Saturday, 7 February 2015

Final day

First of all when you send in your final comment could you also add where you live (country only is fine) - just so we all know how many different parts of the world have taken part?

Here's the final link for the scissors and a few of the pairs I made while designing them and checking the pattern!!

1. This is the final day which was sent in by Claudia a few days ago. As I said in the introduction - I would send links to those who were going to be away and Claudia asked and I sent!!!  I'm now waiting for the first person in with the link posted today.  Wonder if it will be Maureen, Isa, Jenni or Muskaan!!  OR even somebody else!!

Wendy is the first in my morning inbox with her day 12. She says:-
"Erm I think they are scissors
Wendy "

Sue is next in with her two day 12's and the following comment.
"Here is Day 12. I don't think this is too hard, but I wonder if some of the drop offs are just background followers. Hopefully they will cut in with their caught up project soon. Thanks again for this

Jenn is the next person in my inbox with her days 11 and 12. She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here are my Days 11 and 12. Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Happy tatting.
LoveMeKnot - Jenn"

Next in is Starlene with her days 10 and 11.  Thanks, Starlene.

Fiona has sent in the following message along with her day 12. She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my day 12, these are very cute- I might have to make a craft tote for them to adorn! As to your question for how to improve this "experience" next year, I'm not going to be very helpful... I love it the way it is! I enjoy being able to email, and the email you always write back too. This year I had work and lost track of the days. Perhaps the only thing would be to randomise when it comes out during the day- then people in other time zones may get a chance to be first... I feel a bit like being in Australia we get an easier start, as it is always released in our evenings when I have time to tat.
Thanks Jane, happy tatting
Fiona T ("
Good idea, Fiona. 

Next in is Claire who's been very busy catching up. I'll let her tell you why!!!"Hello Jane and fellow tatters,
My baby (3.5 months old) has kept me busy lately and I fell behind for the TIAS... Here are my days 9 to 11, and the corresponding blog post.
After day 8, I thought that the TIAS was going to be a space shuttle, like the one in Tintin.
But day 9 crushed down that guess.
On day 10, it was looking like a lobster.
But day 11 started to reveal a pair of scissors instead.
The TIAS end is near, and Jane got me confused for a long time! Thanks for the game. :)

Final one before breakfast and out for the morning. This is from Frances who says:-
"Hi Jane
Here is my Days 11 & 12 and I think it must be scissors! I just wish I had chosen a purple button which would have looked better.
As for why the numbers have dropped off, it may be because of the different way of presenting each Day's work, with no reference to previous days. Also the orientation of the diagram is not the way one would be holding it in one's hand. I may not be the only one with problems mentally rotating an image. It has been an interesting ride with the lock chains and split rings so that is not a problem.
Best wishes
Interesting point about the drawings, Frances.  I've passed that on to BC3 ready for next year!

Well this is the surprise of the TIAS. Just when I thought I knew who was likely to be first in with the final day I've been proved wrong!!! It was Fiona!!! She says:-
2. "Hi Jane,
Thanks so much, this has been fun!
Fiona T - Australia

Another Australian is next - it's my rabbit friend, Maureen who says:-
3. "Poor House Rabbits
Feeling sad
But they don't know
What fun we've had!"
I'll miss your rabbits, Maureen!!!
South Africa is in next with Jane who says:-
4.  "Snip, snip,
Today our task is done.
Our thanks to Jane
For so much fun.
Jane in South Africa."

Next in my inbox is Muskaan who has this to say:-
5  "Hello Jane :-))
So this is the last installment of this year's TIAS. Will definitely be looking forward to next year, with all the fun & mystery factor !
One small word of advice in answer to your question yesterday : Scissors Cut , hence the participants seem to have become sparse. Now, if you had chosen Rabbits, they would've Thronged & Multiplied every single day ;-P (tongue firmly in cheek!)
Thank you, Jane, for all your efforts ; & thanks to all participants for making it even more fun each day ....
Hugs to all & Happy Tatting :-)
muskaan from New Delhi, India
Tatting with Anchor Mercer Cotton size 20. Pink with white : 4054-1210 muskaan's T*I*P*S )"
Interesting observation about rabbits. I must think hard about next year and rabbits!!!! 

Isa is in next with such a busy picture which is so cheerful on a dull winter's day. Her comment is:-
6  "Good Mornig Jane
Here it's my TIAS last day, from my TIAS's BOx. Thanks for this wonderfull game and thank for your patience and time. I have fun during those days when I have waiting for your instructions.
Send you my regards from a sunny south of Sweden with 8 wonderfull degrees Celsius.
I thinks this game is the best on the web over the world :)

Next in is my little sister all the way from the south of England. She says:-
7  "Finished! Pictured with a bee to remind everyone of the Great British Sewing Bee television programme which has just started another series
Okay so I started the pick pair of scissors before the game started!"
If anybody has missed the previous series of the Great British Sewing Bee then I back Sally on suggesting it as a 'must watch' programme.

 Sue follows my sister shortly after with her final scissors. She says:-
8  "Morning Miss. Here are my snips... Made in Lizbeth Royal Wave! The will be stitched to my bag... (The one I carry when on holiday for mending!!) looking forward to next year now!!! Lol
The question is... What do I do when I'm drinking my coffee now???
Sue ( in East Yorkshire here in the UK!"

Marie is from France (near Paris, lucky thing) and here are her days 12 and 13 along with her comment.
9 "Hello Jane, here are my Day 11 and Last Day. So sad the adventure already comes to an end… Thank you so much for organising it and offering us this beautiful pattern. Mine is not very regular but I will make it again and it will certainly look better.
Marie - Rue de la Laine" 

Now we have Sonja who has sent in her finished scissors. Her comment follows:-
10  "Hello Jane
Here is my final sissors. I live in the Netherlands, in a village in the middle of a lot of fields with bulbs, so a lot of flowers in the spring. I’m member of the dutch tatting association, on this moment busy with the big doily of Jan Stavasz, Moje Robotki. I work with 80 Lizbet and it will be about 55 cm, when it is finished.
Sonja from Holland"
WOW, what a lovely place to live and what a huge task with the doily too.

Shelly is the first in today from America. She says:-
11.  "Thank you for my scissors.
Georgia, USA"

 Finally in this 'lot' I have Margaret with a GREAT rhyme. I somehow think those scissors in her picture look a bit menacing - as if they're going to cut the tatted ones!!!
12. "Now my scissor collection is complete,
I've been collecting them for years.
Hair, nail and paper ones,
Dressmaking scissors,
Embroidery and kitchen ones,
Buttonhole scissors,
Pinking and card making ones,
And now I have ....
TIAS scissors!
Best yet, Jane! Thank you for another great game.
From Margaret in Norfolk, England."
Glad to help anytime, Margaret!

Adrian is next into my inbox with his days 11, 12 and finally, 13. He says:-
13.  "Hi Jane
I completed Day 11 but didn't have the time to take a photo, then life seems to have taken over. :-/
But it's the weekend! So here are my days 11, 12 and 13. :-)
Thank you so much for running this again, it's geen great fun! I'm also quite amazed that I guessed it so early (although I was doubting again by day 8!).
Thank you!
Adrian is here in the UK.  Thanks for taking part.  Look forward to seeing you next year too.

Betsy is next in my inbox with her pair of scissors.
14. "My finished piece. There are a few mistakes but I don't care. I started needle tatting December 2, 2014 and received my first shuttle for Christmas. This TIAS has helped me learn so much thank you. 

Kathy has just arrived in my inbox with her final scissors. Her comment follows along with her picture:-
15. "Good morning Jane
Here is my finished scissor. My scissor obviously has a large belly, somewhat like me :>)
Thank you again for sharing your many talents by creating such wonderful and interesting designs and for giving us a diversion to the gloomy winter days with your TIAS.
Kathy Hodge

What a collection of scissors have arrived next from Elizabeth. Here's her comment too:-
16.  "Help. I can't find my new scissors.
This was such fun. Thank you Jane for another great project.Elizabeth USA"

Judy has just arrived with her finished scissors and here they are along with her comment:-
17.  "Jane,
Another year of TIAS passed by..sigh.
I think sickness and schedules probably were the main reasons you lost so many. I think they will trickle in the rest of the year.
These will always be my bunny scissors.
Judy, America "

Next in is Jacee and her finished scissors.
18. "Dear Jane,
Here are my two tatted pairs of scissors. The mini vintage china-style scissors is by far my favourite which I often use to snip off ends - its one and only function!!!✌ Thanks for the wonderful tat along once again, looking forward to the next TIAS 2016!

Seems as if I foxed Fox who says:-
19.  "JANE!
You old sneaky doodle! Who would EVER have imagined it could be...SCISSORS! Well, I for one am amazed and delighted with your generosity and constant commitment to making Tat-Land such a wonderful realm. 
Many thanks for your investment of time, working of stitches and mostly for the great fun.
Your big fan,
Fox : )"

Jenn has just arrived with her finished scissors too.  She says:-
20.  "Thanks for all the fun Jane.
The scissors are really cute and I was excited to learn new tatting techniques. I've added split ring, lock chain and lock join to my repertoire.
LoveMeKnot - Jenn
Kentucky, USA"

Next I have a new arrival to this year's TIAS who has been quietly tatting away in her part of Tat Land. Brenda says:-
21.  "Hi Jane,
Thank you for the TIAS.This is my first time to write and I am attaching a photo of my finished scissors. I have eagerly checked the blog daily for your instructions and the contributions from the other tatters. Great fun and a fabulous way to connect tatters around the world.
Brenda in Ontario, Canada"
Welcome, Brenda and thank you for sending in your scissors.

Next to arrive is my dear friend Marie who has some lovely pictures to share. Here's her comment first, though.
22. "Could the TIAS be a couple dancing? Oh my, what? Is the game over already? Does anyone know what it is??
I am also enclosing a picture of one of our 10 (soon to be 11) grandchildren wearing the tatted booties and knitted rompers his Mema made. :) his name is Presley after non other than Elvis himself!
I think the game is perfect. Some people just get too busy to keep up. I, myself, would LOVE to have the game pieces closer together, but that makes it difficult for others. Sooooo, I would change nothing. This has been my very favorite TIAS, as I am addicted to scissors. I send you hugs and kisses galore, my dear Jane. Hope to see you again this year!?!?!"
What a dear little boy and those booties are to die for.  Love his knitted suit too.

Next to arrive is Shirley with a great analysis of taking part in a Tat It And See.
23. "Hi, Jane .....
My new tatting scissors are inspiring. Thanks for TIAS 2015, for the pattern and for sharing photos, comments, drawings, etc.
About me: This was my first TIAS. I started tatting in August 2014 and have two live, supportive, caring advisors, Ann J. Segrest and Mary Anna Robinson. I use printed and online resources, too, and I am fortunate to be able to tat every day. I see about 15-20 other tatters at 5 different guild and tat-n-chat events each month near where I live.
You asked for general comments: I am looking forward to TIAS 2016. This year I underestimated how much attention and focus is needed each day. I was disappointed in my tat at about Day 5 and started over. After that, with one exception, I approached each TIAS new day as if it were the start of a new project. In a sense, it usually was because one day didn't point to what was coming up. As a learner, my "first days" are slower as I become accustomed to up-down-front-back-shuttle1234.... Anytime when I am not fully relaxed, with full attention on tatting, I am prone to errors -- more so if I don't know the project well in my head and hands. (Either or both will lead me astray.) 
TIAS 2015 has better stories than TIAS 2014. I did TIAS 2014 straight from the pattern in December 2014. I learned and improved techniques, but it is more fun to share the creative way in which TIAS 2015 evolved in my eyes and the contributions from everyone else.
I will take my TIAS scissors to displays of tatting for the public. (I have participated in two myself since August when I started tatting.) I will recommend it to some individual tatters next year. I am reluctant to announce it at a guild meeting, however. 
Thank you from the heart,
Shirley from Ohio, U.S.A."

Next to pop in is Joanie who says:-
24. "Jane,
Day 13 finished ON Day 13!!! : )
Florida, USA"

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