Thursday, 19 January 2012


Here you are - DAY 4.

First in today with her day 3 is Maureen who has this to say:-
"......Day 3; I ALWAYS have trouble with false picots, they invariably turn out far too long. Another technique to be practised! Can't bear the thought of starting all over again, so I shall keep plodding along with the imperfection in place!"

Next in with day 3 is Patsy who has this to say:-
"Hi Jane,Here's day 3.
Patsy A. Goodman, Chula Vista, CA, USA"

Back not half an hour later (I did manage a shower and breakfast in between!) is Maureen with her day 4. First in again, Maureen!!! Here's what she says:-
"Day 4 - this bit was easier than that wretched false picot! It's a very square square, isn't it? - exactly as my father described me in 1958......"

Just after Maureen I have Angel San who has this to say:-
"Today i tried to be one of the firsts, but it looks like this project is a bit more challenging each time, so I want to take time to follow the instructions correctly. After all, it wouldn't be faster if I screw up and have to start back at the beginning !!! ;)I appreciate learning an practicing new techniques though...."

Now I present Frances's day 4 too. Were you all waiting by your computers? Here is what she says:-
"Here is day 4. now you have me totally confused as to what it is. at least this time I managed to tat in peace as the Peanut Gallery (DH & TSx2) were otherwise occupied.
regards Frances"

Just noticed on my following list (I follow LOADS of blogs!!) that Jeff has done his day 3 too. Here's a link to his post.

Back from a quick trip to the shops and I've found more day 4's in my inbox so here we go!!!!

First in this batch is from Jane in South Africa who says:-
"Hi Jane, here’s day 4. Um, I did rather lose track of which shuttle I should be using for the split rings. I don’t suppose it matters all that much now, but perhaps later when the beads are needed? Happy tats, Jane"
Actually, Jane, it doesn't really matter as a quick and sneaky SLT (shoe lace trick) will sort out the problem later - if there is one!!!

Now here is Carla's picture and remark:-
"Here is my day 4 piece. Carla O."

Fiona's day 4 is next. I'm pleased you managed the continuous thread join - saves cutting and tying and it's something I'm quite passionate about is saving that!!!! Here's Fiona's comment:-
"HI Jane!,
Well, my first attempt at the Continuous Thread Join worked! So here is Day 4, tending to look like a kite I think!
Now will have itchy fingers until day 5 appears. :D
Fiona T "

Aaaaaah, had Marjan got the answer? What do you think? Love the picture - so cute! Here's what Marjan says:-
"Hi Jane!
 Now look at Mitsuki! (I sure love her new outfit!)
Yesterday she saw Mary Poppins on television and quess what! this morning you gave her a kite!!
I know this girl…… she won’t stop singing now….. oh, dear me…..
Bye bye Jane, see you next time!!

Ginny is still hoping for a train - see her comment here:-
"Here is my day 4! I am still hoping for a train my grandson loves trains

Next in today is from Brenda here in the UK. She says:-
"Good morning Jane,
Day 4 done. It took me a while to figure out the CTM. I hope it is right.
I would like to say that it is a “Kite” but that would be toooooooo easy. I have no idea to be honest.
Brenda.  UK"
Actually, Brenda, the CTJ is only a cheating way to save cutting, tying and sewing in pesky ends!!!

Again through 'watching the blogs' I've found Corina's day 4. Love this colour. Here's a link for you all.

Next in is from Lyn who says:-
"First of all is my day 4. And all I can say is thank goodness for your web site where I keep diving into to find out how to do different techniques, thanks for the simple pictures for a simple mind.:) I now realize that the patterns i've been doing weren't very challenging!!"

Good afternoon!!! Here I present Claudia's day 4. This is what she has to say:-

"HI JANE.. HOW ARE YOU TODAY? Here is my 4th day and we are getting closer!!!! I have to little problems--- It is the first time I use de CTJ so i dont know if I tatted it the right way because the second colour °appears behind° and the second problem is that i forgot to switch shuttles when i began the split rings!.. must i retat everything? or It doesnt matter?..
i believe that the temperature today..30 C is affecting my tatting neurons!! lol! send me some fresh airrrrrrrrrrrrrr..

Well, Claudia it would probably have been better if you'd done this in just the one colour but don't worry - count it as a practice in case you want to ever make another 'I know what it is but you don't'!!!  As it happens you can just do a SLT when we get to the part where the beads are needed.  I did that on one of my re-tats and it worked fine - I forgot a SS somewhere too!!!

Next is Barbara who has this to say about the TIAS and her family too:-
"Hi Jane,
Here I am with day 4 finished and no closer to a guess than before!! My son guesses that it will be a heart....Tehehehe I love the T.I.A.S.'s as it gets the whole family involved in my tatting! Have a wonderful day and thanks for the fun!!!!!"

Now this next offering is from Nima and she is what makes the TIAS SO worthwhile for me. She's struggled with it so far but hasn't given up and has progressed from the top picture to the bottom one. I'm just SO proud of her. This is what she said although I didn't give a lot of help, I promise. She's done it through sheer perseverance:-
"Thanks a million for your great support...i was in a total confused state and now i did it with 2 colours of thread. I'm attaching the completed day was a piece of cake when i used 2 colours...Oh was too confusing with the same colour.
Also attaching the failed attempts...few pieces are from picot missing and couldn't repair the ring error etc....unable to undo and repair the work makes tatting not my comfort zone....i have not done many patterns and so i'm not good at reading patterns...i enjoy tatting along with you, so when i get an error, i can ask you and clear my doubt...thank you for the great support.
No guesses yet...enjoying this mystery..."

Next in is from Margaret who has this to say:-
"Hi Jane,
I attach a copy of my TIAS day three and four.
Thanks for doing the TIAS, still guessing what it might be.
Take care  Margaret"

Next I present Jessica's comment and picture of her day 4:-
"Hello Jane!
Here's my progress. It's not beautiful, but that's okay :o) Part of me is hoping that I'll get frustrated with this one and start over so I can use the Pop-A-Bobbin Shuttle that I got in the mail yesterday!! Super Fun!

Oh dear. Houston we have a problem. Least I have or had but didn't know it. Marla sent in her day 3 to me but it didn't arrive. I'm sorry Marla but thank you for sending it again and telling me too. This is what Marla says:-
"Here is my Day 3 and I have to say that I am really loving this! :) We have a circle in a square! The suspense is building...... I agree that the next move will be to climb out like we did with the practice piece, and where we go from there...... could be any where! :) What Fun!"

Next is Marla's day 4 and she's still puzzled. Here's her comment for today:-
"Here it is! Already day 4 and still no clearer on what it could be...... enjoying the mystery! :)"

Another new person joining in is Marco who hasn't been feeling very well. I'm sorry to hear that, Marco - please get well soon. Here is what she has to say:-
"Here is day 1 and 2 from me.
I am sick right now, but i will try to do something in the next days."

Now back again and very welcome too, is Valerie who says:-
"Good day, Jane! Whew... there was another episode of Blogger showing up a blank screen again! Anyhow, here's my DAY 4. I told you it's curling up... Ah, but see, I think that's a tail showing from the bag! Did someone guess it's a cat?!
Hugs, Valerie"

Oh dear, I think Sherry's imagination is running away from her!!! Here's a link to her blog post - what a hoot!!!

Now I show you Sonja's comment and picture. Sonja has had a good idea which she's tried out. Well done.
"Hello Jane

Here is my day 4. With splitrings you get the 2 sides different. I wanted my rings green, so I used “Double Core single Shuttle Split Ring with two colours” from TattingChic. . I had the SSSR from you also in my archive, but by searching this PDF I found another from TattingChic, so I tried something new. I’m learning and learning..............
Greetings Sonja from Holland"

Now Miranda's just popped in - hi, Miranda. This is what she has to say:-
"Hi Jane,
Here's day 4. No guesses.

Next in is from Monica. She's another person who has spotted my devious way of avoiding the split chain. Now, personally, I love the split chain but realise that many others don't. The CTJ was one of brain cell 3's devices to avoid this. Anyway this is what Monica has to say:-
"Hello Jane!I hope this mail gets you today! I tatted your piece even before breakfast, but then I could not transfer the photo to my computer to mail it!
Oh, well, here it goes now. I think it looks like a kite right now, but I bet you'll have more surprises along the way! It could also be a pair of eyeglasses, but then again, what are the beads for...? And, that would have worked much better in two colours - if you chose only one, there must be a good reason!
As to the tatting today, it was fine. I think the same avoiding to cut and tie could have been achieved with a split chain, couldn't it? I think you are not fond of split chains! :-D"

Now I have Stephanie's day 4 and she says this:-
"Did the last SR without my glasses, I was so excited. No telling WHAT it looks like! (Still not wearing the reading glasses.)
I'm sticking to my 'trumpet player looking out the window' guess....and today's bit is part of the building.... ;-)
This is SUCH fun!"

Next to drop in is Wanda who says:-
"Hello! Day 4 is here. I like that technique to move back over the chain - I don't do split chains very well :-)"

Now I have a message and a picture from Melanie C who says:-
"Hi Jane-
here's my Day 4 (attached). I've already posted on my blog for the day, so this will go up tomorrow.
My guess: mmmmm. something square, with two sides flat and two with picots....and picots at the corners.......I know!! This piece will connnect the pieces yet to come! mmmmmm Could we be tatting the front of a house?
Can't wait for the next section."

Next to pop into my very busy inbox is Mariya who has this to say:-
"Dear Jane,
This is my day 4 pattern. It could be much better if I noticed that last SR is 3/5 instead of 3/3 :) So I used SSSR technique to tat these two nodes but it looks not accurate now. I think that I will start a new one soon.
Regards, Mariya "

Now I have Sandy's comment and picture. She says:-
"Hello Jane! Got a bit flummoxed as I tatted this piece. Wasn't sure which shuttle to use to start the SRs, then noticed that SR14 was facing the wrong way (I cheated and looked at what others had done), not sure how that happened, but I resolutely twisted both SRs so they are now pointing the correct direction (I hope!). If not, I will coax it into submission on Day 5. And - I've no idea where this is going, but I'm enjoying the journey!Sandy S"

The last one in today (I'm off to bed!) is from Karen who says this:-
"Here is my Day 4 and if you look close enough you will see it has changed colour. that is because I made a very silly mistake this morning and have started from scratch but at least I am much happier with this one. As for a guess well I think it could be a ship with the centre ring is a port hole."

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Sumac said...

Thanks for doing this, Jane! Haven't done any tatting for too long, and this one caught my interest. Already learned something new, the continuous thread join. Like avoing the dread cut & tie.