Tuesday, 24 January 2012


First of all - tomorrow will be day 6!!!

The first message in my inbox on this horrendously wet morning is from Lyn round the opposite side of the world!! She says this:-
"Here is my day 5. And I have no idea what it is.lol!! I see day 6 will be on Wednesday looking forward to it, I think!!!
Lyn from western Aust"

Next in is from Sharren who still hasn't a clue!!! Love the rose shuttle - very pretty.  Here's her comment:-
"Still don’t have a clue as to what it is – but I’m having a lot of fun tatting it and guessing!

Now I have Nicole's days 4 and 5. She says:-
"ok im all cought up ... My guess was a turtle but now (since its in green and all) its looking like a frog. I did have to start all over since I messed up on the very first chain though lol but was easy to do."

Oh, look at this glorious Spring picture from Anita. That's just what I needed on this VERY wet morning here in my 'neck of the woods'. This is Anita's comment:-
"Dear Jane,
Well, we're morphing again! Ringo has shrunk! He is now...

.... Snippet the Snail!
I know, I know, the TIAS is not over (at least I hope it's not for several days! --- it's too much fun!) and Snippet looks almost complete, and I don't know where those doggoned beds are going to fit in, but I just don't see anything else at this point?!?! ...maybe Snippet has a large family coming???
I figure a snail is appropriate to tatting, however, as I sometimes feel like I tat at a snail's pace.

Now I have JB's picture and comment - she says this:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my day 5. So far it looks like it has a tail or a handle—maybe a Cheshire cat sitting on his throne or a Cinderella mirror to tell us we are the fairest of all…
The square design looks great as a pendent on your blog.

Now I have Michelle's days 4 and 5. She says this:-
"Hi Jane,
Attached are day 4 and 5. I'm sorry to be late with them. I still don't have the foggiest idea of what it is."

Next to give me a chuckle this morning is Gunhild who sends in this cute picture and this remark to go with it:-
"Hallo Jane, here's my day 5! Couldn't show you earlier because, Pimboli thought its his new kite, and off he was.... Hope the wind calms down to be able to tat day 6.
Happy tatting from Guni/germany"

Now I have Melanie's picture with her comment. Do go and visit her blog - it's well worth a look:-
"I've put a post on my blog with a scan of my creation so far.
I'm having fun seeing how this works up. My guess????Well, something with a tail. My kitties vote for a new toy. I don't think I'll gift them this one, even if it is one of their kind.
Looking forward to tomorrow's section.

Next in is from Martha who has 'lost her way' on the days!! This is day 5, Martha with day 6 coming out tomorrow!!! Here's her comment and picture:-
"Dear Jane,
What day is this? I made the mistake of moving the piles on my desk to look for something, now I can't find my printout nor anything else. Anyway, here's my latest. I see the head and front leg of a Cubist kitten, with the beads for the face destined to show up in some unlikely location, ala Picasso."

Now I present not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4 but FIVE from Sweden. I'll let Kerstin explain:-
"Hi Jane,
We are five tatters who meet every fortnight for tatt and chatt and now we are all doing TIAS 2012. Tonight we have finished day 5 after some problems languagewise and technical, SCMR was a first for some as well as Lj, I had forgotten what SLT stood for so just left it out ! One of us doesn't use the Internet so she did days 2 to 5 tonight. Now I'm looking forward to tomorrow and day 6.
Good night from a frosty southern Sweden.
Kerstin from Ängelholm"
Welcome to the gang of tatters from Sweden.  

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