Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Day 1 - Wednesday

Well I've woken to a busy inbox - hurrah. I may be a bit late today putting offerings on the blog as I teach in the morning (not tatting!!) and have to be out for part of the afternoon too. To answer Alba's question - Day 2 will be on Friday.  
Anyway, here is the first offering from Monica M in Argentina who has two pictures - one is her day 1 and the other shows how she carries her tatting around. Here is what she says:-

"Here I am, taking part again, this time with no special arrangements.I have decided to be brave, and use some lovely Lizbeth Jellybean to do this. I am thinking this time it will be an animal, just because last time it was not - so, it better be a peacock or a humming bird or a parrot, or I will be stuck with a weirdo indeed!I am attaching two pics - a detail one, and another where you can see how I carry my TIAS project, so I can work on it as soon as I can, even if I have to run errands. Today I took it to the bank where I had a long wait - I got to do all of it and knit quite a bit too. I have not had a chance to see the other submissions yet - I guess you will read this first thing in the morning, so I am wishing you a lovely day.Peace! I'll be looking forwards to the next part!"

Next in is from Sandy S who has this to say!"Hello Jane!  Happy day, TIAS is here!!! However, I have no idea what this little guy is going to be... am hoping day 2 will yield a clue!  Sandy S
P.S. Any squeals of joy you hear coming from this side of the pond are mine - have been excitedly waiting for this day! Love TIAS !!!"

Now we have Denise J who seems to have a husband to help her too!!!! Here's her story:-
"I'm so excited to see the Tias go up today. I missed seeing the practice piece post. My dog tore up my homework really! I'll have to get it in late. I think more than practicing the continuous thread join, I really need to practice the SCMR.I don't have a guess yet, but my husband saw it and said, "parrot!" He saw me laboring to guess the airplane last year, I guess he is going to join in the guessing game this year. Thanks for running another TIAS! It is ridiculous how much I look forward to doing this every year, and this is just my third year to play along."

Now we have Sue Anna who is up and off from the starting post!! Here's her idea:-"Yes I am off and running. I don't think is a bird but do think a possible animal of some kind. Time will tell! Sue Anna."

Next in on this dull winter's morning is from Frances S who says:-"Forgot about the time difference , so here is day 1 - no guesses yet .Talk to you on Friday."

Now I've got Michelle's piece to show  you.  She says:-
"Thank you for doing a TIAS again. I wanted to do it last year but was nervous"- ha ha.
I've attached two pictures. The first is where I had my first completed.I hope to keep up but I'm hosting an event for students on Saturday with 188 students coming and 14 of their wonderful teachers to help so I might get a little behind.
I'm so excited but I have NO idea what it is."

Next is from Alba who has this to say:-
"I have finished my homework for today. I made both techniques you suggested and I am enclosing a picture of my day 1. When may we expect day 2?thank you Jane and hope you enjoy this game as much as we do.hugs."

All the way from Australia comes Liz's offering. She says:-
"Attached please find the photo of day one."

Now we have Darla's picture and comment. Here they are:-
"Hi Jane!
It is so exciting to be a part of your TIAS. I paticipated in the last one, but did not share anything. This time I have decided to go 'public' and show you my results. Attached is my Day 1 result. I am using Lizbeth thread in the color 'carousel' with metalic purple beads. If this is an animal, it is going to be a strange one lol. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!"

Right, off to have breakfast!!!!
No, not yet - just found Fiona's in my spam folder!!!

Here's what she has to say:-
"Here is my day 1 tatting. Using my brand new shuttle that arrived in the mail today! Very excited to be part of this."

Now between breakfast and going out I've found Vanessa G's in my inbox!!! Here is her remark:-

"Thanks for doing yet another TIAS :)
Attached is my Day 1 photo.
Absolutely no idea what it is!"

Lunchtime and in between the library and going out again!!! Here is day 1 from Isa - she says this:-
"Este año, creo que va a ser un animal.... y eso de Bola grande y otra mas chica, me da que pensar, que va ser un mono bizco o tuerto, jejejejeje.... 

This year, I think it'll be an animal .... Ball and that large and one smaller, which makes me think that will be a monkey or squint -eyed, jejejejeje ...."

Next is another 'newcomer' to a TIAS. This is Andrea and here are her remarks:-
"HI Jane,This is my first attempt at the TIAS. Not sure what it can be, but like the idea of an animal. 
Thank you for this ... loved the TIA so far! 
Best wishes"

Good to see another friend popping in this year. Hello, Marjan. Here is what Marjan has to say:-

"It’s been a while since we ‘spoke’ to each other. I hope this mail finds you in good health!Last year I did’nt join in with your TIAS but now….. I’m BACK! Remember me, Dutch ‘girl’ living in Belgium and the only one who sees immediately what your TIAS is going te be!  In 2010 you gave us the Wothi… little beautiul thing.I had to skip 2011 but now, 2012 …. so easy!! I know…. I know!!! It is Mitsuki the Bashful Silkworm,  oh she is zo shy…. fortunately I was quick enough to make a picture of her before she ran away…. isn’t she beautiful?Looking forward for day 2…. and Jane…. thank you very much for this TIAS!"

Next in is from Holland and from Sonja who says:-
"A picture from Holland. Started with Lisbeth 20 (red-pink-white-lightgreen) and Cebelia 20 )green). I love it."

Next in (and I'm thrilled she's found the time) is Martha Ess. She says:-
"OK, I'm in. I had a nice browse just now on the TIAS site looking at the variety of shuttles shown attached. I had already scanned mine with just the tatting. Off screen are just two boring gray Aeros."

Now here is another entry - this time from Sarah and in rhyme which is a new idea. This is her comment:-
"The fun has begun
here is day #1 
What it will be
just wait and see.
I haven't a clue
So onto day two!"

Next in is from Brenda who lives in my 'neck of the woods' - the UK. She says:-
"Here is my fist day. I hope this is the right email address for sending photo's. Brenda. UK"

Another new tatter is joining us this evening. Well it's evening for me!!! Her name is Mariya and she's from Russia. Mariya says:-"Photo of my day 1 result is attached. I'm a newborn in tatting (I've started to tat only last autumn), but I do like it very much! And I'm really glad to see throw your blog and many others how many people from all over the world tat nowadays. When I started it seemed to me that in my country, Russia, tatting is not very popular. Thank Heavens, in world it is! And yes, I have no idea, what this pattern will be :)"

Next person into my inbox is Claudia M who has this to say:-
"hi jane.. well.. i always follow your previous Tias but this is the real first time I decide to go into this fun challenge! Im from Argentina, more precisely in the province Formosa, one of the warmest in this northest region.. Yesterday we reached 41 C!!.. it was not comfortable to catch my shuttles ! lol.. but today was the day and here is my day !.have no idea what it could be.. another animal.. side view.. as there is only one bead for an eye? and the little one for the nose?.. my tatting neurons have no clue!!so. lets wait for friday!!!
felices encajes!!! happy tatting!!

Now we're off to America with a visit from Caroline who says:-
"I hope I have this right. 
Here is Day 1. I have been looking forward to your next TIAS. I have so much fun doing it.I may have talked a couple of my fellow club members to join us this year. I hope they do."

Probably the last one today and it's from Tatknot. She sent the following picture.


Mary Jo said...

I'm am all agog at the stunning assortment of shuttles I'm seeing here. Mine seem so drab in comparison! Fortunately I have a birthday approaching!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing all the shuttles too! I am using my current favourite, pointed sewmates :)