Thursday, 12 January 2012

Day 1 - Thursday

First of all - are you ready for day 2? If you are then I'm ready to post it tomorrow (Friday). Don't forget if you've only just found this game you can join in at any time and you will be very welcome.

First in today is from Katie V who joins in each year and makes four of 'whatever it is'!!! Here's what she has to say:-"Here's my little collection of the first day of TIAS 2012. Do you recognize the giraffe on shuttle? Cool, huh?! Thank you, thank you for the TIAS. I'll have four little cuties when we're done--don't know what sort yet, but cuties they'll be!You're the best!!"

Now we have Jeanne L who says:-"here is my Day 1, all the way from North Dakota USA.the thread is Flora size 20 but I have no idea of the color, the ball is about 3/4th gone. the beads are from an accumulated stash from 6 daughters crafting, so I hope they are o.k. I know the smaller is a 10/0 and the larger is a 6mm"

Now from 'down there' is Maureen L who is a lot warmer than we are 'up here'!!! This poor Australian has rabbits on the brain - very painful I should think!! She says:-
"Hi Jane - we'vbe been having a heatwave , temperatures pushing 40 for the past couple of days; but today it's dropped right down to 30, and it's cool enough to pick up a shuttle without melting the thread!Here is my slightly late Day 1 - I have no idea what it is going to be, probably not a rabbit this year either....."

Finally this morning I present Wanda who has this to say:-"Here is my day 1 finally done! I would of had it done earlier but didn't have the beads with me when I started winding the shuttles. I have no guess at what it might be :-)  Looking forward this TIAS."

YIKES - just found the next two in my spam folder - sorry.
The first is from J B who says:-
"Attached is Day 1.
Thank you so much for starting off the New Year with an exciting new TIAS."

Next is from Patsy G who says:-
"Here's my first lesson of the new TIAS. I do enjoy these. It's fun to see if any one chooses a color that's close to what the actual item ends up being. Patsy A. Goodman, CA, USA"

Here is another offering from Chile and this time from Gloria B who says:-
"I have not outlook, so, I can't email you from the link in your blog. I take this email from your facebook. Here is my TIAS day one. I don'y know what it is, but ii's fun.
Hugs from Chile."

Now back for another year of playing is Nima who says:-"Thank you so much for TIAS 2012. i'm taking the shuttle and thread for the first time after the last TIAS...that is TIAS 2011...i love tatting along with you...otherwise it is not my comfort is my 1st day f work...looking forward for the day2 ."


Ridgewoman said...

Hi Mate! While I’m not quite ready to jump into the TIAS; perhaps along the way. I haven’t tatted since my second operation on my right need to get back “in”.
Also, I haven’t done at least one of these techniques...hummm
But I’m really excited by the responses and encouraged from lurking...ridgewoman

Fiona T said...

I love seeing everyone's shuttles too. Usually we only post photos of finished tatting!

Szydełko i spółka said...

Great work! I'm a self taught tatter and really enjoy reading your blog and the awesome items you make. Take care, Aggie