Monday, 16 January 2012

Monday and it's Day 3

Yes, it's here - Day 3!!  There's still plenty of time for anybody to start and easily catch up.

First in my inbox this morning is from Michelle who says this:-
"Here's day 2. I'm very pleased with how it looks and I'm liking the thread now too. There must be something going on with that corner with the 2 picots but I'm still hard-pressed to guess.
Thanks again- this is so fun!

Now I have Martha again who sends in her day 2 with this comment:-
"Here is Day 2. I find myself hoping for a kitten."

I have just 'harvested' Jeff's days 1 and 2 off his blog (with permission). I only knew about it cause I follow him!!! Anyway, this is what he says:-
"I did sit down last night and worked through the first two days of Jane's TIAS 2012. Here is the first day:I used Lizbeth size 20 colour #658 Light Ocean Turquoise. I have no guesses as to what it could be. We'll see what the next part shall bring. Oh, and Jane, feel free to copy my photos. I'm sure I'll forget to email them to you."

FIRST IN today with her day 3 is Geraldine from here in the UK. Below is her comment and her picture:-
"A frosty morning to you Jane
Well what have we done, are we looking through the square window to- day ?? if so tell us a story Jackanory. Bringing back memory's of my childhood.
Happy tatting

Next in is from Frances who says:-
"hi Jane attached is day 3, I predict that we will be using the practice piece technique next to close the chain and climb out. this is probably the belly of one of your great figure designs.
Bed time, talk to you soon."

Now I've got Fiona T's picture and her comments.  It looks OK to me but I can't see which colours are where!!!
"Was so excited to be in the first batch to see this that I got my shuttles mixed up in my SCMR...arrrgh a bit of a tangled mess.  It is 9pm here, and very hot still.  Am giving up for tonight, but will redo all three days tomorrow when I don't have to do any work! Oh, and I forgot to add I have a feeling it could be an owl...not sure about the beads. Will send another pic when I get it right...."

Now I have Ginny's day 3 and things are looking good. Love the thread, Ginny.
"Here is my day three i think it will be a train!"

Now I present Kerstin's day 3 from Sweden. She says:-
"Dear Jane, Here comes Day 3 from southern Sweden, wich thankfully is mild and without snow. As allways I enjoy Your tatting and love Your TIAS.
Keep knotting.
Kerstin Karlsson"

Next in is from South Africa and t'other Jane!!! Before I go on I must give you the link to Jane's new blog which is here. This is what she says about day 3:-
"Hi Jane, well, I don’t know what it’s going to finish up as, but the outside-in structure is very clever!"

Now I have Sonja's day 3 and she says:-
"Here is my day 3. I was supprised to see how you did the middle-ring. Unusual, but why not. It works. Still no idea what it will be.
Sonja from Holland"

This next submission is from Andrea who contacted me earlier with problems with understanding the pattern. I must admit this gives me the best motivation for doing the TIAS's. People who are just out of their 'comfort zone' trying things they've never done before AND persisting until they've done it. Well done, Andrea - I'm SO proud of you. Here is what she says:-
"Here it is!!! Thanks to your help, I finally did it! Another learning curve for me, but I am loving this design. Can't wait for the next instalment. Thanks so much for all your help"

Next in is day 3 from Claudia in Argentina. She says:-
"hi jane... just finished my 3rd part of this TIAS .. the more i tat it the more it intrigue me!...let the challenge go on!!!
claudia meza"

I then asked Claudia if it was a surprise to find a SCMR just there in the pattern and she then said:-
"yes .. it was a surprised..and make me doubt for a moment... but then my tatting neurons wake up.. and shuttles start to walk!!! (you can add it to the post blog if you want! lol..)"

Oh, Gunhild you're SO funny. I love your drawing and your story of your rings!!!! I guess I'll have to share this with everybody now I've stopped laughing. Here's Gunhild's story:-
"The naughty little Ring1:
Do you know what happens to me ? All the way tatting Day3 this little naughty Ring 1 (look at is kidding face in the picture) was always jumping into my tatting, wishing to be important and a part of what I was doing ! I really was in troubble to push him away all the time...Then suddenly he felt into love with Miss Pinky Ring 11, took her by hand and wanted to marry her! Oh no, I found it out just in time and I sad : No way! I had to separate them, ...and placed her aunt, Miss Ring 12, in between them... I hope that will work, not to have troubbling ds there in...and not the crying all the night....
I wonder if some of you have the same story to tell :-))
See you tomorrow, greetings from Guni / Germany, getting frosty here today, finally winter is coming??"

Now I have our 'master of rhyme' - Katie. She says:-"The ol’ git views the world all askew,
and (amazing!) she tats that way too.
And so, where to begin?
Why, from the outside in!
What’s the next trick we’ll have to work through?!
So, who says you have the most fun?!!
Lovin' every minute, sweet Jane,
tatty hugs,
Now I present another of my Palmetto friends - Sharren who says:-
"Howdy! Adding to your inbox...
I’m thinking of choosing two more colors and starting another one – the more, the merrier, right??"

Aaaaah, we've got another Shakespeare wannabe!!!  Here's Sarah too in rhyme!!!
Here’s day #3
Could it be an exotic tree, 
or a creature found in the deep dark sea?
I need to tat more
so bring on day four.

Can I keep up this rhyming
you ask me
We will have to wait and see
It adds to my fun 
To try to keep rhyming 
till this game is done. : )

Now we've got Melanie who has this to say - I'm off to read your blog post too now
"Good morning-
It's a brand new week with lots to do, but first I wanted to show you my Day 3 progress on TIAS 2012. I thought it would be a square something! But, still have no idea past that; although....those picots....hmmmmmm.
Over 60 participants?? And who said Tatting is a lost art?? Time to change that tune!!
Which reminds me, visit my blog to read about the organ concert I went to yesterday. It was so fun!
"  Here's the link to Melanie's blog.

Next in is from Gina S who has had a problem. Sorry to hear that, Gina but pleased, very pleased you decided to start from scratch and stay with us. Here's Gina's story:-
"Here it is, my newest version of TIAS! Redid the whole thing from scratch this morning after I thoroughly messed up the SCMR on my other piece.

Next I present Mary's day 3 and her comments. I wish I lived in America - they seem to have so many holidays over there!!!
"It's a holiday here in the states so I could start first thing. I had a growth opportunity with the SCMR :), I have a new skill now! Mj"

Now another dear friend of mine from the USA. Here's Suzanne's comment and picture. Hope your bad health run is over now, Suzanne.
"I apologize for not giving sign of life before: the TIAS has been my sole ray of sunshine in a year that started with a cracker of a chest cold, and I simply did not have the energy to go through the rigamarole of upload on dial-up. We are slowly on the mend now. What is it? "Mirror, mirror, on the wall...." is all that comes to mind, and I don't see where Snow White and the dwarves fit in; nor, for that matter, the two beads."

Next is Sandy who has sent her picture and comment as follows:-
"Hi Jane! Yup, it's a square and could be a lovely pillow for a miniature doll house... what's really confusing is that only a single thread color will be used... no additional colors required - which rules out an apron on a pretty lady, or a blanket on an elephant. Hmmm. I'm waiting for day 4 for enlightenment! - Sandy S"

Now I have Tattabug who pops in to say:-
"Hi Jane,
Day 3 done!!! real guess yet! This is so much fun! I am looking forward to day 4!
Hugs, tattabugg"

Next in on this cold winter's evening in the UK is Miranda who is still thinking 'train' but is now changing her thoughts towards a square thingy!!! Here's what she says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here's my day 3. I'm going to go out on a limb and say I'm pretty sure this is an object that has a square segment. How's that for a guess that can't go wrong? It could still be a locomotive, with this as the smokestack, as someone else illustrated on day 2. Or it could be the window of a house, with someone looking out of it. Or, it could be a slice of Spam! I haven't committed myself to any one guess yet. I am also intrigued by the extra picot on the first corner.

New in and hot off the press - just had this from Wendy who sends in day 2 with this message:-
"I've started !!"

Next into the inbox is from Sandra who has this to say. Oh, be careful when looking at the picture - dragons breathe fire!!!"Guess du jour - a dragon!
(I should be an artist, doncha think?)"

Now another new 'SCMR' person. This is SO pleasing to see that people are tackling new techniques and succeeding. Here's Cheryl's achievement:-
"WHEW! Well, there it is. The purple is some of my first efforts at SCMR. The one in the finished product is sort of loose, not tight, like the sample. And there’s my first ever mock ring. It’s very loose. Not sure what I did wrong. But, I am pleased that I’ve made it this far.

Now along comes Sue who has just completed her day 2. Don't worry, Sue, there's no rush on this at all. Somebody once took a year to finish theirs!!! Here's what Sue says:-
"My goodness you have some fast tatters in this group! Here is my Day 2 and I'm beginning work on Day 3, which a lot of tatters have finished!!
No guesses yet, I thought I saw teddy bear ears, but they have disappeared for now.
Sue H
Washington USA"

Next this evening and shortly before I head for bed is Wendy who says:-
"I'm on a roll !! No idea what it is, though.

Perhaps the last before I go to bed is Karen who says:-
"Better late than never today and another tatting first for me and that is the inside out SCMR, I am sure only you could dream that one up Jane. Sorry brain to tired to guess tonight".

Not quite the last!! Here's Mariya's and she says:-
"And... Here it is - my day 3 part! Neither my husband nor I have any idea about whole pattern, but we have so much fun with it! For me TIAS is also a great opportunity to learn! Thank you, Jane! Looking forward for day 4! Regards,
Mariya "

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