Saturday, 28 January 2012

Saturday and ......

Here's the link for Day 7.

First in today with her day 6 is Cynthia who says:-
"Hi Jane, Here is thru day 6 that I have gotten done. As to what is it???????? My guess was an owl face but that won't work after day 6....I was thinking the square part was an eye and days 4-5 started the beak but day 6 oops that didn't work...LOL I am clueless but having a great time trying to figure it out. Peace, Cyn"

First in this morning with her Day 7 is Angel San who says:-
"Here is today's piece. It's still all weird to me. I made the biggestgradued picot about 16mm as you say. I hope it turned out ok !

Next is a 'Houston we have a problem' message from Valerie who says:-
"OH NO!!! Jane, I'm not going to be able to send you my TIAS-DAY 7! Disaster... I think I must have made a wrong RW somewhere... I can't find the picot to join to my new Rs!! AHHH!!! OK, I'll have to restart my TIAS and hopefully be able to catch up with you tomor.

Now I have Fiona's day 7 and she says this:-
"Still no wiser as to what this critter is. The SCMR didn't mock me tonight!!! Did pull thread too tight though...will needs to re-attach and hide ends LOL.Fiona T"
See, Fiona, the SCMR's just get easier!!!

Next in is from here in the UK and from Geraldine who says:-
"Good morning Jane,
Another day gone and what do we have ? Half a dog with a short tail ? Well that's my guess for today.
happy tatting
Geraldine x"

Now from Brenda comes her picture and comment:-
"Here is day 7. After day 2 I was going to guess a cat or a bear. I thought that was too easy.
It's obvious it isn't a kite.
I think it could be a bear, cheater or leopard.
What ever it is it will be one of your famous critters.

Next in is Ginny who says:-
"Here is my day 7 I am thinking it is a Dog!!!

Back after my afternoon's 'brisk' walk and I find Frances next in the inbox. Here's her comment and picture:-
"Hi Jane,
I’m a little slow off the mark today, so here is my day 7.
My guess is a little dog or a pig. waiting impatiently
for the rest of the pattern
tatting in fun and friendship

Now Jon has just joined us with her tatting dancing across her keyboard!! Here's her comment:-
"I am finally up-to-date with the TIAS on Day 7.
At Day 6, I thought Day 7 will give the other two legs and turn it into a crab. Instead I see a butt and a bushy tail, so it can't be a crab.
When I saw the tail, the first thing that came to mind is a llama. Don't ask me why, it just did.
So that is my guess, a Llama ... until you come up with more surprises, I will stick with it for now.

Next I present Catrin's picture and comment.
"I'm glad we're repeating techniques. The second "leg" (?) was easier and looks nicer than the first. This SCMR was MUCH smoother and I didn't panic when it wouldn't close, just worked out where the problem was (thankfully where I switched shuttles rather than before the ring!) un-picked and re-did.
As far as guessing what it is, well I'm afraid I'm just enjoying the "story" - I never try to work out "whodunnit" in murder mystery stories either."

Now next in my inbox (I work strictly on a 'first come, next into the blog' basis) is Monica who says:-
"Good Morning Jane!As you can see, I got up at my usual time today, and started my morning sipping iced tea and tatting the tail of the ostrich. I am really happy tot ell you, I now understand the "self closing" part of the SCMR, as this one went really smoothly after the experience leaned after the first one. So, yay! Thanks for expanding my tatting horizons. :-)
Have a great weekend, Jane! I'm off to the farmer's market now :-)

Now I can show you Sharren's day 7 along with her comment:-
"Well...definitely not a double-necked guitar (with or without rain!)!! David asked if we’re tatting a centaur!I
The top shuttle is still the rose shuttle – this is the other side!"

Next in is from Fox who is worried about her graduated picots. They look perfect to me, Fox. Well done.

Well you can all stop guessing now. Marjan appears to have it all worked out and here's her prediction:-
"Hello Jane!
The World can be relieved! There is no doubt whatsoever anymore…
Just look at her…. Mitsuki in all her beauty… I really don’t understand all those people who think ontherwise…. it is soooooo obvious…
lots of greetings from a cold and wet Belgium!
 Marjan Klomp"

Now even Jane's husband is puzzled by the TIAS!!! Here is what she says:-
"Hi Jane, here’s day 7. I asked my husband what he thought it was and he said, ‘Well, it doesn’t look like a cow or a dog’!"

Next in is from Stephanie who says:-
"Hi Jane! Trumpet player guess is out, as is Rapunzel, unless she's having an *incredibly* bad hair day. Current guess is my favorite so far:
You're standing in the east, facing west, and what do you see? The "south" end of a dog heading the moment, he's halfway through a hole in the 'white' fence, so you can't see all of him. ;-)

Now we have Jeanne who sends in not only her guess but her granddaughter's too!!! This is her comment:-
"Hi Jane,
here is Day 7 tatted while the grankids watch cartoons.
still have no idea what this is."
Followed shortly by her granddaughter's comment!!
"here is the guess from my granddaughter Lily, it is the back legs and tail of a dog or other animal."

Now another blue 'wotsit' arrives from Miranda who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Well, it is starting to look like an animal now, if days 4-6 were the hind legs and today we made the tail. I have no idea what kind of animal, though.

Keeping me busy next is Melanie who says:-
"Good morning for me-
After several days that started cloudy and stayed chilly, I needed a pick me up. And your TIAS was just the ticket!
Here's my version in pink. I'm thinking we've just finished a lovely, sweeping tail...of ....a spaniel....maybe!

Next in is Wanda who has this to say:-
"Good afternoon, Jane.
Here is my day 7. I was still up when you posted the pattern (my) last night but I'd had a couple of glasses of wine and was on the way to being in the mode of your day 1 URL description so thought I'd wait 'til this morning to try it. Waiting has not helped my imagination as I still don't have any idea what this is. Maybe when the beads are added it will help (I need all the help I can get)."

Now we have rhyming Sarah again - how does she do it? Here's her rhyme and picture:-
"Hi Jane, Here's the next instalment.

Here is day #7
I’m still in heaven

The pattern progresses
I enjoy all the guesses

It looks like a critter I admit 
But I’m afraid I dare not commit 

Last years pattern of Jane’s devising 
Turned out to be quite surprising. 

Are there more tricks up her sleeve? 
Does she ‘practice to deceive’? 

I eagerly await 
Day number eight."

Shannon's just popped in with a suggestion:-jane! my guess is a little lamb. i am totally loving this pattern, thank you so much for putting in the time to do it."

Funny but the next suggestion from Barbara is along the same lines - she says:-
"Dear Jane,
Here is day 7! We are having such mild and spring like weather here in NY and since I can see a little tail now, my guess is... it is a little lamb.
Hugs, Babara"

Just noticed that Sherry has done her day 7 too - here's the link.

Next in is from Sandy who really should give up doing the TIAS as she says she's having too much fun and I'm worried about her now. What will she do when it's all over? This is what she says:-
"Hi Jane! We have a tail!!!! I was thinking it was a 'box'er puppy, but the tail is too fuzzy for them. Then I realized I have a turquoise furry creature - maybe I should redo it in another color, say, camel... ah, ha... could it be a camel? Hopefully day 8 will shed some light! (you do know this is waayyy too much fun - thank you for putting this together for all of us!!!!) Sandy S"

Now I have Karen's day 7 and she's guessing something along the lines of - well, I'll let her tell you!!
"Here is my Day 7 and it is definitely looking like the rear end of something, my guess is a pig or a lamb."

Now I have Maria's guess and her picture. I'd love to meet a horse like this:-
"Here it is... Day 7 and things are starting to take shape I think.... I agree that it is starting to look like the back end of a dog... or the West end of an East bound horse. :)"

Next in is from Suzanne who made me howl with laughter. First of all I suggest you make a cup of tea/coffee before you settle down to read her comment:-
"Having slaked his powerful thirst at the oasis, the camel cushed under a date palm to await the rest of the caravan and ponder his fate. Life with a salt caravan is harsh: if you fall behind, you are left to die. What happens if you run ahead to the oasis because you are ever so thirsty (having munched on some of your load, in order to lighten it)? Do they let you back in line? Do they leave you here to rot?

As preoccupied as he was with his thoughts, he didn't notice at first that the palm tree was speaking to him. "Ahem. Pardon me for being forward, but I don't often see a camel out here alone in the desert. I am, in fact, a magic palm tree with the power to grant life-changing wish. Until now, I have not spoken because nobody ever comes here alone. With only one wish to grant, I did not want to create discord and envy that would potentially lead to violence." He paused, to rustle his fronds, and then asked: " Is there perhaps something you would like?"

Startled, the camel leaped to his feet and stared up into the fronds, looking for the trickster who must be playing a prank on him. There was nobody there. Just a huge clump of juicy dates. "Well", he began hesitantly, "I really would like a different life. Hauling salt for hundreds of miles across the desert is not much fun. Could you perhaps turn me into a small dog that could ride on a camel, and live with people in tents?" "Consider it done!" said the palm.

When the salt caravan arrived, they were astounded to find a little Jack Russell terrier, all alone under a date palm. Of course, by this time, our thirsty camel turned terrier was getting hungry and beginning to think that he might have made a mistake. If another caravan (with tents) did not come along soon, he would starve or, worse, be eaten by the men from the salt caravan!
(This TIAS has taken on a life of its own....)"

Next in is from Adrian who has sent days 6 & 7. Life does tend to get in the way of tatting sometimes. Here's his comment:-
"Hi JaneCatching up a bit, as I seem to have managed to be busy every night between day six and day seven.
That looks suspiciously like a tail, but I also know better than to second guess your designs! :)

After a struggle with blogger which decided that I needed to log in again before I'd updated the last three posts and so I lost them - I'm back on stream again with Andrea's day 7. She says:-
"Hi Jane,
I DID IT!!!!! with your help! Thanks so much - it is getting easier to make the SCMR.
I think the picture is getting clearer - could it be a cat? Can't wait for the next bit.
Thanks again
Andrea x"

Next in is from Cheryl who says:-
"Hi, Jane. I know it’s late at your house, so I don’t expect to hear back for a few days. I just finished day 7. I’m still not so good at SCMR’s. I had to pick it out once, as it was not like the picture. The second time, I just put a safety pin at the base and then pulled it through the little opening. Does it look correct. I am learning new things, that’s for sure.
I do have a few “off the wall” spots.


Stephanie Grace said...

Well, so much for my thought of it being a Rastafarian... Drat!

Stephanie Schneider

Anne said...

My guess is that it's going to be a crab!

I am enjoying watching it develop.