Monday, 30 January 2012

Monday and another week starts!

Tomorrow will be day 8 is my first announcement!!!

Right, first in today is from JB who says:-

"Hi Jane,
Here is day 7 of fun.

Next in is from Lynne who says:-
"Hi Jane,Each time we add something I change my mind. With others, I'd say it is an
animal sheep? We'll see. Lynne"

Now I have Anita's and she's still thinking along the same lines!!! Here's her picture and comment:-
"Hello Jane!
I thot I taw a puddy tat...then I thot I's wrong...but I did, I did!
I taw a puddy tat....'cause I just taw the odder end!!!
An' Caroline's rite...the mower caught it's tail!"

Next in is Pimboli the talking cartoon (oh, along with Gunhild, of course) who says:-
"Hallo Jane, I knitted a warm bobble cap and shawl for Pimboli, minus -6 degrees in germany, -15 coming soon, I should have tatted in wool ;-))
clanking greetings form Guni / Germany"

Now I have Elizabeth's day 7 and she seems pleased to have met another SCMR!!! Here's what she says:-
"Dear Jane
Attached please find day 7. Yeh for SCMR (I'm getting the hang of this).

Now I have Lyn's day 6 as she makes up for being away for a few days:-
"Hi Jane,
Have been away for a few days and no computer so will be catching up over the next couple of days!!
Here is my day 6, I think I 've got a twist between r 13 and 18.If I get time I might try a new one, if not I'll just keep going with this one!!
Lyn from WA
Bye the way it's been 38* here today way to hot for me!!"

Next I can show you Katie's four thingamajigs and she says this - in rhyme too!!!"Hi, Jane,Here's my quartet milling around, singing:

There once was a tattin’ ol git,
Who kept us all tied in a fit.
Not a bat or a rat,
Maybe a pig or a cat?
Who knows when we’ll find the right bit.
Thanks, sweet Jane--looking forward to another clue tomorrow.Tatty hugs,

Now I have Margaret's day 7 and she says:-
"I attach Day 7 of the Tias, still no ideas what it might be yet.

Last one in today is from Nina who says:-
"Dear Jane,Here is my TIAS. Obviously it has a few wrong place stitches...I think it was at the first scmr on the day 3 and day 7... would you have diagram of how the thread goes around your hand for this? ring 11 and ring 26? AS far as what it might be, my guess is a warm blooded creature of some sort..
Thanks, Nina in Colorado"
Yes, Nina. I'll get round to it soon - I hope!!!!


Sharon said...

I haven't had this much fun online in ages! You are all so clever and make me smile. Can't wait for another clue tomorrow, Jane.

USA, NC where it has been like spring all winter

Sharon said...

Is there an archive of past TIAS? I see pics but can't seem to find the day by day instructions. I think I'm hooked and need another fix whilst awaiting DAY 8

Jane Eborall said...

Well you're the lucky one, Sharon!!! I've found the links for last year's TIAS if you'd like to email me privately I can send them to you!!!