Monday, 23 January 2012

Monday again!!

First in this morning is day 4 from Martha. This is what Martha says:-

"Ooh Jane, how sneaky to post Day 5 on a Sunday, or maybe you warned us and I wasn't paying attention. I thought I'd have one more day for Day 4 without being officially behind. Anyhow, here's my part 4."

Now I present Monica's day 5 along with her comment!!
"Good evening! I feel like I have been with you all day, since I woke up to today's pattern part, and started eagerly tatting... I read you comment on my blog just as I was starting, and then refreshed the TIAS blog several times along the day :-) So many fun guesses! I love the sting ray, but that would be complete by now... I also agree with all those who think we tatted an elephant's trunk today, but I still can't figure what the beads are for... So, no, not an elephant. I am truly intrigued! I think I would like to know how many more parts to make better guesses -but, wait, don't tell me - I want to believe this fun will go on and on, I don't want it to end! Oh, I had also thought today's part could be the beak of a hummingbird, but I think that was wishful thinking, because, as I said on day 1, I think my colours would suit a hummingbird!
I have just shown my man, and he thinks maybe it can become a sort of space alien if it get another "leg" on the corner with two picots. But we are really both puzzled indeed!
Anyhow... Thanks for your lovely comment. I agree, La Cossette's shuttles can be properly described in one word: Perfect!
Well, now to wait again. 'Till Wednesday, I guess!"

Yes, Monica - Wednesday will be day 6.

Now I give you 'rhyming Sarah's comment - in rhyme, of course!!
Here is day #5
I really do strive

To come up with guesses 
As this work progresses.

But I am stymied, I must confess,
About the outcome of this TIAS.

Jane’s cell number 3 has been playing tricks.
And I must wait for day number six.

Next in on this dull Monday morning is from Barbara who has sent in a picture of her husband. Whoops, sorry, not her husband although I expect he's just as handsome. Here's her comment:-
Here is day 5!! Edmund just had to be a part of the picture (he is such a ham) so DH complied with him and let him show my day 5 tatting! Edmund thinks it is going to be a turtle but, I think it is a teapot.....having so much fun guessing."

Next is Katie with her four TIAS's!!!! I giggle when I see how many thingamijigs she's going to finish up with!!! Here's what she has to say:-
"My little quartet with Day 5. Love everyone's guesses--any and all seem plausible! Figured I'd practice the "Double Core Single Shuttle Split Ring with two colours" on your technique page to avoid two-colored split rings. A repeat of 4 is great practice. Ultimately, don't know what I achieved as I sure don't know what the heck we're making! Ya big tease, Ms. Jane! tatty hugs,

Next arrival in my inbox is from Elizabeth (Liz) with days 3, 4 and 5 and who says:-
"Anyhow, I am now finally up to date - this is my second attempt as the thread was very bare from attempting and reattempting and reattempting the SCMRs (LOL). I have attached day 3 to 5. (Apologies but I could not crop day 5 for some reason).
Kind regards,

Next in my inbox is from Nima who says:-
"day5 is finished now...i had some doubt at ss...hope i did it right...

The inbox is nearly empty of TIAS's for now and this is Maureen's day 5. She says:-
"I've been turning it upside down and inside out, but I still don't know what it is - and I'm sure that by this point in last year's TIAS, people were beginning to have some idea! I thought it might be a fat crab, but then there are those two beads....just TWO, so maybe it's an animal in profile, with one bead for the eye and one for the nose - DO crabs have noses?"

Finally in this session I have Corina's day 5. She says:-
"Hi Jane, here's a new picture. It's so much fun!
Greetings from Holland, Corina"

Good afternoon!!! I have Marjan's picture and comment next so get ready for a giggle!!! Here they are:-
"Hello Jane,
I would like you to meet my father!
He came over yesterday for a visit (that’s why I did’nt wrote to you yesterday).
Is he not a smashing looking silkworm?
You won’t find another one looking like this!
Lots of greetings from:
Mitsuki the bashful Silkworm…. and her father!"

Now I have Claudia next. She says:-
"HI JANE? how was your weekend? here we had two rainy days, so the weather was a little fresh but now we are reaching again the 30 C! .. have completed my 5th day after coming from a 1 year old birthday , and now , looking at it more seriously , the "tail" looks like an Scorpion Tail!!! .. but the body is too " square"!... so.. just keep on thinking till next round!!!

Now I have Jane's day 5 and she says:-
"Hi Jane, here’s day 5. Didn’t realise I was so slow off the mark until I saw lots of day 5s already there! Butterfly with square body? Perhaps not. Happy tats, Jane"

Next in is from Andrea who says:-
"Hiyah Jane,
Day 5 DONE! A challenge to learn new techniques, but it makes you feel soooo good when it is done!!
Onward to Day 6!
Andrea x"

Now I have Caroline's picture and comment for day 5. Here it is:-
"It seems as though our key has developed a tail.
Caroline Hill
Omaha NE USA"

Finally on this upload session is Bernice who still doesn't know what it is either!! She says:-
"TIAS day 5......getting interesting! Bernice O"

Next to drop in is Geraldine who says:-
"Sorry I'm late in with day 5 I do like to do them on the right day.
Well here's day 5. All I do know is I have a strip down a bit of leg, arm, tail, horn or something brain cell3# has come up with. Roll on day 6.
Happy thinking,

Now I have Tamara's day 5. She says:-
"Hi Jane:
I finally got caught up. Here is mine. I have no idea what it is."

Well she calls herself 'Crazy Mom Tats' and I think this just goes to prove it!!!  Here's the link!!!

Last in today (I'm on the way to bed!) is from Darla who has sent in two pictures. She says:-
"Hi Jane!
Here are my day 5 TIAS results :) I still have no clue as to what we are creating, but it will definitely be colorful! This is such wonderful practice for all of the different techniques, thank you so much!!!

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