Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Day 1

Day 1 is now posted here.  I'll also put the links at the top of this page too.

Happy TIAS 2012!!!

Well, not quite the first but I'll count it as first - if you follow me!  I've been away from the computer for about an hour (well I have to shower and have breakfast) so this is the comment I've had from Miranda:-
"And... done! I can't prove it, though, because I'm at work (yeah, that's how I spend my time on the clock) and won't be able to take a pic till I get home. Expect it in your inbox in about six hours. :) "

Second in and congratulations too is Ginny W.  Ginny has already made a guess!!! She says:-
"Here is day 1 !!! I think it is a Cat!!"

Next into my inbox is Valerie who has a guess too! This is her contribution:-"Here's my piece for DAY 1. No clue yet what it might be. Just hope it's not going to turn out a big red monster. LOL"

Next in is another dear friend - Anita. This is what she had to say:-
"Good Morning, Jane! How I look forward to the TIAS each winter!!My Day 1 is finished. I'm tatting with Lizbeth 100 "Falling Leaves", but I don't think our little piece is falling! I've rotated "her" until I believe she's taking flight. Earlier this week , I had a feeling that this year's project will be a bird! Call it "tatter's intuition"! She can't be a bluebird of happiness because she's not blue...perhaps she's an warm bird of contentment!Looking forward to tomorrow...Thank you for all your work for the world of tatting."
Well, Anita, it won't be tomorrow - let's wait and see if everybody's managed today's first!!!  Probably Friday!!!

Another arrival - this time from Jane.
She says:-"Hi Jane, delighted that TIAS has begun! Here’s a photo of my day 1 effort. Happy tats, Jane"

For the first time Miranda has found time to join us. Welcome, Miranda. Here is what she says:-
"Here's my day 1 tatting. I'm excited to finally be participating. In years past, I've always followed along and had some private guesses, but never actually did the tatting because I always had some large project going that I didn't want to be distracted from. This year, I deliberately avoided having anything big going in January.It's really too soon to make a reasonable guess, but I'm going to have a go anyway. I can't think of any critter that would have that angle, so I won't guess an animal at this point. Following on last year's airplane, I wonder if this might be a locomotive? Although in that case, I'm not sure how the beads will be used."

Another returning participant. Welcome back Bernice - good to see you again. "This will be my 3rd TIAS. I have no idea what it will be....but what fun! Thanks Jane. Bernice"

Next in on this dark winter's evening here in the UK is from Tattabug who says:-
"Here is my T.I.A.S day 1 sent to you from New York in the USA. I decided to use pink because we are having such a dreary winter here and I feel pink is such a pretty color. We are having no lovely white snow just, everything brown and blah! So what ever it is it will be pink! I have no guesses as yet but, I am thinking I want it to be a butterfly! ;P"

Next in is from Tracy W. She says she has no clue yet which I'm very pleased about!!! She says:-
"Day 1 is finished. I enjoyed reading the guesses on the blog. I have no clue yet as to what we are making. I am looking forward to the next installment for a hint."

Now I present AngelSan's day 1. She says this:-
"Hi one of my reader, Michelle from Tela Magistrae directed me to the TIAS, and so I thought I would give it a try. I have no idea what the final thing will be, but I hope it's an animal, because I've put black beads ! ;)"

Next into my inbox comes Sandra E who is almost sure that it's a ........ Well, here is her guess in her own words:-
"Here's my day one tatting. Is this a pig?"
I've just noticed that Sherry is taking part in this year's TIAS and has blogged it here.

Next in is from Mary J who has a guess at several options! Here they are in her own words:-
"Here is my day 1 progress. No guesses yet. It could be a pig, a bear, a butterfly... Mj:

Now I will introduce you to Melanie C who says this:-
"Thanks for setting up another TIAS. I have great fun with them! I'm moving slow this morning....it was such a gorgeous sunrise I paused for a second cuppa. Here's my Day 1 sample. No idea what it could be yet.  
Yours, Melanie"

Just dropped in is Geraldine's Day 1. Here's her picture and her comments!:-
"Right what have we here is it Animal, Vegetable or Mineral. No it's Brain cell 3# having fun with a lot of people doing lot's of knots. What's it going to be "Oh that be the Question"."

Next to drop in is Adrian who is quietly 'showing off' his two new Pop A Bobbin shuttles!!! I sent them yesterday and they arrived this morning. NEVER again do I call it Royal Fail!!! Well, not til next time. Anyway, this is what Adrian has to say:-
"Here's my submission for Day One.  It looks suspiciously like the corner of something, to me."

Half an hour til my bedtime and here is another. This time from Maria who says:-
"No guesses yet but can't wait to see where we go next! "

Next in is another new participant - this is Karen who has this to say:-
"I am so excited this is my first TIAS and it is great to be joining lots of other tatters. As for a guess well I can see a pair of ears but other than that I am stumped."

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