Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Day 6 is now posted here.  This is the halfway point with 6 more to do!!!

First in this morning with her day 5 is Rose Anne who saysL-
"This was easier than the SCRM step. Now I still don't see what this is going to be but I do see the curved tail will probably be joined to one of the two picots on the next corner, that I'm pretty sure."

Denise is next in with her day 4. There's no need to panic, Denise. There's no race on this or competition - well unless it's for the funniest remark or picture!!! Here's Denise's comment:-
"I had to run out of town for small family emergency, but I remembered my shuttles for my down time. I'm a little behind, but trying to catch up.
Denise from Texas but in California"

Well second in today is from Fiona. Now you may wonder where the first one is but I'm waiting for the day 6 picture. Here's what Fiona has to say:-
"Hi Jane,Here is my day 6...In my haste to be in the first few, I swapped the wrong shuttle! Am thinking now it may be a spider or a crab...beads still baffling me!..
All the best...
Fiona T"

Next in is from Frances who says:-
"Good morning Jane,
here is day 6, and yes I was sitting on the computer waiting for you.
Now I can go and make dinner and watch my evening TV shows, while
tatting. as to my guess I don’t know again.
tatting in friendship

OK, here is Angel San's day 6. She was actually in first this morning but attached the wrong picture. Anyway, she's here now with her comment and day 6:-
"I had a false start this morning, had to undo 6 ds, and switchshuttles.... Making little parts at a time can be unsettling ;) But I
hope I got it in the end. The pattern is more and more puzzling, I
have no idea what it will be...

Now I have a puzzled Wanda who sends in a very pretty picture too. Here's what she says:-
"Good morning, Jane,
Day 6 is done. Hmm, at first glance those might be legs of a spider. But if you are only giving us one leg a day that would be more than six more days to go. Maybe a flower of some sort? Not sure how the beads would fit in. Hmmm, I guess I'll have to wait for day 7.

Back from my morning in the library - sorry about the delay. So, first in this afternoon is from Ginny who says:-
"Here is Day 6!!

Next waiting for me is Carla's days 5 and 6. Thank you, Carla:-
"Hello Jane, Now I send them both, day 5 and day 6.
Thanks for the TIAS, i like it.
Gr. Carla"

I'm delighted to now introduce a new member to this year's fun and games. Please meet Grace who has sent in her days 1 & 2. This is what she has to say:-
"Dear Jane,I've been tatting for a little over a month, I joined InTatters last week, and found your TIAS blog last Saturday. So, I'm somewhat behind, but here are my pictures for Day 1 and Day 2:"

It is always with great excitement that I open Marjan's messages and pictures. We are SO lucky to meet all the family, Marjan. Thank you so much. Here you are folks - this is what you've all been waiting for whether you knew it or not:-
"Hi Jane!
Here she is…. the one everybody is waiting for…. Mitsuki’s mum!
See her walking on her high heels and with her, almost Royal hat, such a charming lady.
Thank heaven Mitsuki got her looks!
lots of greetings from Mitsuki, her father and her mother … and from me!
Marjan Klomp"

Next in is from Valerie who doesn't know which is the right way to look at this!!! Here's what she says:-
"Hi Jane I'm done with Day 6, but I don't know which way to look. LOL So I'm sending you 2 images with different orientations. This looks like the beginning of a giant crab, with only 2 legs for now. OK, it's a wild guess...

Next to drop in is from Jane who says:-
"Hi Jane, Hmm, a thingummyjig of some sort."
I think you've got it right, Jane!!!!

Now I have Emilia's days 5 and 6. Here is what she has to say:-
"Here are the pictures of my day 5 and 6. I still have no clue what we are making. But I am still enjoying myself. . Emilia"

Now I present Melanie's and I'm sure she's trying to make me jealous with the description of her morning. Dull and dank here in my part of the UK. This is what she says:-
"Good morning Jane-
The sunrise was lovely again today. The fog cleared over us, but stayed in the hills. As the sun crested the Eastern hills, everything lit up! Sigh!! It was loverly to watch as I finished my cuppa.
Then, I finished Day 6. I'm thinking legs of something with a square body. But, there are those two beads rattling around on the shuttle. Don't have any better idea to what I am making with your excellent directions. Such a fun game!"

Just had to share this message from Nancy before I go to the next person in my inbox:-
"Jane, I am way far behind on this years TIAS but am so thankful that you are doing this. What a great way to relieve the post holiday blahs! i just love it. I will get caught up. I know I will. "

Next to pop in is from our very own Rhyming Sarah who says:-

"Here’s day #6 I’m getting my kicks. 
The pattern’s a mystery, A bit of bewitchery. 

Conjured by Jane’s number three cell 
To keep all us tatters from going to... 

For us, tying knots is a bit of heaven 
I’m looking forward to day # seven. 

Cheers, Sarah"

Next to pop into my inbox is Barbara who sounds a bit confused!! She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Well here is day 6 and it has not helped me at all with my guessing... hmmmm....I think my guess today is......sigh.....(shoulders shrugging)...I don't know!!!! LOL having fun!!!"

Now I have Miranda's day 6 to share. She says:-
"Good morning, Jane (at least it's still morning here)! On day 6 it could still be a locomotive, if these are trails of smoke we're making. Or it could be a jellyfish, a lady's fancy hat, or possibly a deformed rabbit.
Thank you so much for all the work you've put into this!

Now I have Claudia's day 6 to show you. This is what she says:-
"hello jane!! my day 6 is now here!!! do you remember that in Day 5 i told you it could be a scorpion?? .. now it seems a a kind of crab!!!.. im confused!! lol....
have a good day!!"

Next in is from Gunhild who has this to say:-
"Good evening, Jane,here's my day 6.
Imagine, when I worked on his kite, Pimboli was cross with me, he couldn't play, grrrr...
but now, Pimboli is soo happy, because his "kite" has got"two tails" now ,
and he is very busy to navigate it .... Ciao, I have to leave to support him fighting in the wind...
before the kite switches to a bunny or a cock or ...;-)), see u on day 7,
greeting from Guni /germany"

Now I have Maria's comment and picture. She says:-
"NO NO NO...... ! Please don't tell me this is going to turn into Shelob the spider! I HATE spiders with a passion! I will refuse the thought and turn it around and it will be a funny CHEERFUL Court Jester to make us all laugh ! :)
-- Marla "

Please don't be frightened, Maria.  I doubt it will be a spider - but then it might be a friendly one!!!

Next to drop in with a very sad story of her day 6 is Brenda from here in the UK. She says:-
"Can I borrow your No.3 brain cell please?
I was waiting for day 6 so that I could do it before going out.
I finished it, and as I went to get my scanner I knocked
my cup of tea over, of course it went all over my work.
I had to go out after I had cleaned all the mess up. I had to do the whole thing again.
How stupid can you get. Not only did I ruin my TIAS I also
missed out on my cup of tea before I went out.
I am not going to attempt to guess, I am just glad it is done."

Now I have Margaret's day 5 and she has this to say:-
"Hi Jane
I know its a bit late, I have attached day 5, as you know I have on my blog a game with my followers at guessing what it might be, Carol has said its an earring............. I don't think so, we now have what might be a tail!
Thanks for doing the TIAS
Happy tatting

Following this I now have Sue's days 4 and 5 together. This is her comment:-
"Hello Jane,
I always get to the tatting part quickly but doing the scan seems to hold me up. Anyway here it is....must be a sea turtle??!!
Sue H"

Whooopeeee, another new arrival. Welcome, Sunset. Here's Sunset's whole TIAS up to day 6 and her comment:-
"hi Jane,
My name is Sunset, and I’ve been following along and it has been so much fun and I’ve learned some new things. I’ve really enjoyed seeing everybody’s pictures and their pretty shuttles. I don’t know what its is yet but I’m having a blast tatting it. Thanks Jane.
Happy Tatting!"

Next in is from Karen who has a new idea and who says:-
"Here is my Day 6 and can I see a person appearing or is this Jane's version of Spongebob Squarepants?"

Finally on this upload session I have Wendy who is having problems with her beads. I suggest you unwind a couple of yards of thread, move the beads onto the shuttle and then re-wind. They can be a pain. Anyway this is Wendy's comment:-
"I hope we get to use the beads soon, they are driving me up the wall, sliding up and down the thread. They won't stay on the shuttle. What am I doing wrong?"

Back again only five minutes later!!!
This time I have Sonja's comment and such a pretty picture and suggestion too. Here they are:-
"hello Jane
First time I think to know what it will be. A bird.
Sonja from Holland"

Now another five minutes later I'm back with Marco's day 5 & 6. This is what she says:-
"Hello Jane,
Here is my day 5 and 6
I think it i a ostrich haha
Have to look up the name in english .
A well for a first Guess who knows.

Greetings Marco"

I've just seen Sherry's blog and her guess at the TIAS. Here's a link to her post. I think it's a really cool idea.

Next I have another sad story from Geraldine. It wasn't Friday 13th today, was it? Anyway this is what she has to say:-
"Well what a day, had food hygiene training with exam at the end.(hope I passed).
Thought I would relax and do day 6, started ok then on 4th split ring thread split tryed to sort it then big disaster thread broke. Out came new thread and a re-tat was done. If you turn it, it looks like horns of a cow or a goat well that's my guess for today.
Happy thoughts Geraldine. "

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