Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wednesday and even more!

Don't forget - tomorrow is Day 10. This will be a long part of the pattern and will need the new colour too. Have fun!!!

First in overnight is Cathy with her two day 9s and comment:-

"Woo Hoo ... Whatever it is...its pretty!"

Next is Lyn with her days 8 and 9. Her comment is as follows:-

"Hi Jane, I have Internet today!! Here are my day 8 & 9 photos. We have had some beautiful weather here the last few days. We are heading to Hobart for the wooden boat festival, our first time so looking forward to it. Regards Lyn.

Ps still think it's a baby carriage !"

Oh, wait til you see Anita's picture. Amazing what she's done with a piece of tatting!
"Good Morning, Jane,
What a marvelous job you are doing with the TIAS and keeping up with all us tatters! Fantastic response this year!
Well, Miss Molly is still in her pink pram, and she and big sister, Grace, have gone to the zoo, one of Grace's favorite activities! Where do you suppose they will go tomorrow?

Next in is Marjorie with her two day 9s and who says:-
"Hi Jane, I skipped sending in Day 8-- just got too busy. Here's Day 9, save for the last join and t&c.
The only question remaining is who is IN the pram?
I hate to miss the last installments, but I'll be out of town and mostly offline from Thursday thru Tuesday. If I can load the blog on my phone, I'll try to catch up!
I had two cups of real tea today-- and I'm up no later than usual! That's a delight. I've been avoiding tea since coffee really affects my sleep, but maybe
I'm safe with tea now.
== Marjorie Wilser" 

Now I have Emilia's days 8 & 9 and her comment too:-
"Hi Jane,
Attached the pictures from day 8+9.
I manage to make the CWJ now without pulling the wrong end of the thread, no more long loops and confusion.
I still think it will be a Pram or a cradle.
Looking forward to day 10
Kind regards Emilia" 

Now I have Fiona's days 8 and 9 with her comment too:-

"Here are my day 8 and 9, I caught up again tonight as I had been away with work the last couple of days. It is very hot here again, so am glad of the air-con. Yes, I will have to go with the consensus, it looks more and more like a pram! Wondering what technique we will use to make the wheels...can't wait
Fiona T" 

Next in is Shelley who's got behind but for all the worst reasons. So sorry to hear that, Shelley.
"Oh my did I fall behind. The days seemed to come so fast. But it may have been because I was busy drying out my kitchen floor and basement. We had an unfortunate mishap with an appliance that flooded our kitchen. Dryout complete and now waiting on the new flooring so time to tat at last. Here are days 6-9 complete. Cannot wait to see what you do with the introduction of a new color. Thank you for more practice with the Catherine Wheel Join. Hmm, baby buggie seems right at this point.

Look at Elfriede's pretty, pretty picture. Here's her comment to:-
"Hello Jane,
Thanks for the TIAS. 
It was very interesting to work the parts, I was able to learn something about.
Here's a little late my Tatting from day 1 to 9.
Friendly greeting, Elfriede from Germany." 

Next in is Margaret with her day 9 and she has this to say:-
"Hello Jane,
Here is my Tias after day 9. Still looks like a pram but it could be a horse drawn sleigh. Day 10 is nearly, can't wait!

Now I have Denise next with her day 9. My Nick would LOVE another dog but I don't want/need all the walking and other hassles. Here's Denise's comment:-
"Here is my photo of day 8 & 9. A little tardy, but better late than never. I found I lost tatting time after my husband and I lost our minds and brought home 2 puppies from the humane society. Then I caught some type of bug that left with feverish for a couple of days. All better now and caught up.
I'll go with popular opinion that this is a baby pram.
--Denise from Austin, Texas" 

Probably the last person in this evening is Sandy. She's sent in her day 9 with the following comment:-
"Evening Jane! Here's my day 9. You'd think the CWJ would be a snap by now, but I'm still all thumbs when doing them. Thank you for the practice!Sandy S" 

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