to improve my english..... Unless I have understood a wrong way.
I could'nt send you my day 11 yesterday : there was strike for grandchildren's teachers and they slept at home yesterday in the evening and staying to-day ... I have to occupy them if I want them wise.....Thomas,who is 10, wanted to learn tatting for 2 years, and at once successfully ! Léa, his sister, 7 years old, worries about my giraffes transformed in scissors.....But she wants I give her one pair....what I'll do gladly.....Your TIAS keeps watching the whole family......
Thanks for fun and see you soon...
Anne-Marie (France)"

Next to arrive is Katie with her little 'ensemble' of TIAS's and a sweet little rhyme too!!! She says:-
"Aw, sweet Jane,
A new entry, and we would all quip;
More ideas would jump off the lip.
The end now is near;
It brings forth a tear.
And the scissors brigade starts to snip.
Katie V in NC"

I'm so, so pleased to welcome Remke with her picture which will be now added to the blog.  Thank you, Remke.
"Hello Jane (en Riet),
How nice that you send such a quick respons. I really liked it to recognize a pair of siccors and, of course,  I look fore ward to hear if I'm right
I made an image for you, see the attachment
Vriendelijke groet / with regards

Wanda has just arrived in my inbox with her day 11. She says:-
"Hello, Jane. I finally got a chance to do day 11 while on our way to work. I took the picture in the car, I hope it's not too blurry. I'm still thinking it looks like scissors.
Wanda in Kansas"

Wendy has had to wait to get her day 11 to me. Here's her reason:-
"My note pad have up the ghost so I had to wait until I got the new iPad up and working do here is day 10.
Wendy. "

Finally because I forgot to update the blog earlier and with apologies I have Firanghish's day 11.
"Hi Jane,
Thanks for a wonderful fun game.
Here is my day 11 picture.
Love to you and all fun loving tatters.

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