Friday, 15 February 2013

Friday's prams

First in this morning is Liz's day 9 with her comment as follows:-
"Here is day 9I am looking for a solid color for day 10 and 11
Las Vegas NV USA"

Next and last in this morning is Lyn who has sent in days 10 and 11. She says:-
74. "Hi Jane,Here are my last 2 days, it's very cute! Thank you so much for all The time and effort that you put into TAIS. Thanks to all the others for their wonderful photos and comments, very enjoyable. Just showed my husband expecting praise and what did he say "a wheelbarrow for a kid" lol! Men!!
Lyn from Oz"
"Forgot to tell you, the thread I used for the pram was Coats size 20, colour 893 for the body and 459 for the wheels and pram handles."

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