Friday, 8 February 2013

More day 10's rolling in!

Lots of messages in overnight so here we go!!!  I'm wondering, though, if some people have dropped out but I'm sure they'll appear one day!!!!  I have over a hundred of the day 1 finished but only 12 of day ten.  I hope some haven't gone wandering off into cyberspace!!!

Anyway, enough of my rambling. The first person in my inbox this morning is Maria who says:-

"Hi there Sister Jane. I hope your day is going smoothly over across the pond.It's been a busy busy day here with the remodel going on and contractors coming and going .... problems popping up, lots of last minute decisions, and questions! Sooooo many questions! But I found a bit of time to get Day 10 tatted... I will have to weave in the ends later. The only thread I had that I really liked with these colors is a size 20! ( the basket is size 40!) So I just went with it and think it actually looks ok. The heavier thread gives the small base and wheels more weight and substance.... so I guess my Carriage is ready to Roll! Now I just need a handle to stop it before it rolls right of my desk! Oh MY!

Next in is Umintsuru who has this to say this dull, dreary morning:-

"Hi Jane,

Good morning. My Day 10 is completed. I hope you are having fun with the TIAS too. Will you be seeing LadyShuttleMaker / Sherry this weekend? I hope you all have a fun time together. It will be a weekend of feasting during the Lunar New Year for us.

Best regard


Now I have Jane's day ten along with her comment too:-

"Aha, it’s not an apple with a worm in it, as my daughter suggested. Nor a hen sitting on eggs, as Ann Willis thought. Happy tats, Jane"

Next to arrive is Frances with her FOUR day 10's. How do these folks manage more than one?

"Good morning Jane

I have been up in the night finishing Day 10. Purple Splendour #20 is using a #10 for the wheels as it seemed the best match.

Looking forward to Sunday!

Kind regards


Back from two bouts of shopping to find IsDihara next in my inbox She says:-
Rest assured, this tatter has not fallen off the TIAS. I have taken a short pause to tackle two, small matters before completing Days 10 and 11. February 10th is my son's 6th birthday (we are "Extermin--, er, I mean, Celebrate! -ing" with a LEGO-style Dalek theme:) and I have a tat-along pattern to teach that day also. Watch for my Day 10 to come in a day or so. In the meantime, you could say I was "Procrastinate -ing Dalek-style."
GOSH, is the sprout SIX already?  Where have the last few years gone?

Next in is Evelyne who says both in French and English:-
"Bonjour Jane, Voilà le jour 10 et ce petit landeau qui se dessine très bien....
Hello Jane, This is day 10 and this little pram that draws very well .... Evelyne friendships"

Diane is getting really good at split rings now. Here's her day 10 and comment:-
"Dear Jane,
I ran out of steam last night, but this morning I regained some energy and managed to finish Day 10. I'm getting much better with split rings. Thank you!
Diane (Lace-lovin' Librarian)" 

Back from visiting a friend in hospital and I find Helen next in my inbox. She says this:-
"Hello Jane,
The lovely pram is almost finished! You are very clever in making this design.
Just waiting for the handles.
Greetings Helen"

Now I have Rose Anne with her days 7, 8, 9 and 10 in two colourways - pheewwwwww!!!
"I've finally caught up but sorry the images are not up to par for some reason - maybe tired from the weekend quilt retreat and a rebound of flu bug then too. Looks like I still need practice of my Catherine Wheel Joins - will come with practice. I've used a brown on the yellow variegated and a black on the Caribbean. Now what is the handle going to look like???
Rose Anne, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA"

Next to drop in is Allison who says:-
"I'm a little late in getting this to you, but here is Day 10 for me! What a cute little baby buggies we have all made!Tatted in Lizbeth size 20 # 161 Sea Island Citrus and # 686 Sea Green Light.
Happy Tattings everyone!

Now I have Rebecca's to show you. This is her comment too.
"Hi Jane,
Here's day 10.
Michigan, USA" 

Now I have a link to Corinna's blog and below her picture.

Next to arrive is Val from Singapore who has this to say:-

"Hi Jane, here's my day 10. I'm convinced that it is a baby basket rocker. You rock! Val" 

I'd just gone back to my inbox after posting Val's picture to find another from her with a new comment!!!!

"Jane, after sending you my guess, I stared at this thing that I tatted again. Now, there is still a possibility that it may turn out to be something else! Val" 

Next in is Fox with her day ten and this comment:-
"In spite of relentlessly sticky bandage tape on one finger and a thumb, I have managed to successfully complete Day 10! Fox : ))"

Now I have Wanda next in the inbox with her comment and picture:-
"After a busy day yesterday I finally got to put the wheels on the baby buggy - looking great! I wonder if there is anyone else I know that is having a baby? Maybe I'll just make a few so I'm ready when I hear about any impending arrivals...
Wanda in Kansas USA" 

Finally in this session I have Arial who says:-
"Yesterday was a busy day for me. This almost didn't get done today either as hubby is underfoot today.
I am enjoying this process. Makes one think about other designs.
Pat G (Arial - The Tattered Faerie)"
Back after tea!!! 

Now I have Sue's day 1 and a bit!!! She's just starting out on the TIAS.
"Hi Jane
I'm now on day 2!!! Thoroughly enjoying this... VBG I've learned how to undo... read the instructions BEFORE you guess what you're doing... LOL Will try the needle 'get rid of the ends' later, and when I find out what the borrowers have done with me scissors I'll cut the ones off on the second row!
Just had to share!!

Next is Cathy with her day 10 and the following comment:-
"Been busy planting garden and taking my step mom to have a minor precedure done...but I finally got a chance to play this morning while catching up on laundry.... ;)"

Now I have Melanie's day 10 along with her comment and a link to her blog.
"Good morning Jane-
I should know better than to try a TIAS section in a hurry. I spent more time picking out stitches than I did tatting yesterday. I finally gave up and went to rehearsal knowing that I wouldn't get to it for a few hours this morning. I hope you're still a Mission Central and can post this. Thank you for all your hard work. I've posted about my adventure here.
Next in is Helene who is worried about tribbles!!! Here's her comment:-
"Finally got day 10 done. Glad it's a pram, I will be using it for the card I will send to beautiful little Lou.But I am wondering, what do I do if this turn's out to be a Tribble .... so far mine is behaving ... but you never know with Tribbles, do you?!!
Bonne Journée Jane
Hélène, Québec" 
I THINK you're safe from Tribbles, Helene!!!

Now I have Leah next who had a sudden flash of hindsight. Honestly, Leah, it doesn't matter one bit. Here's what she says:-
"I didn't notice the instructions for contrasting color until I was almost done :)"

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Rose Anne B said...

I just LOVE all these prams they are so colourful and especially LOVE the extra playing you tatters have done with the props! Thank you very much Jane for all this fun!!! And we're learning too which is building good neurons!!!