Monday, 18 February 2013

Monday - yes, another Monday!!!!

I have another pram this morning. This is from Judy who says:-
84. "Lizbeth 20 leaf green and a variegated color to.match."

Next in is from Gloria who has this to say:-
85. "Hi Jane,We had our guild meeting Saturday and there were a few of them that had done the TIAS but did not send you a picture. So I am sending this one for Gloria Grumman. She said to tell you Hi!
Gloria is from SC and it looks like she used Lizbeth thread in size 20."

Now I have Gunhild's finished pram. What a picture!!! Pimboli looks as if he's having fun!
86. "Hallo Jane, wow...Pimboli was having a lot of fun in his new "pram rollercoaster", I didn't see him for a while ,,,,but finally I could take a picture of him...
thanks for all the fun having a TIAS 2013 from you and for your many efforts!! It's so nice to have such a cute pram pattern! I was late starting this year! I am tatting in germany, tatted the pram with a very thin valdani thread with shuttle (the lilac roles) and needle (all the rest). I will post all Pimboli pictures on my blog! See you soon in tatland, hugs Gunhild"
Next in is from Sunela who says:-
87. "Jane,
My mind is playing tricks now. I was sure I send you this picture a day or so after you posted the final day directions. Looking thru' the blog I realized my version wasn't there and I presumed I forgot to email you. So, I emailed you on Saturday but haven't heard from you as I normally did. Hence, I am wondering whether the email system is playing a trick on me. Let me know if you receive this please.

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