Monday, 6 February 2017

Day 10 and others

A bright but frosty morning here in England and I'm up late as usual!!!

First in this morning is from Denise who says:
"Thanks for great inspiration. I think my hope for a frog 🐸 is frogged. Can't wait for the next clue. 
Denise Wessman"

Next in is Sue who has sent in days 9 and 10 combined. She says:
"Happy Super Bowl Sunday!"

Melanie is next with day 10 and this is what she has to say:

"Hi Jane- 

Long day at work for me. Finally home and sitting down to relax. Attached is my first relaxing task. Now on to other thread activities. 


PS I see the Queen having a Royal Day."

Christine is next in the rather overloaded inbox!!! She says:
"Hi Jane
I hope you had a good weekend!
It has been rather wet here.
(Pic of Day 10 attached.)
-Christine in Alabama"

Next is Bev and she says:
"Hi Jane 
Madame de Pompadour comes to mind, but what are you going to do with those two joining picots??? And an alligator join??? 

Martha is out of breath as she's been trying to keep up!! She says:
"puff, puff, gasp, racing to catch up... 
Wow, I got really far behind. I was holding off on sending the skirt until I laid hands on a needle to sew in the ends, and meanwhile you got days ahead of me. "

Linda is next with her day 10. Her comment and picture follow:
"Hi Jane and Everyone. We have had a very good weekend. The sun has been shinning and we are feeling good. 
Got my new stitches completed and made a new heart for Vday. ] 
Everyone make it a good week. 

Days 9 and 10 have arrived from Rose Anne who says:
"OK I think someone replied to my posts with a suggestion of a fancy dressed lady and it just might be true! I'm not sure if it's the colour of my thread but I'm going one step further and guessing "Aunt Jemima" from the bottle of pancake syrup! Anyways here's Days 9 and 10 together!"

Bernice is next and this is what she has to say:
"Hi Jane,
I still see a shell so perhaps this will be a garden slug or snail.
All the best,
Bernice in Western Canada"

Next I have days 7, 8, and 9 from Lelia
"Dear Jane:
So much fun participating in the TIAS game. Three photos attached.
Always, Carol
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II

Sandra is the last in this morning's batch with her days 7 and 8. She says:
"It still looked like a monkey on day 7, with a new tail going left! But on day 8 things went awry. Now it must be a tee pee!"

Veronique has just popped in with her day 10 and she says:
A princess ?"

Here's a surprise next - a missing rabbit from last year's TIAS!!! 
"Hello Jane :-) 
Hope you are doing well. All your work for this year's TIAS is coming to an end and wonder whether you'll heave a big sigh of relief or miss us all ;-P 
I completed this rabbit many days back (started alongside the new 2017 one) but keep forgetting to send it to you. It is tatted in Anchor Mercer size 40 white & the carrot is in 3 strands of Anchor embroidery thread. 
This Brer Rabbit has found a juicy carrot and is excitedly calling out to his friend Herr Hare to share it together. Brer Rabbit is wily, though and might just give the greens to Herr Hare, keeping the carrot for himself ;-P 
Does this make a 100 ? 
muskaan :-) 
I don't know, Muskaan. I'll have to search back through the blog posts!! I don't think we're going to get anywhere near as many in this year's TIAS - numbers appear to be falling.

Marco is next in my inbox and she has this to say:
"Hello Jane,
Here is day 10.
Still NO clue What zo ever.
Greetings Marco"

Annie says she's still confused!
"Hi Jane,
Here is my work of Day 10.
I still confused to guess.."

Heidi is the next person to arrive in my inbox with her day 9. She says:
"Hi Jane, 
Trying to catch up after being gone for a while. I know this is a wild guess especially after seeing Day 10. But can't help thinking when viewed on it's side that it looks like a shark coming for you with it's mouth open. Yipes! Hope you get a giggle from this guess."
Gave me shivers down my spine, Heidi!!  I don't want to meet a shark anywhere!!!
Later Heidi sent me the next picture too!!! YIKES!!!

Sarah is back with another rhyme! She says:
A sweet little lady in fancy dress.
A bit more preparation
And she’ll be ready for the celebration.

I now have Ankie's day 10 and she says:
"Hallo Jane,
Dag 10.
Groetjes Ankie."

Carollyn is next in with her day 10 and she says:
"Well still no clue this is a good one :)"

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Madtatter80 said...

I do like the shark comparison above that seems to be the best guess yet!