Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday and more coming in!

Day 9 tomorrow!!

I'm a little late this morning getting started - that's the problem when you get your nose stuck in a book. Thankfully the nose will survive!

First in overnight is from Stephanie who's sent in her day 8 with this comment:-
"Hi Jane!
I'm sending my day 8 UFO/pram/sled. If it's a sled, maybe we could train the goats from last year to pull it. ;-) My guess is looking more and more like something baby-related - pram, bassinet, or baby 'carrier' basket. Then again, maybe it IS a UFO. ;-)
Have a fantastic weekend!
Big hug!
Next in is Denise's day 8 with a comment too:-
"Here is my day 8. Basket or Baby stroller? hmmm....
Denise Royal" 

Now I have Monica's in the inbox next. Her husband is obviously a very lovely man as he has listened to tatting talk and knows what to say!! Monica says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my Day 8 picture. With this completed, you now have me really confused. I was going to venture a guess but not any more. Some of my friends think it's a baby buggy. My husband looked at my finished work and when I asked him what it looked like he said "Some thread made into rings and chains with very few picots". Well at least he has the lingo correct. I can't wait to see what Day 9 brings.
Happy Tatting
Monica Braxton." 

Next in is Judy who says simply:-

"Baby carriage"

You could be right, Judy or you could be wrong!!!! 

Heather is next with her day 8 too. She says:-

"Hi Jane, Here is my day 8. It is looking more like a basket with each new step, maybe an Easter or may day basket :) Thanks Heather." 

I'm off to get breakfast after I've added Val's days 7 and 8:-

"Dear Jane, I'm finally caught up on both days 7 and 8. The past week was totally crazy. Now as the TIAS gets added on, I am having even more ideas about what it might turn out to be! FUN! Hope you are having a brilliant weekend. Val" 
I've just 'stolen' the second picture from Val's blog because it made me laugh.  Nobody's thought of it becoming a 'posh hat' although somebody came up with a baby bonnet.

Post breakfast!! I now have Margaret's day 8 in and she says:-

"I got a day behind, but am all caught up and ready for Day 8! I'm getting on the "pram or flower basket" bandwagon, and wish now I had picked a more flowery colored thread!



Well if it is a flower basket then it's the right colour, Mags!!!

Next to arrive is this prettily framed version of the TIAS. I've been meaning to comment on Jeanne's pretty frames which are colour coordinated with her tatting. Here's her comment:-

"Hi Jane,

It snowed more today and is still below 0 F. 
No clue as to what this is. "

Now I have Jennine's day 8 with her original tatting and her 'amended' picture. 
Does that baby look cross or rather surprised? I can't make up my mind!!!

Hi Jane, 

I've been enjoying this years TIAS very much! I've been blogging about my progress here.

Yesterday I would have almost sworn that this mystery tat was a basket of flowers,But after tatting day 8 I had 

A different thought. So here is my day 8

And my guess
A sweet baby pram.

I'm looking forward to Monday!

Take care, 


Now I have Rebecca's day 8 along with her picture and comment:-

"Hi Jane,

Attached is my day 8 installment. I have no new guesses of my own but I am agreeing with those that say this is looking like a baby carriage.


Michigan, USA" 

Now I have an Australian with a cartoon added too - off topic but who cares!!!!

" No other new guesses today, Jane because I'm sticking with my first guess -

something holding flowers made from the solid thread to come... Sent a cartoon from our local paper that you might find amusing... I did embellish it a bit...

Thank you again for the fun I'm experiencing. :)


Sheila is next with such a pretty coloured 'whatever it is'. Here's her comment:-
"Hi Jane: Here is the third one I'm doing and it's in Lizbeth Easter Egg thread. Number four has just been started! Wonderful fun, my friends are so interested.Thanks,

Now I have Margaretha's day 8 and her comment too:-
"Hi Jane!  Well here is day 8 think it could be a pram but then again it
could be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Cheers Margaretha"
You're right, lass, you're right.  It could be either!

Finally for this session it's Geraldine's day 8. She has this to say:-
"Ok Jane I was wrong with PRAM. On further thought how about CRADLE. If so this is just what I need for a card in March as going to be great- aunt again. To-day I'm going to tat it in plain pink and blue as we do not know what sex it is yet." 

Back from a walk over to Shottery and I've found Surya in my inbox next. She says:-
"I think this is the first year that I've been able to somewhat keep up with the TIAS. Thank you for the fun! I'm enjoying the split rings (split rings make me feel clever). The shapes on top look like wedges. Maybe an orange? Or a fan?" 

Next in is Corina who has sent in her pictures and a link to her blog.

Fox has arrived now with her day 8 and a super picture along with her comment. She says:-

"Those tatters who identified the baby carriage? They were clever. Only they did NOT recognize Baby Huey who has made his surprise debut on Day 8." 

Not only a talented tatter but a cartoonist too!!!

Next in is Umintsuru who is having a busy time at the moment - she can tell you:-
"Dear Jane,
It is exactly one week to the Chinese New Year and here in Singapore we are busy preparing for it. Spring cleaning, baking, cooking, buying food supplies as most shops will be closed during the first two days. But I still got time to do the TIAS. So here's Day 8.

From Singapore to Holland and Gea now. She says:-
"Hello jane, hereby from the netherlands my day8. The practice for the split rings is great. But the thinking of what is it going to be keeps us going.. For the next few days I have very little time due to lots of jobs but i do hope to catch up as soon as possible. Greetings from a cold and windy holland. Greetings from Gea" 

Next to drop in is Katie who is calling me names. The right names, though.  Oh, she's calling herself names too!!!
"Hey, Jane, I think I've got it!!Imagine the work of the last several days mirror-imaged across Rings 5 to 9. You see, it's a matter of perspective: we're looking down the back of a woodland bird (ptarmigan?) that has spread out his feathers to impress his girl.
Hehe, you clever daft old moo, you!!
from a less clever dafter old moo than you, hehe
Katie V in NC"

Here's Helene next who has this to say:-
"Hi Jane,Here is my day 8, I am still rooting for the pram, but I am a bit worried, what if Marie in SC is right and it is a Tribble? 
See you tomorrow
Hélène, Québec"
It's a frightening thought, Helene.  The world will be full of tribbles if she's right!!!

Now I have Sarah who has sent in this rhyme and two pictures. Do I recognise that baby from one of my doodles?
"Eight days finished and three to go
I confess I still don’t know

What will it be?” is the refrain
As the mystery does remain,
But if perchance it is a pram,
I tatted up baby Sam.
Now we’ll stroll over to the park
and feed the ducks before it gets dark.

Next in is Starlene who says this and sends this picture too:-
"Here is my day 5 and I am thinking it is a lady's bonnet." 
Next Starlene thinks that day 6 is:-
"I am thinking a baby buggy." 
And now:-
"My daughter says it is a basket."

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