Thursday, 5 February 2015

More day 12 and others

I'm going to be out most of the day so please be patient. I will upload as many as I can before I leave for my first job, though!!!

So, first in the inbox this dreary winter's morning is Diane who says:-

Wanda arrived next while I was sleeping and this is what she says:-
"Hi, Jane. Here's my cute pair of scissors - love 'em!
Wanda in Kansas"

Bernice is next all the way from Canada. She says:-
"Evening Jane,
What a great pattern and they are already snipping
Bernice in Canada"

Sonya has now sent in her day 12. Here's her comment and picture:-
"Good morning. Caught up again just in time for the last day. It looks very much like my eye brow tweezers, but I am sure it is a pair of scissors.

Another rhyme from Sarah is next. Here it is along with her picture.
"Good morning Jane, here is my day 12 tat and rhyme.
We are almost done
and it's been fun
to play hide and seek
with your pattern unique.

Maggie had a worry yesterday but finally it's sorted. Here's her comment to tell you all about it along with her day 11!
"Hi Jane - I had a mystery in my house - my tatting bag disappeared yesterday. After I ruled out leprechauns, fairies and gremlins, I was left with either 1) a senior moment or 2) help from my whiskered assistants. I eventually found the bag under a piece of felt on the dining table but have no idea how it got there. Hmmmmm....
I'm thinking this is a garden shears because of the thick curved shape of the blades.

Caroline is next with her day 12 and a sad comment too.
"Well, I messed up real good this morning so spend most of the day frogging. Finally got it finished. Think you have gone to bed a long time ago. Got more snow so no shopping so I had time to work on my tatting. I sure like the scissors.

Finally in my inbox is Linda who sends in her day 12. She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Stitching , stitching, how fun it is. I will miss getting new stitches every few days to join in this fun.
Guess I will go back to having to decide my own pleasure. Have a great day. Scissors will be ready to use soon. hehe

So, not quite finally as Grace has just this very second sent in her day 12!!!
She says:-
"Hi jane, grace c here. My day 12. My scissors here."

Back home finally and a few more to add to the blog. 
First of all I have Barbara's days 11 and 12.
"Hello Jane!
It's 2 AM and California is shrouded in darkness. I should go to bed, but not before sending off my Days 11 and 12 to you. I'm pretty sure we are making some kind of gripping or cutting tool - the kind with bunny ears!! 
Barbara (zzzzz)"

Sandi is next in the inbox with this comment:-
"Here is my Day 10, 11, 12
Really looks like a pair of scissors.

Sherry has sent in her picture and comment. She says:-
"Here is a picture of my almost done pair of scissors. Now I need a tatted box to soon put them in when finished with a tatted shuttle. I know I have a pattern for the shuttle somewhere. Scissors was a really cool idea Jane."

Some tatters have hard lives and big decisions to make! Melanie is one of them.
"Good morning-
Yesterday was spent trying to decide if a house is worth looking into seriiously. I think I'll just have to drive to the coast to look at it! Aw shucks.....another walk on the beach.......

I think Nikki likes this year's TIAS!!!
"My scissors are coming out so nicely!!! I love love love this years TIAS! Thank you so very much for it Jane :-)"

Joanie has been playing 'catch up' and has now arrived with her day 12.
"I've finally caught up!!! Here is my Day 12!"

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