Saturday, 9 February 2013

Saturday and more to come!

As you know - tomorrow I will publish the last day of this year's TIAS. 
As a reward or payment to me I would like to ask each and every one of you to donate £3,500,000 to the Jane Eborall retirement fund. 
No, seriously the only 'payment' I'd like is that when you send in the last day you mention the country that you are living in. This is as much for myself as for everybody who has been taking part. Somebody has also asked if you'd send in the threads you've used too - this is so we can all stock up with the ones we've been drooling over!!

Like last year I'll number each finished pram as it comes in so that we'll all be able to see the total at the very end - whenever the last one comes strolling (pun intended) in.

First message in today is from Svet who says:-

"Hi Jane!

Other than a slight lapse around Day 7, I have been keeping up, but not sending in photos. I love seeing how everyone else is progressing but it never crossed my mind that they would care to see mine. But alas, they will enjoy it now! Thanks for the guilt trip. 



The second and last one this morning is from Sonja who has this to say:-

"Hello Jane 
Here is my day 10. Almost over, this TIAS snik, snik. It will be a beauty.
Thank you for all the work you had to do for this
Greetings from Holland 
Sonja from Holland"

By the time I'd eaten breakfast Sue had sent her day 3 in. Here's her comment and picture:-
"Hi Jane

here's my day 3 and its 'deliberate' error... worked out overnight what to do as a join.... I think!! LOL It will teach me to read the pattern rather than just 'assuming' I know what to do!! I'm enjoying this!!
If you want to include my blog on my tatting, it's ok with me.... I've just included the photo of what I've done on there!!

Sue in UK" 

This picture and comment is from Fiona who says:-

"Hi Jane,Good idea for the wheels! This is looking very cute. I think making this in a pale colour variegated thread would make a great card for a new addition. 

Looking forward to finishing this off. 

Fiona T, One Mad Tatter, Australia"

Just back from an afternoon out and Sue is the next in my inbox with her day 4. This is what she says:-
"Did it!! Managed to hide the join! (Well, you can see it cos the ds's are bigger, but will anyone ever notice....LOL) Oh I'se proud of meself now!!! VBG Claps self on back! Now it's going on me blog!

Next in is Emilia who has this to say:-
"Hi Jane, hereby day 10. My entry for day 11 has to wait to Tuesday because I am out tomorrow and I have to work on Monday. I still enjoy the tias and I love all the entrees from the other tatters.
Thank you for all the work you put in this for us.
Kind regards,
Emilia Netherlands"
Don't worry one bit about how long it takes - yours will be welcome at ANY time, Emilia. 

Back AGAIN is Sue who I think should now be classified as a 'tataddict'!!! Here are her days 5 and 6 and her comment!!! 
"And I've managed Days 5 AND 6!!! My first ever split ring!!!! Now I only knew how to do it because of your destructions on your website!!!! Thank you Miss!! Confirmed I knew what I was doing with the ones on day 6! Only 7 8 & 9 to go and I'm up to date! Just hope I can get the lappy on the internet in Swaledale so's I can finish it!! LOL If you end up with a message from my gmail account don't be surprised.... it'll be via somebodys phone!
One on here and another in a couple of minutes....
Chat soon

Now I have Sandy who has a complaint and one which I'm very sad about too.
"Dear Jane... I'm rolling my penultimate pram picture into your inbox. It is an adorable motif. However, I will register a minor complaint...I am quite sad to think that tomorrow is our last instalment - I don't want it to end!!  Sandy S"
Nor do I, Sandy, but there'll be another TIAS.  Promise.

Denise has just popped in with her days 9 and 10 along with this comment:-
"Here are my days 9 and 10. I think my baby stroller one was right on...
Denise Royal"

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