Saturday, 16 February 2013


Just one pram in this morning from Grazyna who says:-
75. "Witam. Ukończyłam TIAS 2013, moje kolejne dni można zobaczyć na blogu
Serdecznie dziękuję za miłe wspólne tworzenie, mam nadzieję, że jeszcze kiedyś będę mogła wspólnie z innymi tworzyć coś cudnego.


Again in English

Welcome. I graduated from TIAS 2013, my next day you can see on the blog. Thank you for your nice joint creation, I hope that even someday I'll be able to jointly create something marvelous. GrażynaO Regards,"

Nearly lunchtime (I'm STARVING) and I now have Elfriede's completed pram. She says:-

76. "Hi Jane!

Here is the finished pram I really loved doing it thank you so much for the pattern an your time.
Finished project Manuela (M205) for the body and Coats AIDA reed (47) for the wheels and handle.
Best Wishes
Esslingen Germany"

Jon has just popped in all the way from Malaysia. She says:-
77. "Hi Jane,
My pram is done. It took a few days because I couldn't find a contrasting thread in size 20 that can go with the HDT of the pram's carriage. Finally decided to use the Manuela thread, one of the last two balls that I still have. It is a pity that the Manuela thread is not manufactured anymore because I quite like tatting with it.
Thank you for another interesting round of TIAS and will be looking forward for the next one.

Well you've GOT to read Dorcas's comments on her days 9, 10 and her final pram. This must be the most travelled TIAS in the world!!!
"This is really late, but after a hectic week of getting ready for a cruise followed by a week in the Caribbean with no internet, this is the best I could do. I am not even off the ship yet. Thankfully, we were not on the ill fated Triumph.
I can't wait to down load the remaining day(s) and get this finished.
At this point I am saying it is a baby carriage.
Getting back to reality,

78. "My baby carriage is finished (except the sewing in of the ends which is a bit tricky in a car). Thanks Jane, for the fun and all your work on this. The thread is a Liz Beth 20 but I have forgotten which one. It loois like several people have uused it though.

This carriage has traveled the Carribean - from Oklahoma, to New Orleans for Mardis Grass weekend (not my cup of tea), to Jamaica, George Town on Grand Cayman, to Cozumel and back to terra fermma in New Orleans. We made it through customs in record time and into our car by 9:00. The last step is now done by 10:45. 
Thanks all,

Now I have another new arrival in the TIAS 2013. This is from Grace. She says:-
79. "Hello, this is my 3rd time doing TIAS but is my first time posting my results to you. Thank you for doing the TIAS, I enjoyed it a lot and force me to learn new tricks and refresh on the one I know but rarely used. My pram doesn't look too steady due to that I turn the first ring of the leg part wrong direction when I was joining the picot. I guess I must have forced a join where it shouldn't be joined. But none the less, I still am proud of my TIAS and am delighted seeing how some people put them on family pictures."
I am very proud of you too, Grace and thank you for taking the time to do the TIAS too.

Next is Nicole who has just popped into my inbox. She says:-
80. "Dear Jane,
I forgot to take a photo and send you Day 10, but here's finally my Day 11. Thank you so much for the whole experience, I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot.
I decided to tat it in one color, 369 DMC Babylo 20. In day 9 I ran out of thread and of course there was too much left on my shuttles after that :)
Best wishes from the Netherlands,

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