Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Tuesday's arrivals

I must apologise for being so late updating the blog but life got in the way.
So first person in this morning is MaryJane who says:-
59.  "Hello Jane
I sent my yellow scissors this morning but forgot to mention I used DMC 20 and forgot to sign my name., Who is in a hurry
Mary Jane Brittingham "

Next in is Anne with her final day and a lovely pair of scissors. She says:=
60 "Thank you! Need to make another pair and not forget the lock-joins! Can't wait til next year. :)"

Stacy has now sent in her scissors. Nothing wrong with 'wonky', Stacy!!!
61. "Hi,
The handles look a little wonky, but my sissors are complete!
As a newish tatter it was a lot of fun working on my split rings and lock chains.
This one comes from Kitchener Ontario Canada.

Coretta's scissors have arrived next along with her comment:-
62. "I had a long wait for a Dr. Appointment today and no children to entertain so I got to finish up days 12 & 13. I didn't get a progress picture at the day 12 point, so here is my sweet lime green pair of scissors. It's been another awesome TIAS and a fabulous new pattern. Thanks so much Jane!"
Coretta is from Florida in the USA.

Now for Stephanie's scissors and her comment. Thanks, Stephanie.
63. "Hi Jane!
I've wanted to take a photograph of 'rock, paper, scissors,' but the weather has gone from cloudy to totally overcast to rain and dreary over the last few days - not good picture-taking weather. Settled for the scanner instead.
Here are my scissors from western North Carolina, USA.
I'm totally delighted with this pattern. It's going to be SO much fun! I have a habit of biting the thread (I have one tooth that apparently has a good sharp edge in 'just' the right place). People seem to be disturbed by my quick little 'snip' and are always offering me scissors. Now I'll be able to pull out the tatted ones and show them I DO have scissors with me. ;-) Seriously, though - I normally have a thread cutter and/or scissors in my tatting bag, but which is faster - digging through everything to FIND something to cut the thread, or just one quick snip with my teeth? (I hope my dentist isn't reading this!)
Thanks for the TIAS. It brightens the whole winter and it's SO much fun. We appreciate everything you do throughout the year, but the TIAS is such a fun game for everyone to play.
Have a wonderful week!
Big hug!

Caroline is next in my inbox. She says:-
64. "Well, I finally got my scissors finished. I took mine to club tonight and they all enjoyed it. I got bogged down with contractors in my house so it slowed me down. I don't think there is anything you should change, People will do it or not. I think someone in my club dropped out also but I don't think she ever sent in a picture.
Caroline in Omaha Nebraska USA"

Nicole has arrived along with turtle who's been with us all the way!! She says:-
65. "Dear Jane,
Thank you so much for organising this year's TIAS. How ironic to tat a pair of scissors without a cut & tie (I'd do almost anything to avoid them, so no complaints here!). Also thanks to all the other participants from all over the world, you really brightened up these dark weeks with your photos and comments.
Nicole in The Netherlands"

Lindy has taken part for the first time this year and this is what she says:-
66. "Hi Jane,
My first TIAS finished! I just started with tatting about a year ago and I think my result doesn't look bad comparing to the other ones.
At least I learned some new things. I had no problems in keeping up with the tattting, as I was very curious what it was going to be.
I had more problems with taking an acceptable picture and sending it to you ;-)
Thanks for your great design(s) and clear instructions (even for a beginner like me)!
I'm already busy with my next challenge, making something for the "Frivolité dag" in March here in The Netherlands.
Best regards,

Sandi has just arrived in my inbox with her scissors. She says:-
67. "My finished scissors. Thank you Jane for doing this. In time, I would like to do some of the past TIAS.
I have been giving my fingernails a rest from hand/lap quilting, so doing a little more tatting. Am working on finding 3 - 4 6 pointed stars to place onto clocks for embellishment.

It's funny how you think that people are living in other places and then they turn out they live 'just down the road' metaphorically speaking. All this time I'd been thinking that Linda lived in Australia!!! Here's what she says - along with her days 11, 12 and the final 13.
68. "Hi Jane,
I’ll bet you wondered where I’d got to... I’ve been down with a sort of flu virus, and my son caught it off me so we’ve been a bit germy lately. I’m happy to say we’re on the mend now though and I finally got around to tatting my days 11, 12 and 13. I have to say I’m quite impressed with my little pinking shears. A great design (even with all the fiddly bits ). I’m not quite sure what I shall do with them but at least they’ll be safe to keep near my thread!
I have had immense fun taking part in this TIAS and I’ll be looking forward to more of the same. Thanks Jane!
Best wishes,
Linda (aka Cariad837)
Coming to you from a desk in Oxfordshire, England"

Cheryl has just arrived with her scissors. She says:-
69. "
Hi Jane, here’s my scissors. You have a terrific imagination. This would look nice on a card for a quilter. I’m still hoping my blog will show up on yours one day.
It hasn’t yet.

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