Thursday, 7 February 2013

Day 10 now available

Today I am posting the link for Day 10 of the TIAS. 
This is where you can use a new (I suggest plain) colour. It may take you a little longer this time but I thought that by now you'd be bored with the game so there will be this one and just a small portion on Sunday (Day 11).

First in today is from Margaretha with a pretty coloured thread. She says this:-

"Hi Jane, Well here is my day 9. Cheers Margaretha"

Next is Liz who has sent her picture of day 8 and her comment too. 

"Sorry for the bad picture

My co worker says that he is sure that I am doing it WRONG!!


Las Vegas NV USA"

Well, Liz, tell him to show you the right way - that'll take the wind out of his sails!!!!

Last of the 'overnighters' in my inbox is Rosemaryann who has this to say:-

" Wow ! 2 days of instructions left and I'm confused. I now think I'm making

prams for twins..... no flowers.... who knows??? only you know Jane... 
looking forward to Day 10 
Rosemary "

The first day 10 in is from Claudia with this wonderful picture. Her comment is as follows:-
"Good morning Jane
As you can see, we got some snow overnight, and a change in my schedule, I will be at home today.... So early morning tatting....
I send you both pics, one with more snow, the other one a close up. 
Well, a buggy is not the best idea with this snow, so it must be a baby bobsleigh.......😄
Have a wonderful day
This came in just after I'd grabbed breakfast so - probably half an hour after I posted the link.  That's FAST work!

The second day 10 to come in is from Omar who says:-

"Here is my day 10 Jane. I'm pretty much converted to the perambulator camp and I'm a bit glad that I don't have that 'tribble' problem that seems to be popping up at Marie's house. It took me quite a time to get this bit done. Lovely though.Omar" 

I'm now delighted to welcome Sue as a new starter to the TIAS. She's not got very far but who cares - it's LOVELY to see you, Sue. 

"Attached is a pic of what I've got so far.... I had got further, but then realised I'd attached a ring to the wrong picot!!! So it took me an hour to get to here...." 

Next in is Brenda with her comment and picture number one!!

"Hi Jane,
Here it is my day 10. This is the original I left at my brothers. I will have to leave it's ' Pal' until later as I have to go out. I will have to sew in my ends later too!
Maureen finished her day 10 and sent it in along with the following comment:-
"I've been wondering how you'd do the wheels! It could almost be a rocking cradle, couldn't it? And lo and behold, the picot I thought I had missed was right there waiting for me, all the time - so a lot of grief spared. 
Just one more day - I'm going to miss the routine." 

Next in is Nima with her day 10 and her comment too:-
"Jane,Getting ready to accept it as a baby stroller. Hear is my day 10 finish.

Now I have Sonja with her day 10 and she's worked out already what the last day will be!!!
"Dear Jane,here's my Day 10. I think the exciting work will finish soon. I'm only missing the hold to push the carriage ..... ;)))
Hugs Sonja"

Margaret has sent in her day 10 next and she says this:-
"Hello Jane,
Here is my day 10. I just happened to notice your heading for this part, Anne Hatherway's c...... So I wasn't so far out when I was talking about A.H. and prams! Here is my picture which could be better but I am in a hurry so used the camera instead of the scanner, sorry. The end is in sight but all good things must come to an end sometime.
Ah, I must've been going over to Annie Haths the day I did that - my friend lives next door to the cottage!!!

Next in is Sarah with another rhyme!!! Love the picture too, Sarah.
"HI Jane

Here is Sam
in his lovely pram.
I thought he needed a blancket though,
to keep him warm when chill winds blow.
So I tatted a baby rug
to keep him toasty warm, and snug.
I also made a little toy.
Oh, he is a happy boy!


Next in is Monica who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my Day 10 baby buggy. I love the way it is turning out. I think I'm going to keep this pattern on hand for when friends and family members are having babies so I can put it on their congratulations cards.
Have a tattingly great day.
Monica Braxton"
I will put all the parts of the TIAS into one file over the next week or so, Monica. That will make it easier for everybody, I hope. 

Next in is Caroline who says:-
"This has been a lot of fun. Looking forward to finishing it but also wishing it would keep going. 
Thanks for your work Jane.
Caroline Hill" 

Jo is next along with her Silent Tatter shuttles. She says:-
"Hi Jane
Here is my go at Day 10 of the TIAS. Yet another new thing for me - wheels. I haven't sewn in the ends yet as I have a bit of a headache today so not up to something that fiddly. Today's photo features both of my silent tatter shuttles - can't remember what the black wood is but the other one is English Yew.
My camera battery has run out so I had to borrow his tablet to take the picture. Took me half an hour to find the camera app! Battery is on charge at the moment so I can get a better photo of the final day.
The black shuttle is probably ebony, Jo.

Stephanie's back now with her day 10 and her comment is as follows:-
"Hi Jane!
Here's my Day 10. Unless you have a huge surprise 'twist' on the ending of this TIAS, I'm convinced my UFO has turned into a pram. ;-) What fun this has been. I'm not good at guessing things, but I do love the tatting, the color, the poems, the pictures....the whole TIAS thing. Thanks ever so much. I'm waiting eagerly (and sort of sadly) for Day 11.
Have a fantastic week!"
Now I have Cheryl's day 10. Poor thing had to do the chassis twice as - well, I'll let her tell you what happened:-
"I had this done early this morning. But I’d made a mistake. I used #30 instead of #20 on the legs and wheels. OOOppps. So, after my walk, I cut it off and tried again. It’s turning out very cute and would be lovely on a baby gift card. Thanks Jane, for sharing your wonderful talent." 

Mary Jo has just sent in her day 9 with this comment:-
"I can't believe we are down to the last 2 clues!! This is always fun!
Mary Jo in Mission Viejo" 

Finally and just before I toddle off to bed Karen has popped in with her day 10. She says:-
"Hi all, Her is my Day 10 effort and looking more and more pram like now
-- Karen Sayers"

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