Saturday, 21 January 2012


First of all it's day 5 tomorrow - just thought I'd let you know!!!!

First in this morning is from J B who sent in a Christmas tree too which I will show you because it's mentioned in her message!!! Here's what she has to say:-
"Hi Jane,
 Here is day 4. It’s more and more interesting.
 Also, I made your new tree and have decided it will be the ornament for the ladies this coming Christmas. I love it.
Thanks so much for the TIAS and the tree.

Bernice has just popped in and appears to still be puzzled too:-
"Day 4 TIAS Still no guess. Bernice"

Now I have Jeanne's comment with which I agree. A lot of people have mentioned that a split chain would've been better than a CTJ but this might have put a lot of people off continuing with the game. Anyway, here's Jeanne's comment:-
"Here is my Day 4. for me, I think I would have preferred to use a split chain for the corner, but the CTJ looks alright too."

Next I have Mary Jo who says:-
"I feel so late! It's lovely soggy Saturday morning in my little corner of the world and I don't have to be anywhere until 4pm. I think I hear some classic movies and fiber calling my name..."

Aha, Adrian is next and he's caught me out!!! 
 I learnt very early on in this game that I had to 'disguise' the urls I save and upload. It would be much easier to use something like tias2012day1 and tias2012day2 etc but there are so many extremely clever little so and so's (like Adrian) who would be able to 'forecast' what I was up to and would race on to the end!! So, this very clever lad is asking the following question as he's spotted that I can be devious!!  In answer to your question, Adrian, Tilly is our cat, I was probably getting 'tipsy' at the time, mellow was when I was thinking about a gin and tonic and purple - well I'd probably got purple thread lying about at the time!!!  This is Adrian's comment:-
"Here are my Day Four attempts. The continuous thread join is interesting. Easier that a split chain, but not quite as tidy, I think. (Or at least mine aren't.) Those two split rings are not going anywhere I expected, either.Ready for Day Five now, hopefully finding out more about Tilly, and why she's tipsy, mellow and purple. :)

Next in is from Lorena who says:-
"Hi JaneSo excited for the new TIAS. Thank you for doing another.
Here is my piece."

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Maureen said...

Day 5 on Sunday! - I'm glad I checked, I am so used to no posts on Sundays!