Saturday, 2 February 2013

Day 8 now available!!

Yes, Day 8 is now available here. Must warn you that Day 9 will be out on Monday. 
I'm shifting it a day earlier so that I can get a 'quiet day' next Saturday - I'll let you know more about that on my regular blog over here.

First in this morning is from Lyn with her days 6 and 7. She's having problems with getting connections as you'll see:-

"Hi Jane, Here are my days 6 & 7. We are out bush and the Internet is a bit hit and miss. Looking forward to the finished piece. Thanks Lyn"

Next this morning is from Jeanne who says:-

"Hi Jane, I have finally found a few minutes to tat Day 7, and will take Day 8 with me today as farmguy and I head for the nearest big city an hour away. I should be back on track then. 

thanks for the fun.


Jeanne Lugert


Now I have Martha who is getting carried away by the football - that's the American football which is on tomorrow:-

"I was starting to imagine a football helmet with the face guard to be be made with the other color thread. Must be all the Superbowl commercials.


The first in with day 8 is Mary who must be a tatting addict!!! She says:-

"Good morning JaneHere is day 8, took my tatting to bed last night, guess I will have to get up now the TIAS done, it's another busy day.


Next with her day 8 is Claudia who says:-

"Good morning

Here is my day 8. we must come to an end of the first part, I am running out of thread on the shuttle.... 

Have a nice weekend


Grace thinks she has the answer - here's her comment:-

"Dear Jane,

At last I know what it is! It's a baby buggy, isn't it? Those mysterious tripetal things are the folds in the buggy top!

Just back from two appointments and I've found Jane in my inbox next! She says:-
"Well, the idea of a hood for a baby carriage is still feasible. This is my day 8, after I’d undone the last SR and joined it correctly. Goodness, what was I thinking? Happy tats, Jane" 

Next in is Omar who says:-
"Hi Jane.Here is my day 8. It's a bit blurry sorry. I don't know what happened. Anyway I'm still in the dark. Probably leaning toward the pram. Nothing else is coming to mind.
We now have rain. Lots and lots of rain. I took the dog for a quick stroll this morning but haven't put my nose out the door since then. Everything is very soggy. I hope our baby bananas survive.

From 'just up the road' in Leeds is Brenda. She says:-
"Hello Jane,
We have a nice sunny day in Leeds. I hope you have too!
Here is my day 8.
No idea what it is, which I am glad of because not knowing is half the fun.

Next is Maureen who has this to say today:-
"No doubting what it is today - except that I do doubt it, because I can't see how it is going to be finished in just 3 more days!!"
It will be finished, Maureen, promise!!!! 

Now I have Jo's day 8 along with her comment:-

"Hi Jane

Think I'm getting the hang of those split rings - the second side tension is definitely improving.

It's gone back to looking like an old fashioned pram again but now its facing the other way - what I thought was going to be the handle is now the back of the hood! I have both my pram guesses on my blog. And now I need to go and clean the house up for our tenancy inspection this week.


Finally and just before lunch I have Nima's day 8. She has this to say:-


Fun overloaded. Mystery inside the mystery . Will keep an eye on your regular blog. Here is my day 8.


Next in is from Sonja who says this:-

"Hi Jane,Here is my day 8. No, I'm definitely sure my tatting work is a baby carriage. It isn't? 

I wish you a beautiful weekend.

Your Sonja CH" 

Winnie has arrived next with her comment:-

"Hi Jane,
My day 7 and 8. It is starting to look like a baby carriage.
Do you see my mistake? I want to see the next aprts, maybe I can get away with it. Otherwise I will have to cut it out."

Next in is Allison who has kept her comment short and sweet:-
"Day 8 for me! Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Arial (Pat) is now next in the inbox and she says:-
"Here is my photo of day 8. Loving every minute of this challenge. Thank you.
Pat G (Arial - The Tattered Faerie)"

Now Sharon has arrived with her days 7 and 8. Busy lass!!! She says:-
"Hi, Jane.
Days 7 and 8 attached. I find myself favoring the baby-buggy conjecture... It's turning out cute, whatever it's becoming!
North Carolina, USA" 

Next in is Sonja who says this:-
"Hello Jane, Good morning
It looks more and more on a baby-car. Lovely and fun.
Greetings from The netherlands
Sonja from Holland"

Sunela has just arrived with her balloon - here's what she says:-
"Oh... Jane, how sweet of you to design a "hot air balloon". I have been dreaming of getting into one for quite a while." 

Marie has popped in with a comment (no picture) and she's suggesting this:-
"Jane, could we possibly be tatting a helmet? (football or bicycle) Maybe it's some other kind of a hat?" 

Now I have Adrian's day 8 with his comment which is:-
"Hi Jane
And here's Day 8.
Oh, look. Those flower baskets appear to have turned into perambulators! :)

Caroline has come up with the most sensible suggestions so far. Maybe she's right and maybe she's wrong!!
"Reading about all of the snow around (We are were below 0 the last two days but not as bad as Minnesota) it dawned on maybe our tatting is a snow sled. The two picots on the bottom are for the runners. Will you provide the dog pattern for us so the sled will go or do we need to watch the Puppy Bowl tomorrow and get out own? The bottom two picots could be for water skis also for those with all of the rain.Caroline Hill Omaha Nebraska USA" 

Any volunteers out there who can pop round to Diane's house with a camera? I'd LOVE to see a film of her doing her split rings!!! When I get to America next time I'll have to get to Tollway Tatters to sort you out, Diane!!!
"Dear Jane,
Split rings haven't gotten the best of me yet. However, I believe I could win the competition on America's Funniest Home Videos if anyone ever managed to record my version of split ring tatting!
Thanks for the challenge!
Lace-lovin' Librarian"

Next in is from Maria who has this to say:-
"Good morning Jane :) I would like to report that I have finished my day 8 assignment.... I agree that it looks like a baby buggy, but I also agree that with only 3 days left it doesn't really seem doable.... unless it is just a baby bassinet basket. Other than that I have no other guesses...... well, maybe just one.... a cupcake? with a cherry on top?

Now I have Melanie's day 8 and her comment too:-
"Here is my version of the ???? pram ????? so far. Looking forward to seeing where things go in day 9.

Next to pop in is Karen who is from Sussex and she says:-
"Here is my Day 8 and if it isn't a pram then I have no clue as to what it can be." 

Sharren's just popped in with her days 5 and 6 as she's been very busy lately. Here's her comment:-
"Just have a few minutes – going to the office this morning to finish up a project due Monday. Here are days 7 and 8 – David says it’s either a pram or a bassinette!" 

Next in is Frivole with her days 7 and 8 and who says this:-
"Hi Jayne,
Here are my days 7 and 8. I forgot to take a scan after day 7. At this point, as you can see, I think it looks like a pram! But I've just run out of thread on one of my shuttles - I hope this means you are bringing in the new colour?.... or did I just miscalculate when I filled my shuttles?...

Marie (of the fast and easy split chains) is back now with her day 8. She was in my inbox first thing this morning when she should've been asleep!! Now she has all her tribbles done and here's her comment:-
"Here is my Day 8. They were all finished early this morning but a few escaped and were difficult to find. So from now on their long tails will be kept in baggies, and it presents a lot less tangling. Looking forward to Monday as I have never seen a Tribble in person. They really are cute so far!
Big ol' hug,
Marie in SC" 

Next in is Wanda who seems to have the whole family involved! 
"Here's my day 8. Everyone at my house thinks it's a baby carriage or bassinet. Okay, my husband thought it was a bassinet on day 6 or 7 but I've been a little more cautious. 
Wanda in Kansas, USA" 

Bernice is back now and sticking stubbornly to the same guess!!!
"TIAS day 8 and I am sticking with the Baby theme. Bernice" 

Frances seems to have multiplying TIAS's too!!! Here's her comment and her pictures:-
"Dear Jane
Here are my Day 8s. As it turned out the blue one was the only one I forgot to do the split ring on. 
Still no wiser as to where we are heading.
Kind regards

Frances is now followed by Frances from 'down under'. This lass says:-
"Good morning/evening Jane this is beginning to look like a baby pram, and I really hope it is as I have a mother-to-be to give it to and it will make a lovely present for them.  I may start a blue one now as well.
tatting down under
Frances S" 

Phyllis has now popped into my inbox with this comment and her picture.
"My guess now is a baby buggy or baby car seat with the umbrella canopy.
Could also be a picnic basket with half of lid up. Phyllis" 

Wendy seems to think along the same lines as so many others. She says:-
"Now, I am beginning to think 'pram'
Wendy x" 

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