Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Whoooopppeeeee - one more

Five o'clock on Tuesday and I've got another finished TIAS in my inbox. 

This one is from Irene who says:

97. "Hi Jane, 
Here is my finished crinoline lady. I am a fairly new tatter, Mary Jane from Indiana suggested I join the TIAS 2017….it was fun. Thanks so much for doing this! 
Irene Whitham, 
Surrey, BC Canada"


Anonymous said...

Jane, you already counted 96 yesterday... This would be 97 already... It is so exciting to see all the different versions of this lovely lady. Thank you for doing the TIAS, and for posting all of these wonderful finished ladies.

Jane Eborall said...

You are SO right, knittingyards. I got out of bed late afternoon and published this arrival and didn't check before I let it out. I'd gone down with a really dizzy spell. Fine again now - almost!!! Thanks for pointing it out. Another arrival this morning so nearly got to 100!!!