Thursday, 14 February 2013

Thursday's finished prams!

Good morning and a few more prams have arrived.

First in is from Stacy who says this:-

69. "Hi Jane,

Thank you so much for hosting the TIAS. I think I did pretty well for a new tatter and this will look great on a card for my new niece when she arrives in March.

I used Graceful Arts Handpainted size 40 in Rhapsody for the buggy and Lisbeth size 20 in colour number 615 for the wheels and handle.

Stacy (from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)"

Next in is Svet from TN in the USA and who has had a problem with getting her picture to me!!! No worries, Svet, I think a lot of people must be slow sending theirs in too!!!! 

70. "Hi Jane,I was quick to tat, slow to email a picture. I finished this the morning the last day came out. Thank you for the fun these past few weeks. I look forward to doing it again!



I'm not sure where Svet comes from so I'll ask her and add it in later.

Next in is another tatter from Malaysia who has this to say:-
71. "Hello Jane,My completed pram - thread used are Lizbeth 20 Denim Whisper and vintage Coats 20 8749 - navy blue. I actually managed to tat the last 2 instalments in the midst of a frantic Chinese New Year schedule! Thanks again for the yearly wonderful fun and am now anticipating Tias 2014! 
Jacee - Malaysia"
Well, Jacee, I hope there is another TIAS in 2014 - the prams are very slow coming in and I'm wondering if people just didn't like what they were making when they realised what it was. 

The next in my inbox this morning is Coretta who has sent in days 10 and her finished pram.
72. "Thank you so much for the fun this year! Sorry for the poor picture quality, my only tat time is after the kids go to bed and sometimes I am just to tired to do the whole camera/ computer thing. So an iPod picture is where I am at tonight since I completed it last night and didn't get to take a decent picture today. 

Anyways, days ten and eleven. I'm so glad I chose this color of thread. I have two nieces due this year. Wonderful! Oh yes, I forgot to add thread too - 20 GreenGal's HDT varied pinks and size 20 DMC cordonnet color 3326 Florida, USA"

Finally this morning I have Linda who says:-
73. "Hello, 
Thank you for sharing and posting your tias. This is my first year I have tried to do this.
I enjoy your blog and love to tat for myself. 
Linda is from the USA.

Now this one doesn't count as it's the pram that Helene has already sent in but I had to show you what she'd done with it. Couldn't resist sharing.

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picotsnkeys said...

It's great to see all the pictures of prams! I'm thinking folks are too busy making them for gifts to send in their completed one. Either that or, like me, they're too much of a perfectionist to be happy with the way it turned out and are tatting a second one to send.