Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Final day of the TIAS 2017

Well it's a sad day when I post the last day of the TIAS. I'll miss you all and the fun you've given me. You pull me out of the rut of a cold winter's month and I'm always grateful to see you all. Thank you, friends.

I'd also like to say a big, big thank you to Riet and Julie who have tirelessly translated the whole thing into Dutch and French. Thank you both. 

If possible could you please put the thread you've used and the country you live in on today's part? 

I will number each final day as it comes in so that I get some idea of how many take part. The more I get the more encouraging it is to do another next winter.

So, here's the final link for your Crinoline lady (or whatever you may want to call her) and a picture of some of mine too!!! Just to prove I CAN tat!!!

First in this morning is Denise with her day 10. This is what she and her friends think:
"My tatting group says lady in a dress."

Next in is Grace with all her days up to day 9!!! Here's what she says:
"Sorry but I just couldn't flow the continuous thread as all my shuttles are busy and to avail two shuttles with same thread takes too long. 
Also, I try to attach them in the order of progress, that seems not to work either. 
Sent from 

Sandra is next with her days 9 and 10. She says:
"Here’s my day 9 & 10, I put the day 10 on felt because too many shadows just ran everything together on the day 9 pic. I really could see the shark and the chicken others suggested! I’m guessing it MUST be a lady, with the eye and big hair! Does that make the vsp on the bottom ring, a boob?"
Wait and see, Sandra, wait and see!!!!

1.  First in with his day 11 is Tim who hasn't sent in his thread description or his country (which I know is America!). Naughty boy - you can go sit on the 'naughty step'!!!!

"So, it’s a self-portrait. The duchess proudly enters the grand ball room in her fancy dress! 
It has been fun, Jane. Thanks!"

Back later with these facts (you can come out of the naughty corner now, Tim)!!!!
"Jane, sorry. Lizbeth 100 Falling Leaves size 20.
South Carolina, USA"

2.  Next in is Maureen who says:
"Emily says she must be a Princess - of course she is, and where there are princesses there must also be frogs to be kissed. They're a good match , aren't they? - both rather - pink. Lizbeth 20 Pink Marble, and the other colour is, I think, one of the Azaleas, the label is no longer there. 
Thank you so much for another fun start to the year. I look forward to the TIAS each new year, but of course, we mustn't take it for granted that you will keep producing them, as they are such a lot of work. Very much enjoyed and appreciated. 
Maureen Lawrence, in Brisbane, Queensland."

3. Back from the town and I find Frances next in my inbox. She says:
"And here is my completed lovely lady"

4. Fiona is next in with her final day too. She says:
"Hi Jane! 
Well you certainly kept us guessing. BC3 has done a good job again this year, what a pretty little lady. I do think the skirt part could be developed into a butterfly too. Thanks for the fun and the clever pattern. 

5. Sandra has arrived with her final lady and she says:
"She is done and out for a walk! Looks like she’s found a .... uh..... bird... uh.. buttefly... of flower... we aren’t quite sure what she found, but she seems to like it! 
I used size 20 Lizbeth, #182 Spice Cake – Sandra from Ohio, USA" 

6. Number six is from Sonja who says:
"Here my two lovely ladies. One is Lizbeth 112, the other I painted the thread myself in rainbowcolours.It was again a lot of fun, I love it. Thank you for al the thing you did for us all. Next year I come again. 
Sonja from Holland:"

7. Next in is Muskaan who says:
"Hello Jane & everybody, 
The final came all you soon, but journey was joyful, with so much enthusiasm. This dame must enjoy her walk, too, flaunting her beautifully designed gown from The House of Jane ! 
She measures a petit 2.5"× 2.25" in size 20 Lizbeth Vineyard Harvest, and comes from New Delhi, India. A Namastey to all and dhanyavad/shukriya to you, Jane :-) 
muskaan :-) 
Thank you, Muskaan and in particular for your enthusiasm.

Kazia has already added to her day 10 and what a GREAT job she's done too. Here's what she says.
"After 10 days, my drawing, lady with an umbrella :))) 

8. Next in is Lynn from 'not far away'!!! She says:
"Hi Jane, 
I have completed my first tat it and see as it has happened this year. It was good fun, belie is a picture of my finished lady. 
Bristol U.K."
Thank you, Lynn and I'm so pleased you joined us too.

9. Emilia has just arrived with her final day. She says:
"The last day already. I like this lady a lot. 
Thank you for this years fun. It's a pity that it is over, just now the winter seems to come back. We have snow here in the Netherlands. 
I used yarn: Lizbeth size 20 color 100. The yellow for the upper part was a leftover and I don't know the color number. 
Kind regards, Emilia"
Thank you, Emilia.

10. Number 10 comes from Carole and this is what she says:
"Hello Jane, I’m sticking with the Queen. This was also my first TIAS and it has been fun tatting along with everyone else. My thread was Lizbeth (fitting for our queen) colour #130 Island Breeze. Thank you for all your hard work. Carole, Burlington, Ontario, Canada" 

11. Next in is Anna's final piece which Jolimama has sent in for her. She says:
"Anna írta: Sziasztok Itt a 11-ik feladat a munka befejezve. Jane köszönöm hogy részt vehettem a játékba. Magyarország 
Örömmel küldöm: Jolimama

Anna wrote: Here's the task of the work finished 11th. Thank you Jane to attend the game. Hungary
I am pleased to send my Joli Mama"

12. Next to arrive is Patricia who says this:
I sadly say goodbye to the 2017 TIAS. I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you so much for sharing your talents and for all the effort and time that you gift us with each year. My "destined to be single" princess was crafted out of Lizbeth, size 20 thread, color #105--Confetti. This "turtle lady" lives in Muskogee, OK in the USA. 
Patricia Lyn Cobb 
I'm so sorry the TIAS didn't turn out to be a turtle, Patricia but you kept us all amused with your determination. Please come back next year when you never know - it MAY be a turtle!!!  LOVE this picture too!!

13. Unlucky number for some but lucky for me as Elisabetta has now arrived. She says:
"Carissima Jane, 
Purtroppo siamo arrivate alla conclusione del TIAS 2017. Da una parte sollevata perché abbiamo finalmente la soluzione del mistero (che fosse una dama l'avevo già sospettato al 9 giorno) dall'altra triste perché non ci saranno più questi piacevoli appuntamenti. Sono contenta di aver partecipato anche quest'anno al TIAS e la ringrazio della sua cordialità, disponibilità e professionalità. 
Cordialmente Elisabetta 
PS al prossimo TIAS 👋👋👋👋👋👋
Mi scusi dimenticavo di indicarle il filo. È un poliestere variegato Super Vega 20 dell'Arianna srl di Costa Volpino Bergamo Italia.
Grazie ancora

Dearest Jane, 
Unfortunately we arrived at the end of 2017. TIAS one hand relieved that we finally solving the mystery (it was a lady I had already suspected to 9 days) on the other sad because there will be more pleasant these appointments. I'm glad I attended this year at TIAS and thank you for your cordiality and professionalism. 
Sincerely Elizabeth 
PS the next TIAS 👋👋👋👋👋👋 
Ha, ha.  I like the idea for the next TIAS!!!!
I'm sorry I forgot to indicate the wire. It is a varied polyester Super Vega 20 dell'Arianna Ltd. Costa Volpino Bergamo Italy.
Thanks again

14. Irene is next to arrive and she says:
"Hi Jane, 
Here is my Marquise of angels :) Thank you Jane, it was like every year a real pleasure. Can not wait for next year. 

15. Next to arrive in my inbox is Linda. She says:
"I'm a bit sad today as this is the last day of your T.I.A.S. it's been a lot of fun tatting this elegant lady and corresponding with you through out it all. Thank you again for taking the time to put it all together! Sending you a hug! 
Linda Barnes 
In northern Virginia, US 
P.s. the thread I used you might recognize? Coats Anchor #20 thread in Colorway #1285. 
I wish I could find more if it?"

16. Elizabeth B is the next in the inbox with her wonderful picture. What a great idea.
"This was so much fun Jane. 
A Royal Lady on her Mardi Gras float. 
Elizabeth B"

17. Veronique has just arrived with her final day and she says:
"Voici mon dernier jour. Merci et à l'année prochaine. Véronique
This is my last day. Thank you and see you next year. Speedwell" 

18.  Jane has now popped in to see me with her final day 11. She says:
"Hi Jane, 
This South African lady, dressed in Milford ombre pastel, is a bit tardy. We’ve just got back from town, I haven’t even unpacked my groceries yet. Thanks very much for another fun tat it and see!"

19.  Judy has arrived with her day 11 and she says:
A sad day it is..but a joyous one too!
Here is Nessie
Lizbeth variegated
Phoenix, Arizona "

20. The next to arrive is from Joni who says:
"M'lady is waltzing across m'notebook. Thank you for this, I've had a great time. I'm not a very experienced tatter and this was good practice for me. Hope to join in again next year!"
If you call that 'inexperienced' then I'm gobsmacked.  Your pieced is gorgeous and worthy of an expert.

21. P Melanie is next in my inbox and she's got this to say:
"Introducing Lady Jane of La Mirada (I've been watching the PBS series Secrets of the Six Wives of Henry VIII), who spent her morning out gathering flowers in her ribboned basket. She lives in the U.S.A. and was created from Lizbeth size 20 thread in Rainbow Taffy and a bit of White."

22.   Shirley has just arrived in my inbox and she says:
"Thank you, Jane, for another mysterious TIAS. This is my third year to participate. M'lady is greeting a butterfly today. The thread is Lizbeth 20, Baby Pink 619. Shirley McKee, Ohio, USA"

23. Margaret has now just arrived too. This is her comment and her picture too. 
"Dear Jane, 
Thank you for another TIAS and all your hard work. My lady is coming with a posy for you and apologies for my tardy appearance. She is clothed in Anchor pearl cotton 8 colour 1355. 
Happy tatting, 
Margaret in Norfolk (England)"
What a pretty picture she makes with her posy of flowers.  Thanks.

24.  Caroline has just arrived in my inbox and she says:
"Hello Jane, 
And here is my small lady who runs in wood to join his lover. All by the needle with as thread one big bobbin has to pick cotton which I got back in a secondhand trade... I discovered it the point zigzag and the knot alligator ^^ I had fun well. I come from Belgium. See you next time, 

25. The next arrival is Jacee who says:
"Good evening, Jane. Here's my crinoline lady with a fan in her hand. Had earlier tatted a puppy found on your pattern page to go with her lady but it came out too large even in size 60 thread. So to make things simple - a fan will do.  The threads I used are Lizbeth 20 -121 Marble for the lady and the fan, Coats 40 - 503 Dusty Pink.
Lots of love and thank you again for the annual great fun. 
Sorry to hear about the puppy - was it the doodle one or the larger one?

26. Next to arrive is Frances who has sent in her finished lady. She says:
"And here is my completed lovely lady."

Next in is Cindy with her day 9 and the following comment. She had to wait for her bead as you'll see!
"Hi Jane,
I finally got my bead! My friend got quite sick and never had a chance to mail it to me…. But I have quickly continued, and have finished day 9:
I have finished day 10, but forgot to take a picture, and have quickly continued with day 11, so I guess I will just have to send you day 11 for both of those updates"

27. Bev is next to arrive with her final day. This is what she has to say:
"Hi Jane
A flower for you to say thanks for all the fun, and also for teaching us two new things along the way.
The thread is Lizbeth 161 - Sea Island Citrus
Bev from Sydney Australia"

28. Cindy has just arrived now with her finished TIAS. She says:
"And here she is!
This was so much fun, I can never thank you enough. It is your fault I got started tatting! And in less then a month and half I go from not knowing how to tat to having a cute crinoline lady. I made some mistakes, and I discovered that the bigger the rings, the harder it is to keep them neat. But I am very, very proud of this lady. Thank you so much for all the fun you created with the TIAS this year. I loved the fact that we just did not know what it was almost until the very last day. Excellent work. I hope you had fun with all of our silly guesses, though I do agree, the skirt would make an excellent butterfly wing. I used Lizbeth 20, Elderberry Jam. And I live in Dallas, Texas, United States. 
I did have a question, I had about a yard of thread left on my shuttle each time. Is this ’normal’, or am I doing something wrong, and should I end up with much less after something like this. I measured my thread with a measuring tape (told you I was a beginner!) when I wound it up, so I know I did not put way to much on. 
Thank you for an excellent and very fun start of the year. I look forward to next year!
Cindy from Dallas
In answer to your question - I always give plenty of extra thread on the amounts as people's tensions are so different.  Better to have a yard left over than be missing a yard!!!  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!
29. Next in the inbox is Celine who says this:
"And here is the last day for my first TIAS. It was a good Time.
I continue practising and will do for sure the TIAS from previous years.
Thanks you so much Jane for preparing this "game" for us
Take care.
Celine from Normandie "

30. Ankie has now arrived with her final day. This is what she says:
"Hartelijk dank voor jullie inzet voor dit superleuke frivolité werkje. 
Ik heb er van genoten. 
De paarse is gemaakt met Durable 20 en de gekleurde met Lizbeth 20. 
Beide zijn gemaakt met de naald frivolité. 
Een volgende keer wil ik zeker weer mee doen. 
Riet, misschien wil jij dit weer voor me vertalen voor Jane? 
Alvast heel hartelijk dank. 
Groetjes, Ankie

Thank you for your commitment to this super cute tatting drawing.
I enjoyed it.
Purple is made with 20 Durable and colored with Lizbeth 20.
Both are made with the needle tatting.
Next time I would definitely do it again.
Riet, maybe you want to translate it back to me for Jane?
Already thank you very much.
Greetings, Ankie"
Thank you, Ankie.  I love your picture.

31. AnSo is next into the inbox and she says:
"Hi Jane
This is my last picture. It’s a Lady !!! It was a nice surprise.
Thanks for the TIAS, It was a wonderful adventure with you and the friend from
the french facebook group and to Julie who translate and explained some points.
I looking forward to next year.
AnSo Alia"

32.  Marty makes me laugh!!! See what she says and look at her picture too:
"HA! I knew it was a hat. :)"

33. Next to arrive is Melanie who says:
"HI Jane- 
Slow start to today. The weather cleared enough to take a hike through the woods. Lovely start to my day! 
I found your game quite entertaining. Thank you for all your hard work, cleaver pattern, and wonderful community building. 
I worked this year's TIAS in Size 20 Lizbeth color 112 Carousel with a yellow bead for contrast. That all made for a bit of a cartoonish version of your Lady. I still think it could be the Queen. ;) 
'Til next time, 
Melanie C in California"

34.  The next picture is from a Hungarian tatter who has kindly put her name on the picture.

35. Another pretty picture - this time from Lou Dawn who says:
"Hi, Jane! Here are m'ladies wearing Lizbeth coral splash 188 and green ice 187! Taking a turn around their English garden with Elizabeth Bennett. Lol Thank you so much. I enjoy doing this every year, now waiting for next year. Blessings, Lou Dawn Renton, Washington USA "

36. Jolimama is next to arrive and this is what she says:
"Kedves Jane! Szomorú vagyok, hiányozni fog a játék. Jövőre ismét várom az újat. 
20-as Lisbeth cérnából készítettem. 
Köszönöm, hogy játszhattam Veled és sok baráttal :-) 
A térkép kicsit na

Dear Jane! I'm sad, I will miss the game. Next year once again looking forward to the new one. 
20 Lisbeth cérnából made. 
Thank you, that I could play with you and many friends :-) 
The map is a bit high, but where the heart seems small, I live there. 
Friendship Joli Mama gy, de ahol a kicsi sziv látszik, ott élek én. 
Barátsággal: Jolimama"

37.  Jill is next with a very long poem. I can't believe how long that must have taken you, Jill.
"A clever designer we all love dear 
Provided us sunshine in our winters drear. 
Her tat it and see 
Finished too quickly for me. 
I learned several things that 
were new to me. 
A different arrangement of our 
Double stitch, a zigzag chain 
for the perfect effect. 
A lock join in a split ring, it's 
closing it doesn't prevent. 
Placing a bead on the second 
side of a split ring, an 
Ingenious invent. 
A once dreaded alligator join, 
So plain and evident. 
We thank her and thank her, 
And bid her adieu. 
Our treasure forever, this 
Poem is for you. 
From North Carolina, USA. This is HDT "Give Thanks" from Etsy shop Dyed Thread and Crochet, Lizbeth size 20 base. 
Many Thanx, 
Jill McLean"
Aww, thanks Jill that's lovely.

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