Sunday, 10 February 2013

Final Day

The final day and the final link which is here. 
Please don't forget to send in where you live and the threads used if you know them. The first picture is MINE. One of the many 'trials' I made while designing this pattern. NO, it had nothing to do with the Royal baby which is due sometime this year as this was ready back last November when that was only a twinkle in it's parent's eyes!!!

Overnight I've had a few more day 10's in so they're the first today!!! Sunela is top of the arrivals this morning having arrived shortly after I'd gone to bed!!!

Now I have the late starter, Sue who has now caught up with us. I wonder if she sleeps?

"Caught up with everyone else!!! I was determined to do it today and I did!!!! YEAY!!!

Here's the pics to prove it!"

Next to arrive is Pimboli with thanks to Gunhild who helped him!!! Here's her comment:-

"Hallo, day 9 brought Pimboli new inline skates ... he is out having fun... they are rolling quite fast ^^...greetings to all of you out there from Gunhild and Pimboli from Germany."

Next in is Marie with all her tribbles!!!! This is her comment:-

"Hi Jane,
It took quite a while to round up all of the little tribbles today. They have been hiding and now I know why. The tribbles have become shape-shifters, because they found it necessary to disguise themselves. Apparently they chose to become baby prams. They love to hear the cooing sounds that human babies make and are great babysitters.
Here is the reason they needed to change their shape. If found they become


I think they make cute prams, don't you? One more day and they will be complete never have to worry again.
Marie in South Carolina, USA"

Now I have Sheila's day 10 and comment:-

"Hi Jane: Here is a picture of my 4th attempt. Still working on the split chains and the catherine wheel joins as I've been having a little problem with those. No. 5 is under way!I think the wheels are brilliantly planned, good for you. The cotton on this one is Lizbeth Rainbow Taffy with the matching orange.

Finally in my inbox is Margaretha with her day 10 too. She says:-
"Hi Jane! Well here is day 9 and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Iwas first in line last time."

Now I can categorically (that's a BIG word for me) state that no cheating was involved with this at all. Sally emailed me about ten minutes before the final day was due to go out to say she was sitting waiting for it but I didn't send her the link!!! I don't 'do' cheating as I would bound to be caught out!!! 

1.  Anyway, here's Sally's picture and comment:-
"Not a good scan, but too dark to take a decent photo!  The thread is Lizbeth Mocha Swirl, to go with the chocolate!"
I see that the chocolate bear has now been eaten!!!!  Oh, Sally is from here in the UK and has a blog here too for those who don't know - AND she's my little sister!!!!

Next in with her final part is Claudia who says:-

2. "Good morning Jane

Here is my final picture. Thank you very much for your effort during this weeks. It was a very pleasant way to tat! 

I used Lizbeth thread, no 139 and 631

Greetings from Zurich, Switzerland

Next in is from Sonja with her comment as follows:-
3.  "Hello Jane here is my day 11 all from The Netherlands with snow again. No day for going out with the children in the pram.
Thank you very much for all the fun we had.
Greetings and happy tatting
Sonja from Holland"
Sonja came back a little later to give details of the threads she used - here they are:-
"Hello Jane
I forgot to tell about the thread
The upper one is Lisbeth 20 nr. 108 Sherbet Delight
The one under is Lisbeth 20 nr. 155 Ocean sunset
The pink and light green for the wheels are a different mark, I cant remember the name."

The next person to drop in is Jane who says:-
4. "Hi Jane, well here it is, a pram from South Africa, made in Tat-ilicious key lime raspberry parfait. With accents in Cebelia which I dyed myself. I have just the recipient for it, a little girl called Gina, born recently in Australia. I’m going to sew it onto a dress for her, so I’ll hide the last threads underneath the material. Thanks very much, it’s been great fun!! Happy tats, Jane" 

Just popped in next is Maureen who has this to say:-
5. "The handle - the finishing touch, and I think it brings the whole design together beautifully. I was expecting a U-shaped handle, but this curved and very strong one is so much better.I used Lizbeth 20, Jellybean and I THINK Springtime green? - the thread was already on a couple of shuttles and I can't find the label. It's a colour I seem to be using regularly, I must buy another ball!
I'm from Brisbane, in Australia." 

Back to this part of the world - the UK for Karen's day 11. She says:-
6.  "Here is my pram all finished and ready to take the baby out for a stroll but it is a sad day when we do the final part of the TIAS but I have really enjoyed it and a huge thanks go to Jane for all her hard work.  Threads used are Lizbeth Wildflower Garden-154 &  Lemon Lt.-614"

Now I have Nima from Oman who isn't very well but has still managed to finish her TIAS. She says:-

7.  "Jane,Sorry to see the fun game is over for this year. I'm sick and on bed. But I had to finish it today and blog about it. So I did a quick blog post here. Please feel free to take the picture from there. Thanks million for such a fun project. Looking forward for next TIAS.



Hope you feel better soon, Nima.

Next I have Brenda who says:-

8. "Hi Jane,

Here is my final day. 

I used size 20 Lizbeth. Colour numbers 620, 178, 174 and 645. 

I am from Leeds West Yorkshire England

Thank you so much for doing the TIAS again. It has been fun to do as usual. I didn't have the dreaded beads to contend with this time so it was great for me.

Three cheers to you dear Jane. Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Have a good day Jane.

Thank you.


Now I'm very surprised to see Val from Singapore in next as she should be celebrating the Chinese New Year rather than tatting. So, a special thanks, Val. Her comment is here:-

9.  "Dear Jane, herewith my version of the TIAS 2013. Thanks for another year of tatting fun!The threads I used are a Flora #20 variegated brown, red and orange, plus a Coron #20 Ecru.

It's the first day of the Lunar New Year so it's an auspicious day. Cheers to more good tatting fun for tatters all over the globe.

Gong hei fatt choy (恭喜发财 in Cantonese, a Chinese dialect; literally to mean 'Congratulations on gaining wealth' to wish someone during this festive period)! Val" 

Next in is from Pamela (TotusMel) who has this to say:-
10. "Hi Jane, Here's my final piece from California. I used Tat-ilicious in Bahamas and Lizbeth in ocean teal, though I can never get that color to photograph right. Thanks for the fun!

Now Jo has popped into my inbox with her finished pram. She says:-
11. "hi Jane
Here is my day 11. I had some problems with the knot rejoining the threads causing a big gap between rings 1 and 2 so I made the final chain longer to compensate so that the handle would still end up at a nice angle. Don't feel up to sewing in those two sets loose ends yet - my final knots look a bit big to me so I'm going to try and work out how to make those look better before I sew the ends in. I hid the starting ends as I went.
The thread is Puppets Eldorado size no 16. The wheels and handle are shade 8926 and the body is shade 94. According to the label it is made in Hungary. It's softer than the couple of Lizbeth size 20 threads I've tried so far but mainly I fell in love with the variegated brown.
From Jo in the UK.

Next in is Sonja from Switzerland who says this. 
12. "Dear Jane, here's my Day 11 and the leatest. It's was very nice to work with dozen of tatting womans. Thank you very much for this project.
Sonja CH"

Now I have Roelien with her day 10 and her comment is as follows:-
"Hello Jane,
Here is my tenth day. The winter is coming back here in the northern part of the Netherlands.
Many greetings,

Next to arrive is Frances from here in the UK. She has this to say:-
13. "Dear Jane
Here are my Day 11s. The thread is mostly Puppets Eldorado made by Coats, size 6. The colours are Red (4321), Cream (8926), Peach multi (32). The gold trim is Anchor Freccia size 6 colour (320), similar to Pupplets Eldorado and lastly Lizbeth Purple Splendor (129) size 20 with Raspberry Pink Lt. size 10 trim.
I have loved the technical challenge of making the prams and especially the introduction to the use of split rings for structural elements rather than just getting up to the next round in a traditional doily to avoid cutting and tying ends. I also loved the wheels and handle which apart from a colour contrast also have a textural interest.
Congratulations on an ingenious design. I look forward to next year as this has been my first.
Kind regards

Next to arrive is Elizabeth who says this:-
14.  "Jane,
Really enjoyed your TIAS. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with everyone.
I used Lizbeth Lollipop and Leaf Green Lt.
Mobile Al USA"

Corina has just popped in with her day 11 and she has this to say:-
15.  "I finished mine, thank you for organizing this incredible fun project! I will be blogging about it later this week. Greetings from Holland, Corina"

Now it's 'rhyming Sara' back with the following wonderful poem:-
16. "Hi Jane, I'm reporting in from snowbound Connecticut, USA. It may be weeks before I can get out the lane leading from my house!! This is when living in the woods loses its charm! 
Thread I used is rainbow -licious from Jess! @Tat-ilicious & Lizbeth silver.
Now I'm off to move more snow here's one last rhyme before I go. : ) 

How you did it I do not know.
You made this pattern grow and grow.
Each new clue you did dispense
just added to the game’s suspense.
I tried to guess as it unfurled 
and watched it tattted around the world.
Seeing what other tatters have done 
is what makes this game such fun. 
I lift my glass of chilled Champagne
and drink a toast to you dear Jane!

Next in is Jacqui who is in Florida at the moment. She really has gone there to escape the dreadful weather over here. Can I come with you next year, Jacqui?
17. "Hi Jane - here is my finished pram, and includes an occupant - our new grandson Oliver. I am a bit short of alternative threads here in Florida, so I used a No 10 crochet cotton to finish off - a bit thicker but looks OK I think.Thanks for doing the TIAS again this year - I do enjoy it whilst on holiday.
ttfn Jacqui - a UK snowbird in Florida."

Next in is Grace with her day 10 and her finished day 11. She says:-
18. "Dear Jane,
Here they are: Days 10 & 11, with ends all hidden after I finished! Thanks again for the fun, and all the learning on the way. This is coming to you from Singapore. The tropical downpour has stopped, and it is a cool and quiet night. Now I'm off to bed! :-)
Grace popped back later to tell us the threads she's used Lizbeth Autumn Spice and Lizbeth Christmas Green, both Size 20. 

Next in is another tatter from my 'neck of the woods'. Geraldine. She says:-
19.  "HI Jane,
Congratulations, what a wonderful T.I.A.S. Well come on 2014 can't wait to see another T.I.A.S. I have so enjoyed this year's. How many have joined this year? I love to see what everyone else come's up with as to what it is and the colours chosen.
This year I used Lizbeth Turquoise Twist and Wedgewood Dark size 20. I live 70 miles approx away from Jane in England.
Well, 134 people sent in day 1 but really it's impossible to say how many will finish.  I hope they all will but ............

Sheila's just sent her last TIAS in and she says:-
20. "Got the first one done, Jane. It's been a wonderful experience and I've learned a lot.Thank you very much.
This one is the Rainbow Taffy. More to come!

I have just had this wonderful message from Chantal and am about to tell her to take her time and send in the completed pram whenever she likes. Her message and picture are here:-
"Dear Jane,
How much time do you give us to finish the pram? I am doing day 6 at the moment. I want to finish it , because I learned split ring tatting on day 1, and Lch just now; I never managed the Catherine wheel. I need one more day, maybe two. I am very excited that I learned so much in such a fun way.
In the meantime I send you my own pram, which had larger wheels than yours. My dad had nice legs, don't you think (still has, although he just turned 80, but what was wrong with his sox?). It's me on the photo, exactly 3 months old.
I am Belgian, but as you can see, I am also Congolese.
Thanks again for this lovely game!

Next in is Rose Anne who has sent in her final picture and comment:-
21. "OK I could not wait to print off this page (no ink at home yet) but sat in front of the computer and tatted away! I just love the curved handle and it sure looks like those old fashioned prams! Thank you so much Jane for another fun TIAS - but I'm sad to see it end!!! Has any other designed taken you up on offering a TIAS or Mystery or whatever they'd like to call it??? Sure would be nice to have more than one a year to keep us curios tatters going! :)))
Rose Anne, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA" 
Well, Rose Anne, I have been 'tipped the wink' that there may be another TIAS sometime soon.  We'll see.  I reckon I'll do another next January, too.

Sandy has now arrived with her finished pram. She has this to say:-
22. "Oh Jane... What an adorable pram! Thank you, thank you for designing this for us - and for making a place for all us happy tatters to share our progress and guesses! Way.Too.Much.Fun.
My wee pram was tatted with Lizbeth Rainbow Taffy 153 and Sea Green Dark 688. 
Sandy S from Southern California, USA"

Next in is Phyllis who sends in her comment and picture:-
23. "Well attached is my Day 11. As you can see by the wheels, it is going downhill. This year was really enjoyable. I learned a couple more techniques that were on the bucket list (split chain and catherine wheel joins). I am sad though because it is over and need to wait another year for the next one. I must say Jane you did a very good job this year with the mystery as it took longer for the correct guesses to come in. Thank you for the TIAS and the work that is involved with it. Look forward to next year! 
Phyllis Schmidt
Georgia USA"

Now I have Marla's final day too. She says this:-
24. "Hi Jane..... Here is my finished baby carriage. It has been a really fun outing but I'm so sad to see it end :( 
& I love seeing all the different tattings and threads from everyone.
I will be awaiting future TIAS's with much excitement & anticipation!
For my little carriage I used Lizbeth Autumn Spice size 40 and Lizbeth Mocha Brown Dark size 20
Boise, Idaho USA

Next in is from Sue who is here in England too. She has this to say:-
25. "Done it!!! YEAY!!!! Happy and sad all at the same time... happy cos I managed it and sad cos it's finished now.... Can't wait till the next one!!!! VBG Sending this from Swaledale, where we're in the converted chapel.... watching the snow fall!! Now to put it on my blog.... LOL
Chat soon and THANK YOU!!!

Caroline is next with her final day of the TIAS. Here's her comment:-
26. "Caroline Hill Omaha, Nebraska USA Size 20 thread Lizbeth Rainbow Taffy and Mocha Brown Med. Member of Shuttlebugs of Omaha Nebraska
Jane, I really enjoyed doing this again this year. We really do appreciate your doing this for us and look forward to next year. Hope you get a whole bunch and surpass last year. Do take a few days off and enjoy what ever you want. I'm off to tat a motif to put on a baby card and prepare for club tomorrow night.
Thanks again!!!!!!!

Cheryl has now arrived with her comment and picture. She says:-
27. "I woke up at 6 am. I don’t know if it was because I knew today was the last of the TIAS or the new meds. I finished it and at 7am, I went back to sleep.
A very fun project, Jane." 

Wendy has just arrived with her day 10 and a quick comment along with her picture.
"A bit behind, but here it is. 

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I am sorry Jane i will get mine finished i have been very busy with mom in the hospital she had a new hip on Tuesday and she is now in rehab and doing ok