Friday, 10 February 2017

Number 56 and onwards!!!

56. Joanne is the first of my 'overnighters' and this is what she says:
"Thank you for doing the TIAS again this year. My family and friends had lots of fun trying to guess what I was tatting. Joanne Hayes, Santa Claus, IN, USA."
So did I, Joanne!!!  At one point even I was wondering 'what came next'!!!

57. Next is Blanche with her George Clooney fixation!!!! She says:
"hello Jane ! 
I knew George Clooney would have appeared ;-) 
Here you are my Tias. 
Thank you for giving me so much enjoyment ! 

58. Next in is from Kay Lynn with her day 9 and onwards and who says:
"Dear Jane,
I apologize for not getting the last few days into you promptly; I was having some technological challenges with my new iPhone. So, here are a couple photos for you at least from my desktop. Again, THANKS so much for doing this. It's been fun and made January a little more tolerable! And I'll make some companions for this lovely lady. Also, wanted to share with you a couple uses for some of your "critter" designs. Love to use these in children's books/ special children's gifts. :-)
Kay Lynn in Tok, Alaska"

59. Liz is next into my inbox with her finished lady. She says:
"Here she is!! That was FUN! Thank you. 
She is so cute. I was worried, for a while , because the first long chain bowed outwards and would not sit straight – like the other one – but then as it became clear it was a skirt – it was OK!!! 
I had not done the Z-chain stitch before, so I learned something new, too! That needs a bit more practice, though! 
I must keep an eye out for another TIAS, - if you ever do another one!! 
Hugs, Liz."

60. Krystal is next to arrive with her finished lady. She says:
"Thank you for your wonderful work and pattern.
California, USA
Crochet Cotton from Michaels "

61. Next in my inbox is Linda who says this:
Thank you so much for all the work you do for us tatters.... Seems like the wait to each Jan. is long and before we know it. The TIAS is over. 
The learning, wondering and the fun of tatting. We get to see so many others, who also tat and their work. Thanks for the fun we have and the interesting things you keep us informed about. Love to read our blog and see what you are doing. 

62. Finally and before breakfast I have Ninetta who says:
"Dear Mrs Jane, 
Thank you so much, I'm pleased to send you a picture of my "signorina", tatted with Lizbeth size 80, color 184. I'm very sorry though, her disproportionate eye would had been perfect for a buttefly, sign that the mutation occured during my execution. Absolutely inappropriate. 
Best regards, 

63. Shelly has sent in her finished lady with a BIG smiley.
"😍  Shelly"

64. Maglina has just arrived with her finished lady. She says:
"Bonjour Jane. 
Merci pour cette jolie dame. J'ai cette année encore pris beaucoup de plaisir a frivoler avec vous. 
A l'année prochaine. 
Bien cordialement.

Hello Jane.
Thank you for this lovely lady. I once again really enjoyed was frivoler with you.
See you next year.
Best regards.
Maglina Pearl"
What a pretty butterfly, Maglina.  Thank you.

65. Here come the six ladies from Katie V. I've been awaiting her next rhyme too!
"Dear Jane, 

Six ladies sing "Dance around Jane." 
Dressed smartly, they never refrain 
To praise TIAS. 
Just the best! and, oh, yes, 
Thank you, Jane, for you did it again. 

Threads used: #20, mostly; hand-dyed thread, by Marilee Rockley, mostly. 
Hubs edited my limerick. Good thing! 
Well, the grandsons will not be impressed, but I have another idea for these ladies. 
Many thanks to all the participants too as they've added much to the fun! 
Katie V in North Carolina, north of Raleigh, USA"

66. Denise R is next in the inbox and she says:
"A tad behind but done. I love doing your TIAS every year. I always look forward to it. Thanks for doing them." 

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