Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Another Wednesday has come round and another two prams too from Marjorie. She says:-
90. "Returned last Monday but had no time that weekend for tatting. Finally finished both prams this morning, so here they are!
The new tatting abbreviations sometimes get to me, especially the - for a picot. I'm used to seeing letters or abbreviations. I also drove myself nuts by having trouble with the first stitch of the second half of a SR. They always seem to want to flip in spite of great care. I tried pulling up one and it just plain broke.
Pram One (the larger one) is in leftover green and white in size 40. I purposefully used a solid lavendar with the variegated thread so I could see what was going on in there. Its handle and wheels are in pink. I used this one for practice, before tackling the smaller threads I had picked out for the project. 
Pram Two (smaller) is in Flora HH size 50, Color 83. Despite the photos, it is bright pink and medium blue, with purple transitions. I think it goes well with the DMC size 80 in color 553. The 50 and the 80 are the same size, despite different numbers.
The tiny size of 3/3 split rings almost got me when working in the size 80(50?) threads. Wow. I took out quite a few stitches to get things right!
Thanks for a good learning experience with plenty of company in the attempt!
I practiced hiding ends; the Catherine Wheel join; lock chains; split rings; split chains; and opening rings and/or fixing mistakes. What a lot of practice."

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