Monday, 4 February 2013

Day 9 and Monday updates.

Here is the link to Day 9. Have fun!!!

Good morning, everybody. 

The first people in this morning are Anita and Miss Molly. Anita has sent in her days 7 and 8 and here's her comment:-

"Hi Jane,

My Day 7 and 8 work is combined...busy last couple of days.

I've given in to popular's a vintage pram,

And Miss Molly (who happens to be my beautiful great-granddaugther!) loves to see the Park from her Pink Pram!!

Until tomorrow's changes, Anita"

Next in is Andrea with her two day 8s. Her comment is as follows:-

"Hi Jane, here is number 8. I agree with others who say it could be a pram and I think it's looking rather good! If it is a pram I can think of a good use ... as my son and his wife are expecting a baby girl next month! It will be our first grand daughter :):)

Best wishes

Andrea x"

Poor Janelle has been ill so she's had to catch up with us. Here's her comment and her days 4 to 8.

"Here are days 4 through 8. I am finally caught up. My household has also gotten rid of the stomach flu that has been going around. It looks like a baby buggy to me!"

Karla is next with her picture but she wasn't sure if she'd already sent it in! I checked, Karla and you hadn't:-

"Did I send this already? I can't remember! Whoops =S 



From My Secret Underground Bunker in Switzerland "

Now I have Sandy's day 8 with her comment as follows:-
"Good Morning Jane! I'm late! I'm late! Must send day 8 picture before day 9 comes out!! So, here's my 'wheel-less pram', sliding into your inbox. Maybe today's installment will confirm this guess?
Sandy S

Now I have Grazyna's days 7 & 8 with her comment which is first in Polish followed by English.
"Witam, ukończyłam 7 i 8 dzień, (można zobaczyć ) i niecierpliwie czekam na kolejny etap zabawy.Pozdrawiam
Grażyna O.
Hi, I finished 7th and 8th day (you can see and I'm looking forward to the next phase of play. Regards Grazyna O."

Next I have Nicole's days 5 to 8!!!! She says:-
"Dear Jane, Finally found the time to catch up with you! I'm afraid I made a mistake converting yards to cm, winding the shuttles and/or by missing a SS somewhere, because I'm going to run out of thread :( However, I'm really looking forward to the following days!" 

Now all the people who have done the TIAS in previous years will remember Pimboli (who is Gunhild's tatting partner) and his adventures. Well, I'm pleased to announce HE'S BACK.
"Dear Jane, day 8 was soo exciting, Pimboli loves his new sleigh...I hope he's back in time to continue Day 9 ...
thinking about how to get it dry then ;.))....
I needle tatted TIAS this time, nice to use lockstitches and splitchain with ring at the end by needle tatting.
If anybody needs help with this send me a comment on my blog.
Greetings from Gunhild and Pimboli"

Trumpets blowing and a big welcome to the first of the day 9's. This is from Omar who says:-
"Good Morning Jane
Here is my day 9. Lovely to have the opportunity to practice the Catherine wheel join. I'm becoming more confident. I'm leaning towards the pram. Looking more like one each day.
I've put a vsp on the Lj on ring 24. My diagram doesn't show one. Decided to go with written instructions.
Moving back to Summer here. Its been a lovely warm day today.
Hope you have a good one too.
Oh, Omar it doesn't need a vsp on the chain above ring 24 but I'm sure yours doesn't show.

The second one in with her day 9 is Brenda who says:-
"Hi Jane,
How are you this morning?
Here are my day 9's 

Next in is Frances with her day 9 too. She says:-
"Good Morning/evening Jane here is day 9 for your viewing pleasure.
I have hidden my threads and will cut the threads later. 
Frances S" 

Next in is from Jane who had nearly but so nearly run out of thread!! This is her comment:-
"Phew, I made it by a whisker, had to finger tat the last 2 bits. Thank goodness the CWJ uses the ‘ball’ thread. I’m off to hide the ends now." 

Sonja has now arrived with her day 9 and this comment:-
"hello Jane
Again struggling with the Catherine wheel join, but I did it
Happy tatting
Sonja from Holland" 

Finally and just before lunch I've got Geraldine's day 9 along with her comment too:-
"Hello from a sunny Leicestershire, What a yo-yo I feel from a pram to a cradle and back again, oh Jane you do like to lead us on a merry dance. What fun we are all having. Keep it coming. Geraldine.x"

Lunch finished and I'll be going out soon for a walk. So, before I go here is Val's day 9. She says:-
"Good day, Jane. Here's my day 9. Can't wait to see the remaining two! What will come out of it at the end? Hugs, Val" 

Gunhild has just come back with more of Pimboli's adventures!!!! This is just SOOO funny as Pimboli needs help:-
"..without words... help needed on Day 9...Gunhild, looking for a towel..." 

Next in is from Fox who is in the throes of moving. She's still managed to complete day 9, though!
"A major move stand in the way of T.I.A.S.? Not a chance! Here is my Monday morning Day 9, with many thanks... TIAS helped my miserable moving mood immensely! Fox : )"

Now I have Pamela's (TotusMel) day 9 with her comment as follows:-
"Hi Jane,
I forgot to send day 8, but here's my day 9 freshly finished. I admit I was thinking it was a pram, but wasn't going to say anything out of fear of being wrong. Also I'm sad we don't use the word pram on this side of the pond as I'm rather fond of it.

Next is Grace who is wondering what to use for the rest of the TIAS!!! All these decisions!!!
"Dear Jane,
Here's Day 9. Yep, the pram or baby buggy is taking shape... My main concern now is the colour of the contrasting plain thread I'll go for. Should I pick a quiet colour, or a loud one? :-)

Tine has just popped in with this comment:-
"Hi Jane.
It is getting a nice baby-carriage.
Greets Tine" 

Tine is followed by Wanda who says this:-
"It's looking more and more like a baby carriage! Which is very fortuitous as some friends of ours just found out they are expecting and this will make a lovely gift for them. And if it's not a baby carriage I can see how to get there from here ☺
Wanda in Kansas USA"

Next to join in today's list is Stephanie who says:-
"Hi Jane!
Here's my Day 9 UFO, which is looking suspiciously like something baby-related. (Pram, probably?) 
I really enjoy the creative ways people show off their TIAS tatting - with drawings, cartoons, cute backgrounds....and Pimboli. Last year Martha Ess had me wondering if she took the thread off her shuttles each time and re-wound it onto different ones or if she tatted a new TIAS bit every time....each picture had different shuttles that LOOKED 'attached' to the tatting. The colors people choose are gorgeous. What fun this is!
Have a terrific week!
Big hug!

Now I have Dorothy's day 9 with her comment:-
Thank you for a fun quest, this should be finished just before a friend of ours is due the have their son. It will be a nice gift, it was fate that I used blue. Yes you were correct that those of us that are needle tatting can convert things. So far I have learned two additional techniques, ready for more! I haven't cut and tied yet will do that after I see what's next.
Thank you for the fun.
You do need to cut and tie, Dorothy as we're starting off in a very new place next time!! 

Monica is next with her day 9 and comment:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my day 9. Cutting the thread made it real that this is almost over. I cut the shuttles off with a sad face, but am excited to see what the final result is.
Happy tatting
Monica Braxton" 
Well, Monica there are two more days to do so don't be too sad!

Corina has sent in her comment which is:-
"a new picture on my blog and I'm guessing that it could be a cradle or a stroller." 

Melanie is next into the inbox with her day 9.
"Hi Jane-
I've put my version of day 9 of this year's TIAS on my blog.
I am leaning more and more to a guess of a stroller/pram. I look forward to seeing where we put the other color (which I haven't chosen yet.....eegads!)
Thanks for the game,

Nima has sent in her day 9 now. Here's her comment and picture:-
My guess from thatched roof house to flower pot in now moving towards something else. Can't wait for next bit. 

Next in is Caroline who has several ideas of 'what's going to happen next' with the TIAS!!! Here's her comment:-
"Well, here is day 9. It really looks like a baby buggy (pram) but I have one question. Are you going to put wheels, snow skies or water skies on it? From the sounds of the weather everywhere I think we are all hoping wheels.
Caroline Hill" 

Marla's just arrived with her day 9. This is her picture and comment:-
"Good Day to you Jane...... Here is my day 9 with tails all tucked in and ready for day 10..... I guess I need to come up with another color for the next round... hmmmm....I didn't really plan very well, I shall have to ponder that little dilemma a bit.

Sarah's back with another rhyme!! AND she's stolen a baby from my doodle page too!!! Here's her picture too:-
"I tatted up that day nine chain
and I salute you clever Jane.
I now believe it is a pram.
Your doodle is my baby Sam.
Now I’ll take him out to get some air 
while the weather here is fair.
We’ll pop back in on day ten. 
Wish you well until then.

Now a lovely little note along with her picture - from Betty:-
"Dear Jane and Dear Riet,
It is very nice to follow the TIAS. 
I send you a photo of my progress until now (after day eight). 
Thank you for the very clear description 
I see that day 9 is already available. 
Greetings from
Betty Vos- den Blanken

Now I have Nikki with two pictures of her days 8 and 9 to show us. She says:-
"here are my days 8 & 9 ... Looking like a basket now, I'm guessing wheels coming next!

Roelien has now sent in her day 8 and has promised her day 9 soon. No hurry, Roelien, no hurry.
"Hello Jane,
Here is my day 8. Tomorrow day 9.
Many greetings,

Next in is Jo who has this to say:-
"hi Jane
Here's my day 9. Now I'm sure its an old fashioned pram because you've given us the vsp for the handle :)
I had a mishap near the end - I was trying to hide the ends with Frivole's method for ending on a chain but the core thread snapped so I had to untat back a bit and join in a new core thread.
Oh dear - how frustrating, Jo.

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