Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tuesday and more TIAS

Good morning, world. Don't forget to start hunting for the other thread which will coordinate with the part you've already done. Day 10 will be on Thursday.

First in this morning is from Patricia who says:-

"Last time I was cussing !@#$%^&* at the Catherine Wheel Joins! This time, thanks to you, (it took all day, but) I can confidently say that I can now add them to my list of conquered tatting techniques! 

Thank you again for doing this--I know it must take much time updating your blog..and that is after you have designed the pattern! This is so much fun!!!!

Patricia Lyn Cobb

Next in is from Frances with her many days 9!!!!! She has had problems with the magic thread trick - a technique I've NEVER got on with!!! Frances says this:-

"Dear Jane

Here are my Day 9s. I show a picture of magic threads inserted for the purpose of hiding the ends after tying and cutting.

I also tried using the slope and roll join by Debbie Arnold 2003 instead of the Catherine wheel join.

This gives an attractive dip at the join.

All my motifs lack the curves on the outer edge. I have tightened the chains up too much partly because in the past I have failed to do this. I think the curved outline is reminiscent of basket weave construction.

My photographs are deceptive. The #20 thread one, purple splendor is 2 1/2 " wide and the rest using #6 thread are 4" wide!


Now I have Cheryl next in my inbox. She says:-

"Well, there she be. Those Catherine Wheel joins were good practice. I find they are like doing the split chain. Or at least they are for me.

My guess is baby buggy. But, you never cease to surprise us.


Next in is Andrea with her picture and comment:-
"Hi Jane,
Day 9 is here and I'm very pleased!! ;) Looking forward to the last few days.
Thank you
Andrea x" 

Things are out of control now at Marie's house. I can see ten tribbles here this morning. Honestly - I didn't realise that people would have this problem with tribbles this year. I apologise!!!!
"Hi Jane,
Here is the Day 9 picture of my little tribbles. They seem to be confused and running helter skelter. Perhaps they realize it is nearing the end of their TIAS - poor little things. I am giving a shout out to Helene because she is wondering if it is possible that they are tribbles! Thanks Helene, they are behaving as if they are. Only 2 more days left?
Marie in SC" 

I'm off for breakfast after this one which is from Diane who has this to say:-
"Dear Jane,
This is looking more and more like a baby buggy, and less and less like a pot of flowers. If it does turn out to be a baby buggy, it will become a decoration for my new granddaughter who is scheduled to make her appearance at the end of March.
I am having fun with this!
Hugs, Diane (Lace-lovin' Librarian)"

Next to pop in is Heather who says this:-
"Hi Jane, I got day 9 done. My poor flower basket is now only half full, oh well :) I guess I will just have to wait and see. Thanks Heather" 

Helene's back next with her day 9 and her comment too:-
"Hi Jane,
Well, I am sure I will be the FIRST one to tell you this but...... I think it is a pram.
Can't wait for day 10.
Have a good day
Hélène, Québec" 

Next is from Maureen who I'm REALLY worried about.  She seems to have decided to bring in last year's TIAS goat to pull this year's TIAS and she says:-
"I had an incipient migraine last night when Day 9 was posted so didn't even attempt to tat - and even then I had to unpick this morning! Goat was worried about me, and thought he'd be helpful - he was very pleased with himself. 
I STILL don't see how it's going to be finished in bite-sized chunks, in just two more days!"
Hope it doesn't come back - the migraine. What a well behaved goat!!  I remember him with the blue nose!!!!

Now I have Cindy with her days 8 and 9 along with her comment:-
"Hi Jane! Got a little behind, but finally caught up tonite with Days 8 & 9. In my haste to catch up, I forgot to take a photo after Day 8, so I'm just sending the complete photo of Day 9. Whew! It has to be a baby buggy - that's ALL I see!
Best Wishes :)

Next in is Pat with her day 9 and the following comment:-
"Finally got to sit down and do the day 9 posted. Looks more like a baby buggy like everyone is thinking. My picture is everything down to the tie & cut which I will do when I am not so tired. This really is fun.
BTW: I figured out why I don't see it on my tablet. You update the blog without republishing it so I have to go to my computer just to see the rest of the blog. But that is okay. I like seeing everyone's work.
Pat G (Arial - The Tattered Faerie)" 
Interesting, Pat.  I do just update as I go along.  Must look into re-publishing instead.

Now I've got Sunela's day 9 with her comment too:-
I haven't cut the thread but, completed the rest for day 9. Even though it looks like a bassinet now, I think I am still flying in the hot air balloon. What a fun adventure this is!!!!

Ooooh, Umintsuru is asking my opinion. Sorry, I don't do opinions - I just tat!!!
"Hello Jane,
Good morning. I tatted this late last night after a round of baking. My hand mixer gets used only once a year these days, Shuttles are used everyday!! I should spend my money on shuttles and threads.
Everyone is guessing that the TIAS is a baby buggy or carriage. I wish it was a profile of a man in a pink helmet. What do you think, Jane??

Now I have Karen's day 9 and she's obviously been thinking long and hard about this!!!
"Here is my Day 9 and my first thoughts this morning were - mmmmmm no handle so it might be a moses basket but then I remember Jane's comment about it being done in three section and with the vsp just added they could be for the handle and then the wheels could be the other part but that would mean more cutting and tying which I know is not one of Jane's favourite things LOL so ???????
-- Karen Sayer" 

Ancolie is next in my inbox with her day 9 and comment:-
"Hi Jane,Here's my day 9. I still do not know what it will become: a pram or a duck ?
In any case, I'm having fun with this project and as it always rains here, it makes me a good distraction ;-)
Thank you Jane
Ancolie from France" 

Last before I go down the town is from Sonja who says:-
"Good morning Jane,Thank your very much! Here is my Day 9. What is it? A baby carriage ...... ;))
I'm waiting impatient for the next day. So long and hugs
Sonja CH" 

Back from town and I find Roelien waiting in my inbox!!! She says:-
"Dear Jane,
Here is mij day 9. May friend Ankie and I are sure that it must become a pram.
And if it's that, we can use it for a gratulationcard when a baby is born.

Now I can show you Axa's days 8 and 9 which came along with her comment:-
"Dear Jane,
I am sending my day 8 and 9 of TIAS 2013. I think, it will be a pram, but who knows... This pattern is full of secrets... 
thank you

Next in is Pimboli - oooops, I mean Gunhild who says:-
"Oh good luck to have Day 9 ...I could make Pimboli soo happy, he is playing in the snow outside... see picture attached...without getting wet :))... allthough I did needletatting ;P
Gunhild and Pimboli" 

The next person to pop into my inbox with days 7, 8 and 9 is Helen who has this to say:-
"Hello Jane,
Found the time to put the TIAS on my blog! I am now pretty sure it is a cradle.
My Catherine Wheel Joins get better and better!
Thanks for the fun.
Greetings Helen" 

Next to appear in the inbox is Claudia with her days 8 and 9. She has this to say:-
"hi janeeeeeeeee... here are my last 2 days... the final is cominggggggg.. yeahhhh!!

Now I have Rebecca next with her comment and day 9:-
"Hi Jane,
Attached is my day 9 instalment. I have no new guesses.
Michigan, USA"

Bernice has now popped in with a short comment and a lovely day 9.
"Day 9 of TIAS OK Bernice"

I'm getting SERIOUSLY worried about my sister - Sally. MORE chocolate has appeared with her day 9. Surely she knows by now that chocolate should be eaten while tatting!!!
"Here is my TIAS, and the chocolate is growing!" 

Next in is Wendy who has sent her comment and picture on day 9.
"Got to be a pram .....
Wendy x" 

Allison has sent in her day 9 with the following remark:-
"Here is day #9 for me! Another inch of snow is falling so it's time to stay inside, sip a cup of tea, and tat some more!Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!

Next in is Coretta with days 7, 8 and 9. Her comment is here too:-
"Certainly your sister's growing chocolate pile is not chocolate that hasn't been eaten, but each day adding a new kind to eat. And each is consumed that day and a new one purchased! 
Here are my days 7, 8 and 9 together. In the process I have thought crown, whale, Tea pot, vase, basket, but baby buggy has won. Although dragon could possibly come out of this too.... or bat, but certainly not a pink bat. :) 
Coretta in Florida"

Adrian is next with his days 9 - yes, two of them again. 
"Hi Jane
Here are my Day 9s. Just a handle and a pair of wheels left? 

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