Tuesday, 26 February 2013


I had a bit of a brain problem on Sunday - put it down to stress in my life which is now sorted for a while. I got my numbers muddled up!!! I work from a big desktop computer and a laptop (in the evenings) and save the pictures on an intermediary hard wifi disc. Trouble was that I missed a number out!!!! 

So, having sorted it all now I can announce that today we truly do have 100 prams.

100. "Jane., This pattern is from Joanne Hayes., Santa Claus., Indiana USA., this is her second time to do the TIAS., she is a beginner tatter and doing very well., She used Tropical Punch # 132 and Light Lemon #614 Lizbeth thread. She is also waiting for the next TIASthanks Mary Jane"

Next in is from Sharon who says:-
101. "HI Jane
Here is my finished Pram from Des Moines, Iowa. How funny it was a pram and it stated on Jan. 11. My grandson and his wife had their baby on Jan. 11. It was a boy so that makes about 12 great grandchildren now. 
I really enjoyed the TIAS. 

Shelley has just sent in her finished pram with this comment:-
102. "Wow 100 participants - that is great. It was a lot of fun. Thank you for the game."

Bridget has just caught me on the way to bed and she says:-
103. "Okay, Jane, here's my pram. It's my first TIAS and I can see that I needed to pay more attention to tension (!) because one of the chains is very lanky. I used Lizbeth #153, Rainbow Taffy, which is a lot more attractive done up than it is on the ball, I found. The solid is #656, Wedgewood Dark. 
At first I was expecting a flower pot, mostly because I am so ready for spring to arrive. Then when you suggested a solid color to finish I realized the next steps were probably not going to be flowers....
In order to finish I had to learn some new techniques, which I really enjoyed. I've started a bookmark with split rings so I can practice more. I'm not sure my lock chain was done right, but it's another thing I'm looking forward to practicing. 
Thank you, it was fun!
Bridget, who finally finished digging out from the 19" of snow, in Amarillo, Texas."

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