Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Tuesday and more 'offerings'!

Good morning, world.

First in today is from Michelle. I think it must have popped in last night after I went to bed. Anyway this is what Michelle has to say:-
"Here's day 3. That strange yellow glow by the TIAS is the sun! We haven't been seeing much of that strange orb so it's glorious to have especially for the picture.
One of the bonuses of the TIAS is seeing the lovely shuttles everyone uses. So much variety!

Now I have Wanda's day 3 and she says this:-
"Hello, Jane, here's my day 3. It's a square ;-) Now I can go check out what every body else has done."

Ah, we now have some clipart from Anita who has this to say:-
"Hello Jane!
 Well, Jack and Jill are a figment of yesterday's imagination....today we're on a rocket ride! And you and friend Bernice are going along!
 Thanks for the fun! We'll see where we head with the next installment!"

What WILL you come up with next, Anita?  My mind is boggling!!!!

Next I have Phyllis who has also learnt something new. Thanks for letting me know, Phyllis. Here's what she says:-
"Here my day 3 piece. I am so excited as I have learned false picots and SCMR's!! No quess as to what it is but am very glad to be playing along. Phyllis in GA"

WOW, what do I see on JB's picture? Is it a Lady Shuttlemaker's silver shuttle? If it is, JB I'll pop in a link later so others can see them. Anyway, this is JB's comment today:-
"Attached is Day 3. Could it be another one of your beautiful pendant designs? I love the suspense."

Next is from Heather who is letting work get in the way!!!  She says:-
"I just got day 3 done... I had to wait till I got home from work, I didn't have enough time to get it done this morning. I think it would make a cute kite, just needs a tail....
Thanks Heather"

I can now present Lynne's day 3 with the following comment:-
"Somehow that little picot on ring 8 disappeared ??? A little "kind of"wound pink thingy....

Back now with her day 3 is Martha Ess who says:-
"Here is my Day 3. Perhaps it will be a cubist style animal of some sort."

Next in is from Angel San. She's managed her SCMR really well and I think the piece looks fine. Here's what she says:-
"today I'm a bit late in posting : Yesterday was Grandmas day. I had to drive all day to visit both my grandmas in Belgium from North of France, and when I got home I went to bed very early !!!!  I have to admit I was a bit hesitant to dive into SCMRs (I think I've done only one or two in my life) in a very tired state !  So I made part 3 this morning, while sipping coffee and the SCMR didn't seem so difficult to do ! I only wonder why my piece is already so curled already when the other people's pieces are so flat !!!! :(
have a good day,"

Now I'm very proud of Rose Anne who had problems with her SCMR but persisted and got there in the end. Congratulations. Here's her story and two pictures of the 'before' and 'after':-
"OHHHH BOY that SCRM!!! Guess it's my own fault for not "reading up on it" - NOOOO I just thought I knew and got myself in this mess.
Then after some very very careful "pickings" I loosened the last two DSs of the closed ring (after realizing I was wrong) I managed to open up the ring and then untatting until I was at the beginning of the SCRM again. Then I found my NSAN beginner binder and READ up on that step. I then proceeded OK to the send part where I mixed up my shuttles and the close was not possible. So back to untatting again but at least it was simpler and this time I GOT IT RIGHT!!! YEAH, now will I remember this for next time????
Hope the rest goes easy Jane!!!"

Next in is Lim with both her day 2 and day 3. This is her comment:-
"Hello, this is Lim. I was so glad to your welcome.
These are my Day 2 & 3.
I think it will be an animal, but now I don't know how it will change."

Nearly my lunchtime and I've just had Monica pop in. She says:-
"Here is my day 3! So, whomever said it would be an "outside-in" piece was right! I was quite surprised to see the SCMR there - and I must say, SCMR and myself are not good friends. It really makes me wonder who gave that name to the technique? I see the "mock ring" part, yes, but "self closing"? I would call it "devilishly hard to close", LOL. Maybe I should place some sort of place keeper at the start, so I have room to do the lock join to close it. Or maybe I should not be lazy and watch and read a few tutorials, to see if it is something else I am missing!
Anyway... I have no new bets as to what this will be. I agree with someone who guessed the next part will have the climbing back part, though :D So... when is the next part due...?
I hope you have a great day! I am off to have dinner now...

A little piece of history on the SCMR as far as I remember it!!  It was brought back to life by the wonderful Houtz brothers some years ago but they say it was done before them.  Here's a link to their web site.
Next part will be on Thursday, Monica.

Next in is a very happy Marjan and I'm hoping she'll tell Mitsuki that I DO feel very honoured!  She says:-
"O, I am so sorry, I know I am to late but.. here I am!!
With a very grateful Mitsuki! She asked me to take a picture of her new blanket!
You should know that it is a honour to be invited in the home of this bashful girl!
But look at her… she is over the moon!
greetings from sunny but cold Belgium!"

Now we meet Caroline again - this time with her day 3. She says:-
"If this is an animal it sure has a narrow neck - Ohhhhh maybe a giraffe but where are his eye.
Caroline Hill"

Next is a new joiner with her days 1, 2 and 3. Welcome aboard, Emilia. This is what Emilia has to say:-
"Thank you for inspiring me again. Today I spent some time in catching up with the tias 2012. Hereby the photo’s from the first three days. I like the challenge very much so far, but I have no idée what it will become. With kind regards Emilia, the Netherlands"

Now I present Valerie's day 3. Please look at the cute little hedgehog on the shuttle she's using. Don't the prickles hurt your fingers, Valerie? Here's her comment:-
"Sorry I'm slower by a day. Blogger turned up blank screens at some blogs yesterday. :(
Here's DAY 3 but the motif is a little curly, perhaps a sign of protest at the hiccup. Can't wait for DAY 4! Bring it on sooner?
Hugs, Val"

Another update of this post!!! Now I have Sue Anna's day 3. It seems that several people are having the same problem - maybe it'll flatten in time but meanwhile don't worry about it. I'm sure it'll all be fine. Anyway, here's what Sue Anna has to say:-
"Here she be! Is it suppose to lay flat because mine doesn't . This such fun! I am clueless! Sue Anna"

Now I present Bernice's. Poor soul has had a problem but it looks fine to me now, Bernice. This is her comment:-
"Finally my day 3 TIAS. As I was working on day 3 I discovered I had left off part of day 2....Took 2 more tries before I finally did it right....I think. Bernice"

Next in is from Brenda here in the UK. This is her comment followed by her picture of day 3:-
"Here is my day 3. I am not going to torture my brain with a guess at this moment in time, It’s been tortured enough these last two days looking after sick family.
Now my day 3 is done I am going to sit and relax. Maybe have a nap."

Now I've found Sue's day 3 in the inbox! Here's what she has to say:-
"Good morning Jane...the SCMR exercise was a lot for my brain and fingers to figure out, but here it is! Thanks for the challenge!
Sue H
Washington state US"

Ah, just found that Sherry has done her day 3 too.  She's a busy lady so to save her the bother I'm listing a link to her blog here.

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Monica said...

Thanks Jane for the interesting link on SCMRs. as someone else said, reading up would have been easier! I am glad I "got" it now - another trick up my tatting sleeve!

I want to reassure someone who was worried that their piece did not lay flat - mine doesn't either, I was surprised when I looked at the photo that it looks so flat! I guess we all have different tatting tensions...