Friday, 20 January 2012


Good morning world!! I have woken to a lovely full inbox so it may take me a bit longer to get everybody's listed today!! Anyway, I will do my best to get as many done before 'life' gets in the way!!!

First in this morning is from Sharren who says:-
"Here is my Day 4 in a new color! I wasn’t happy with the SCMR on my first attempt – adding thread in progress didn’t help it any – so since I had a shuttle all loaded and ready to go, I pulled some yardage off the ball, added beads, and wound a second shuttle. I haven’t done Day 4 on the other one yet – haven’t decided if I’ll finish it.
Looking forward to Day 5! Haven’t the faintest idea what it is yet – unless it happens to be a square kite with a very, very short tail!!

Now I present Elizabeth's day 4 and she says this:-
"Here is my TIAS. No guess yet. I am still working on how to make my photo come out smaller.
Mobile, Al."

Now I have Heather's to show you and this is her comment:-
" I started day 4 this morning..... I couldn't get it to lay flat, sooooooooo.... I started over :) Still thinking it looks like a kite.... for now that is!
Thanks Heather"

Next in is from 'rhyming Sarah' who says:-

"This tatting game is lots of fun.
With day #4 I am done,
I look at it one way then turn it about,
As I try to discover how it will turn out. 
Jane has shown me new techniques, 
As the answer I do seek.
The puzzle’s alive, 
As we wait for day five.

By the way... my dear mom would have scolded me for that' I am done'  bit. Her refrain was... "A cake is done, people are finished".  But I just could not make the rhyme fit with finished. LOL

Now next in this morning is another new starter who has worked hard up to day 4. This is Fox's picture and comment:-
"Well, after 3 years, I am in! And the frustration! OMG! You would think I had never tatted before. I had to begin about four times as I kept getting the directions mucked up. And that last bit - well the photo is self-explanatory. I think it is right , but if it isn't - trouble is brewing! Fox : )"

Don't worry, Fox - I have a contingency plan if the threads are in the wrong place - it's called a 'sneaky SLT'!!!!  We'll get to sort any problems out later.  Thanks SO much for joining in - SO good to see you here.

Finally in this batch is Rose Anne who has sent in her practice piece and day 4. Thanks, for your comments too, Rose Anne. Here is what she said:-
"OK here is my CTJ practice piece and I can see it being useful IF you use the same colour in both shuttles. I had used two colours as in the instructions and I could see what I was doing. ALSO this is the first time that I was able to tat and hide the ends - WOW I must be getting more comfortable with this stuff.
AND here is my Day 4 and it went well I think. Still no idea of what this will knot up to be!!! 

I also noticed that there are a few of us using this aqua green cotton. AND I too am enjoying seeing all the different types of tatting shuttles on the this blog/exercise. Hopefully this Saturday I'll be able to pick up some used shuttles from another tatter and maybe even threads - will see and naturally will blog if I do."

Next in is from Andrea who says this:-
"Hi Jane, here is my attempt at Day 4!! Don't think I quite got the Lock Join, but persevered with the rest and made it! I really look forward to your posts and am still guessing as to what it might be and where the beads will come in ... give us a clue!! Hehehe! ;)"

Next in on this miserable, drizzly morning is a cheerful comment and picture from Patricia who says:-
Thank you for doing the TIAS. Here is mine through Day 4. My guess is the square is the blanket on the back of an elephant!"

Well the day has got wetter and wetter so I'm stopping in this afternoon to play with threads.

Next in is Lyn who is a new starter and who has this to say:-
"Sorry to be late to the party. Just as I finished last year's major project, I dove straight into a vicious head cold, which is still hanging on. Here is my venture, days 1-4. And again, Sorry! I am an inveterate tweaker, and I admit to using a split chain on day 4 instead of your highly creative CTJ. Mia culpa, but that's the way I am. Maybe it's because I'm using a light green thread, but my guess, for now, is a box turtle."

Well here we've got an interesting guess!!! This is from Anita who says:-
"Dear Jane
After much serious thought and contemplation, I have decided that this year's TIAS is a representation of the famous Ringo, the Raccoon!
Ringo is famous for his many disguises, particularly the glasses he chooses to wear.
Stay tuned!"

In true Fox fashion - she's back!!!! I think you're a star, Fox doing it AGAIN. This is what Fox says this time:-
"Hi, Jane!
I may not be the best tatter in the world, but I can un-tat with the best of them!
In true OCD fashion, I had to redo the last two rings so that the 5 ds are on the bottom where I think they are to be, according to your diagram and Miranda's photo!
If not - well, we'll see what happens! This is good fun.
Fox : )"

Now I have Leah who has sent in her day 4 with her comment:-
"Hello Jane,Here is my progress thus far but I'll need to start over. I'm just a bubble-head sometimes, while looking at other projects and reading their comments I noticed the mention of beads and I'm thinking, "beads? What beads?" Ugh!! So short story long I get to do this again and do it correctly after reading the directions completely. Thanks for the challenge of "new to me" techniques, I'm having a blast!!

Next in is Marco who is also puzzled!!! She says:-
Here is my day 3 and 4
Still no clue what so ever. Hah"

Now here's a sad, sad story from Caroline - there is a sort of happy ending, though. Here it is:-
"My daughter was standing by me when I finished day 3 and I asked her what she thought it would be and she looked for a while and finally said an old key. I think someone else has said key.
Last night I was looking for it and came in to look in my scanner and found it laying on my computer. Then I went out to my chair and decided I needed to do some things in my sewing room. I finished and went back and sat down. As I was sitting there I heard a noise in the kitchen but ignored it as I knew the two cats were there playing. Well, needless to say as I started to get my pattern organized and went to pick up my tatting it was not there. I went looking thinking maybe I left it in the sewing room and then went to the kitchen thinking maybe I left it on the stove. Well, as I walked to the stove I felt something under my foot and heard a crunch. You guessed it Mercie had taken my tatting and her and Gracie had been playing with it. I keep telling them they don't know how to tat but they just won't listen to me. The shuttle was completely crushed so I had to rewind the thread on another shuttle. After all of that here is day 4.

Next in is a newcomer again. This time it's Stephanie - welcome to you too. Here is what she has to say:-
"Yay for getting my scanner to finally cooperate! :-) Here are my TIAS pictures thus far. Now, don't you go picking on me about the sloppy tatting! This is actually the first time I'm actually making something with shuttles versus just playing around (Apparently, I like to just dive right into things... Who in the world starts shuttle tatting with a TIAS project?).
As you can see, my first attempt with the shuttles went a bit awry, so I started all over again. I'm sure it's pretty obvious, but just in case, the turquoise one is done by shuttle; The pink and brown (seemed like an appropriate thread to use) is done by needle. I stink at SCMRs with the needle and found that easier with the shuttle. The split rings on the shuttles made me want to throw things and led to mucho YouTube video watching and un-tatting, but I did it! I guess diving right in is the best way to tackle new things... Hmm....
Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful activity! I'm so excited to be part of it this time around!"

The final arrival today is from Geraldine who says this:-
"Don't know what happened I sent e-mail yesterday but have not seen on blog, but this computer plays up some times sending e-mail and it's only a few weeks old.
Any way here's day four yesterday was windy so I thought we could all go fly a kite but not so today as we would need to use it like a brollie.
Happy tatting

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Stephanie Grace said...

Oh! Oh! I just thought of something. I'm so entirely wrong, but could it be a(n) [American] football jersey? At this point, I can see how we could be adding sleeves and throat portion and ending at the chain with the two picots... Drat! Now I WANT it to be that so I can make one in red, white, and blue to celebrate my New York Giants making playoffs --and hopefully the Super Bowl! :-)

Stephanie Grace