Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Before I start listing - just a reminder that tomorrow will be Day 4.

First in today are Adrian's pictures and comments. I'll let him explain:-
"A little late, but I had to re-do the SCMR and the floating ring and I'm still not happy.
So I'm keeping the original as a practice piece and I've started again with two colours. (Plus it allows me to show off a couple more of the pop-a-bobbin shuttles! :) )

Now I have Jeanne L's photo and comment. She says:-
"Hi Jane, here is my Day 3, just in time for Day 4"

Now I have Lourd's day 3 and her comment:-
"Hi Jane, attached you'll see 5 pictures of my partial attempt to Day 3. I noticed i made a mistake on R2 (I did not have a picot, so i dug in and pulled one out. I think thats why my first three rings are curling in on themselves.) I hope that's not a problem. The problem I'm having is that I can not close the second part of the SCMR. The last two pictures are the correct side. I hope the cities can give you a clue as to where I went wrong. Thanks, Lourdes"

Later I found another message from Lourds saying she'd realised how she'd got in a muddle and fixed it.  Well done, Lourds.

Next in on this dull Wednesday morning is from Denise who also doesn't like the poor maligned SCMR!!! Here's her comment too:-
"Well I managed to make it through the SCMR. Definitely not my favorite maneuver, but each time it gets easier. Actually this time it made some sense to me so I might have had an SCMR breakthrough!
What I see when I look at this is the eye of an owl. It might be because I was looking at crochet and sewn owls recently. I'm seeing owls in everything now. My husband saw it and had no guess for me. I showed it to my sisters and they all had something to say. So now I'll throw out there it could be a colorful turtle, a tiger, dragon, fancy umbrella (I really got a good laugh at that one), or the top down view of a very fat sheep.
Have a wonderful day!"

Next is another picture from Fiona of her day 3. She says this:-
"Hi Jane,Well, I didn't let the SCMR mock me anymore! I have done it and it looks great...also faux picots YAY. So here is a picture of my day 3, now not a tangled mess :D

Just had breakfast and now I'm back to add Lyn's day 3 to the list. Here's what Lyn has to say:-
"Hi Jane,
Well it's done had me stumped for awhile as I haven't done the mock picot and scmr befor, and as i still suffer from chemo brain it took me 2 or 3 tries and then it dawned on me to think in 2 colours and it worked straight away!!hoorah!!
Thanks again
Lyn Clements"
WELL DONE, Lyn and I'm very sorry to hear about the chemo.

Good news - another new person who has joined us. Welcome, Carla. Here are Carla's days 1 and 2 followed by day 3:-
"Hello Jane,Here are 2 foto's from Holland.
Day 1 and 2 together because I could not start earlier with this TIAS. It is a pleasier to do the 2012 TIAS. Thank you for it.
Day 3 is also finished en now I am wating for day 4.
Till the next foto.
Gr. Carla Oosterbroek"

Now in with her day 3 is Axa who says:-
"Hello Jane
Here is the photo from my 3th day of TIAS. It was very interesting to create the inner ring!
thank you

Another new person to join in today is Stephanie with her practice piece and her day 3 and she has this to say:-
"Practice bit - which, by the way, was much easier than I feared it would be.... and TIAS Day 3. I've decided it's a window.....and the circle in the center is a trumpet player....playing while facing STRAIGHT out the window. Now all we need to do is tat the REST of the building. ;-) That's my sort of final answer....a trumpet player looking out the window.
I just love the TIAS....look forward to it all year....this is SO much fun! ;-)"

Yet another new person to join - wonder how many are taking part now?  I'll do a count at the end when I've got everybody's in.  This time it's Nicole with days 1, 2 and 3.  Here's what she says:-
"Here is my progress... I love it so far... except I need to work on my FP's lol... on and I think its a fish.... one bead for the eye and one for the mouth lol"

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