Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday and Day 5

Here is the next part of the TIAS 2012. Day 5.

First in today with her day 4 is from Sue Anna who says this:-
"A snowstorm , fall on the sidewalk later I am done with day 4! Still clueless as to it's identity but love the color way!
ps: am ok I had a very fluffy coat on to pad against the sidewalk. More embarrassing than anything. :) Sue Anna"
SOOO pleased you weren't hurt, Sue Anna.

Also in my Sunday inbox with days 3 & 4 is Jeff who says:-
"Hi Jane,
I have my day 3 and 4 progress pics of the TIAS attached. I blogged the day 3 photo, but I guess you missed it (or I missed it on the TIAS blog). At the end of day 4, I have no idea what this could become. I am having fun working on it."

Sorry I think I missed it on your blog, Jeff.  Here they both are now!!

Now the next two people in today with day 5 are two who are celebrating the Chinese New Year - the year of the dragon. Both will be away from their computers and both were getting worried they'd miss the next stage of the TIAS. So, to help them I sent them links to day 5 on Saturday so that they wouldn't feel 'left out'. 

The first of these two is from Fox who says:-
"Day 5. I am so pleased at how this ??? is turning out. But, I must ask myself - what kind of fiendish mind creates of this kind of pattern and has oodles of willing followers blindly and with gusto deliver themselves to the shuttles, with complete trust? Ah, Tat-land!
I have NO idea whatsoever what this is. But such fun! Thanks.

Next in is from Valerie who says:-
"It's getting more intriging by the day. Just want to say I'm so looking forward to the unveiling of the TIAS. Tks, Jane."

Now I have Angel San's day 5 too. This is her comment:-
"Sunday morning.... at least the time difference let me sleep one more hour compared to the UK ;) Here is my day 5. Each little piece of this project is teaching me new possibilities of this precious art of

A quick comment here from Shannon who has just popped in to say:-
"i just saw day 5, and my guess is that we are tatting a horse."
Now I have Sonja's day 5 and she says this:-
"hello Jane
I made it myself a little bit difficult by wanting it all green, but it worked! Here is my day 5
Waiting for day Six
Greetings from a rainy and windy Holland
Last in the inbox in this session is from Frances S who says:-
"here is my day 5. for a guess I will start with a human figure, type to be decided later."

Next in is from Ginny who says:-
"Here is my day 5

Now I have Fiona's day 5. Here is her comment:-
"Hi Jane,

Here is Day 5 from me. They are clever creeping chains! So many ideas and techniques to learn. I am not at all sure what it will become...and reading the first day instructions again, I realise that I should be using a single colour. I am glad, however that I am using 2, as I am sure I would be getting tangled much more with only one colour. Thanks for all the planning and effort that goes into this project, I am loving being a part of it.
Fiona T"

Next in is Brenda from here in the UK who says:-
"Hello Jane,
Here is my day 5. No idea what it is.

Now the next person to drop into my inbox is Heather who says this:-
"Hi Jane,
Day 5 it is starting to look like a flower... Guess I will just have to wait a little longer ! Thanks Heather"

Next in is from IsDihara who has sent in two pictures and says this:-
"Jane,Days 3 and 4 are done and have looked quite like the handle of a vintage key.
I am intrigued by this project more and more each day. Could it be the center of a heart? Could it be a brooch? A coal bucket? (That last bit is still not ruled out, but looking more sketchy as a guess.) I am also firmly set on not ruling out animals, though no ideas as yet.

Next I have Sherry's and below you'll find a picture. DO pop over to her blog here to see what her guess is.

Next in is from Mary Jo who says simply:-
"Curiouser and curiouser..."

Next in is from Miranda who seems to think she's worked it out. I wonder!!! Here's her guess for today:-
"Hi Jane,
Here's day 5, and now we're turning back on ourselves. In the book The Amber Spyglass, third in the Golden Compass series, there is a world where animals have a diamond-shaped body instead of a central spine, with a limb at each of three corners and a head at the fourth. That's what we're making isn't it?

Now I have Karen's day 5 along with another guess:-
"Here is my Day 5. As to what it can be I really do not know at the moment but today it looks like a bookworm coming out of a book."

Next is from Maria who had a few problems but 'got there' in the end. She says:-
"Boy oh Boy! I just couldn't get my brain going this morning and it took me 3 tries to get the little chains right! I finally woke up and used a highlighter to mark the stitch counts and WaaLaa! I got it finished...... I'm starting to think this looks like a blue & lavender painted elephant from Shangrila, and the part we just did was it's trunk! ;) Marla "

Now I have another Mariya and she's feeling puzzled too!!! Here is her comment:-
"This is my day 4. Alex (my husband) and I have now some ideas. He thinks that this square looks like a fly eye and the last part of pattern is like it's proboscis. As for me, it reminds me a tentacle, so maybe this is an octopus! Honestly, today's part reminded me Alice: "Curiouser and curiouser!" Anyway we are looking for next days!"

Next I have Stephanie's and she's got lots of ideas!!! Here's her comment:-
"Day one point I wondered if I was adding the tail to a dog (it kept moving around when I was doing the lock joins....figured it was 'wagging'), except I can't think of ANY breed of dog with a square body. It's not the 'big dipper' (Ursa Major) because there are more than 2 stars, although it sort of LOOKED like the 'dipper' with a too-short 'handle' when I put it on the scanner today. Instead of a trumpet player, it COULD be Rapunzel hanging her hair out the window, except she's going to have to grow it for a few more years before it's long enough for the handsome prince to be able to climb up to the tower window. Or the trumpet player looking out the window MIGHT be hanging a rope out of the window while playing.... As you can tell, I haven't a clue."

Now I have Jeff's picture and comment. Here they are:-
"Here is my day 5 progress photo. Still don't have any guesses on what it could be. That element we just tatted looks kinda like a leg or arm, though it could be just about anything still."

Next in is from Wendy who says:-
"I would just like to say how useful your technique page has been in reminding me how to tat certain things Wendy"
Thanks, Wendy. I must admit that originally I avoided doing technique pages but I was sort of 'pushed' into doing them. So pleased they helped although there are many others 'out there' on the internet.

Now I've got Wanda's picture and comment to share. This makes me howl with laughter. Why? Because I've been caught out again!!! Adrian spotted my devious mind yesterday. The reason for the naming on the url's is because I always upload all the pages well before the TIAS starts. This enables test tatters to access them and give me feedback. So because of this I have to NOT make them sequential or participants could guess and then download ahead of the game. Thus I sit there and any word that comes into my mind gets used!!! No rhyme or reason, I promise. Anyway, this is what Wanda has to say:-
"Hello, Jane. Day 5 is done and that last bit kind of looks like the start of an ear. That's all the guess I have.
As the days have gone by I've noticed the names of your pdf files: day 1 was tipsy and now day 5 is sober. Did getting this TIAS going drive you to drink but now it's out there you don't need the, um, support? :-"

Next in is from Axa. Hello again, Axa. Her is her comment and picture:-
"Here is my work again. I enjoyed very much the 5th day, this "tail" is very interesting with 2 colours, when the chain is going on the split rings."

Now I present Sandy's picture and comment:-
"Dear Jane, I am probably way off the mark, but this little guy looks like the makings of a turtle! I think we just finished his first flipper. Looking forward to day 6 - Sandy S"
A turtle? Hmmmmm, I wonder!!!

Next in is from IsDihara who has a very helpful son!! Their comments are as follows:-
"Day 5 is complete. And what fun it has been so far! Whee!
I didn't have a new guess until my (almost 5-year-old) son, The Sprout exclaimed, "It's a sting ray!"

Now I have Tatknot who has this to say:-
"I got behind and misplaced my work, so I just started over. I'm thinking we just tatted an arm or a snout. Is it an anteater?"
An anteater?  Interesting and it's something I've often thought of doing!!!  Maybe.

Now I've got Jeanne's to show you - beautifully framed too. This is what she says:-
"Hi Jane,here is Day 5
if we had put a bead in or near the center, this would look like an elephant trunk, but since we didn't......."

Next I can present you with Catrin's day 5. What very neat work, Catrin. Here's her comment:-
"Hello Jane,
I wish I'd sent you a photo back when the pattern still included techniques I knew ;-)
No prizes for spotting the two obvious "problem" areas.
Anyway as an isolated novice with a few simple doodles and one split ring project to my name this is certainly a steep learning curve but having the support of a group (on and being able to see what other projects look like is a real boon.
No guesses as to the final design, just taking it one day at a time. Thanks you for setting this in motion.

Well I'd like the prize, please.  I can't see any 'problem' areas there at all.  Looks totally and absolutely fine to me.  Well done, Catrin.  

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