Friday, 27 January 2012


Tomorrow is Day 7!!

First of all today is JB who says"-
"Here is day 6. I hope it is done correctly. To get it to look like the picture, I had to reverse two of the split rings. If I did it wrong and need to retat it, please let me know. I’m still having lots of fun."

Next I have Gina S with her day 4 and who says:-
"I am doing the continuous thread join thing wrong somehow and my corner looks awful! Any pointers? See attached photo."
It looks fine to me, Gina but if you want to do it again you could do a split chain instead.

Now I have Bernice's day 6 and she says:-
"Here is my day 6 for TIAS. Bernice O"

Next into my inbox is from Mariya who says:-
"Dear Jane,
This is my day 6. I'm later than usually - I'm still having my exams...

Now I have days 5 & 6 from Patricia who says:-
"This is fun...but I have NO idea what we are making!
Here are my days 5 & 6."

Next into my inbox is from Monica who can't seem to decide which of these two suggestions she thinks is right!! Here's what she has to say:-
"Hello Jane!
Oh, I am enjoying this guessing game! I send two possible solution sketches today. Will day 7 be tomorrow? will it?
Yes, Monica - tomorrow's day 7!!

Next I have Martha's day 6 with this comment:-
"Well, I made the special effort to scan this last night and then forgot to send it. The other front leg of the cubist kitten? The back end of a horse?"

Now I have Margaret's day 6 and she says:-
"Hi Jane
I have attached my Day 6, I am still not sure what it might be, it could be 2 tails or 2 legs, look forward to seeing what it might be.

Next in is from Gina who has decided to start again. Here's what she says:-
"I redid the whole thing.. again :) It looks a little better this time..."

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